Grateful Dead

Brazil Soccer T-Shirt

Short sleeve crewneck t-shirt. Features “Brazil” Steal Your Face 2014 Soccer Ball artwork. Design is faded and distressed reminiscent of something worn and washed over 30 years for a vintage feel. exclusive

Product Details

Logo is designed to appear faded and distressed.
Back of t-shirt is blank.
Fits true to size.
100% Cotton (Preshrunk)
Color: Irish Green
Style: Gildan Ultra
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold
Limited edition, available while quantities last.

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goaskalice's picture
Joined: Mar 21 2015
Alt "Facts"

Do you have a degree in agriculture and/or technology? Anything related to those fields, or did you just read this drivel online somewhere? Pesticides are obviously necessary or we wouldn't use them. Farmers don't just put poison on their crops because they want to spend the time and money to do so, they do it because their is no viable alternative. Scientist who have done the research have concluded that pesticides are safe in the proper dosage (everything is "poison" in too large of a quantity - it's kind of like chemotherapy - sure the radiation is harmful, but it beats dying of cancer) and history has taught us that if we don't use them, the pests are the only ones who get to enjoy the crops. Furthermore, "Not only are organic pesticides not safe, they might actually be worse than the ones used by the conventional agriculture industry." Give me a GMO t-shirt over an organic one any day!

JonPhishman's picture
Joined: Sep 19 2015
Not organic. Not interested.

-Cotton is the most widely used textile crop on earth - covering almost 5% of Earth's cultivated land
-Cotton is second for most pesticide use of all crops & it uses 25% of all of the petrochemical based pesticides, fungicides and herbicides globally.
-In the US, it takes about 1/3 of a pound of pesticides and herbicides to grow enough conventional cotton for just one T-shirt.
-The Environmental Protection Agency considers seven of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton in the United States as "possible," "likely," "probable," or "known" human carcinogens (acephate, dichloropropene, diuron, fluometuron, pendimethalin, tribufos, and trifluralin)
-These chemicals absorb into the soil which can affect nearby crops, get into water supplies and rivers and affect many lifeforms downstream
-Because cotton is grown primarily for its fiber, it is regulated as a non-food crop yet the majority of the cotton plant in the form of cottonseed, approximately 60% by weight, ends up in our food supply!
-Most cotton is heavily processed using additional resources for stripping, waxing, bleaching, dying and softening
2,700 liters of water is used to grow the cotton for just 1 t-shirt!!!
( & that doesn't even account for the processing dying etc....)
That's enough water for 1 person to drink for 900 days or enough water to flush your ( non low flow) toilet 270 times!
-All this & then there's all the energy consumption as well in growing, manufacturing, processing, transportation etc....

So -
ORGANIC COTTON is the wiser option for both the health of people and the environment
(hemp is even better - especially when in relation to water consumption which is becoming a BIG issue in California, but at the moment it's not as readily available) :(
ORGANIC FARMING - uses nontoxic pesticides, fungicides & herbicides.

Come on, the least you could do is have a small section of sustainable clothes like Jerry Garcia & Phish's sites. The best thing you could do is switch to either hemp or 100% ORGANIC cotton clothing like Neil Young's site/tours. Stop damaging the planet, the water & the food supply!

CORAZZA's picture
Joined: Oct 15 2011
A Brazilian Dead Head

I know It's only business, but it's like a dream: my country's flag inside "Steal Your Face's" head. Fantastic! I bought one.

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