Grateful Dead

Carousel Horse T-Shirt

sku: GRA9000568

Created exclusively for our Spring 1990 (The Other One) release.

Short sleeve crewneck t-shirt. Features Carousel Skeleton Horseman "Grateful Dead" artwork on front with small black "Spring 1990 TOO" logo on left sleeve. exclusive

Product Details

Back of t-shirt is blank.
Small logo on left sleeve.
Fits true to size.
100% Cotton (Preshrunk)
Color: Ice Grey (light solid silver)
Style: Gildan Ultra
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold
Available while quantities last.


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antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Carousel Skeleton Horseman

Actually, I really like this horseman image. I'm not much of a band tee guy these days, alas...but this is a pretty cool one.

eyes43's picture
Joined: Apr 9 2013
spring '90 too tee's

the t-shirts for this box set, dont say they are limited editions, like in the past....they just say deadnet exclusive, and available while quantities last....wonder if they decided to not make a limited number this time, knowing they could continue to sell them on and on down the road. i like them, but i have to say wes langs artwork for the first spring '90 box set, IMHO, was much cooler! dont think ill be shelling out for the artwork, in any form, this time. especially if its not limited edition, i know the print is, but again, first box set vs. this ones to give it to wes lang! especially the skull, with the indian head dress! not bagging on this art, just like the first sets better, much better!

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