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Dave's Picks Volume 10: Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69 - SOLD OUT

sku: GRA9900106

The last of a three-night run at a mysterious little club called "Thelma" found the Grateful Dead restoring glory to the Sunset Strip for what was once just a fleeting moment, now preserved for eternity with this here Dave's Picks Volume 10. Hot off the release of the highly-acclaimed Live/Dead and setting the stage for Workingman's Dead, 12/12/69 stands to represent the crux of the band's musical past, present, and future. Witness the first signs of country, folk, and Americana infiltrating an otherwise wildly experimental and anarchic period, evidenced by Pigpen-driven classics like "I'm A King Bee," "Hard To Handle," "Good Lovin'" and a whopping 30 minute+ version of "Turn On Your Lovelight," as well as over a half dozen then-new compositions which show the Garcia/Hunter songwriting duo elevating the Dead to higher ground. Thelma turns the heat up indeed!

Mastered in HDCD from the original soundboard recordings produced by Owsley Stanley, featuring the once lost, now found first reel, this is one full show you won't want to miss. Pre-order it here and now!

Product Details

3 Disc set
Limited to 14,000 individually numbered copies
Mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman
Digipak made of 100% recycled and PCW materials
Release Date: May 1, 2014

Listening Party

12/12/69, Los Angeles, CA

"Easy Wind"

"Cumberland Blues"

David Lemieux Volume 10 Seaside Chat


Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69

Disc 1
1. Cold Rain And Snow (5:53)
2. Me And My Uncle (4:05)
3. Easy Wind (9:33)
4. Cumberland Blues (7:39)
5. Black Peter (12:19)
6. Next Time You See Me (5:43)
7. China Cat Sunflower (5:19)
8. I Know You Rider (5:55)

Disc 2
1. Turn On Your Lovelight (31:57)
2. Hard To Handle (4:40)
3. Casey Jones (4:55)
4. Mama Tried (2:37)
5. High Time (7:34)
6. Dire Wolf (4:51
7. Good Lovin’ (6:18)
8. I’m A King Bee (7:44)

Disc 3
1. Uncle John’s Band (8:39)
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine (4:13)
3. Alligator (4:08)
4. Drums (7:00)
5. Alligator (9:15)
6. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) (22:43)
7. Feedback (7:11)
8. And We Bid You Goodnight (3:27)


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Triad's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2013
Bye Thelma

This was a fun thread, I'm gonna miss it...

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Just got email....

Artwork included.
Shows preview of DaP11

Musicabove's picture
Joined: Oct 17 2013
Re: Jones'n for the SC

I am as well and have done the same as you boblopes, watching a bunch of recent seaside chats. I was hoping I wasn't the only one doing this :)

boblopes's picture
Joined: Jan 13 2009
Jones'n for the seaside chat

Calling Dr Beechwood....

DAVE it's time for the DaP11 Seaside Chat. Just watched a bunch of your recent ones from the last couple of years.

Can you help a brother out?

Claney got me all psyched up!

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012

it's $30 if you didn't subscribe...
my definition of a dilemma may different from yours, i guess

buy it and if you don't want it sell it or give it away

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014

He's adorable!

iGrateful's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Just me, but...

I see the pondering, should I buy, should I burn from another source... I have to say, I have been very happy with the Subscription decision for each of the 3 years of Dave's Picks. If the first three years are any indication of year 4... no brainer! Thank you Dave, and my kids thank you too as they will inherit these gems one day!


I need to update this picture of my son Bobby, he's 7 now and loves wearing his Bobby & The Midnights shirt to school !

Nothin' left to do but :) :) :)

Automaticslim's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2014
Volume 11


Really thought we would have seen something new today.....Hmmmm....

Joined: Oct 18 2009
To Buy or Not To Buy

So I didn't get the subscription this year and I didn't buy Missoula but I did get Thelma w/ the bonus (ebay, paid a little extra but not too bad). I can't make up my mind on 11-17-72 ... partly because I burned a disc a few years ago of the meat of the 2nd set ... He's Gone, Truckin'/Jam, The Other One, Brokedown Palace and then I closed it out with the Playin' in the Band from the next night (11-18-72) ... that's a hell of a disc and it's like would I really appreciably benefit from having the rest of the show? Anyone else face similar dilemmas like this? I mean I know it's gonna sound great, and look great, and of course having the whole show is enjoyable and all that but at the end of the day I, like probably most of you, have sooooo much Dead music that maybe that single disc I made is enough ... decisions decisions :)

Joined: May 6 2013

My gut tells me we will finally hear from Dave again on Tuesday. I hope the wildlife is tame while he's recording so that he doesn't get too distracted :-)

One other thought -- it is kind of odd that the latest two picks (10 and 11) escaped to the public before the formal announcement. I miss having Dave break the surprise to us. I hope he gets back on schedule for DaP12.

Here's hoping we will finally see the DaP11 cover art tomorrow!

Joined: Apr 10 2008
Right on, Thin.

I think we are on the brink of a Seaside Chat. Thin, I enjoy your very insightful posts about Fall '72, and agree whole heartedly, some years were consistant evolution, some months different from those prior and following. Thin, your knowledge and understanding of the band is superb! You should get with Dave and do some liner notes. No joke.

Here's to the next pasture. We're moving forward. Or shall I say, "further?"

Joined: Sep 9 2012
Well said Thin Man

Excellent summation about the change in sound in the "Heart of Gold Band" in those 5 months between 9/72 and 2/73. I have been somewhere on the bus for 25 years and just now swimming past the 68-74 buoy. Dave has said many times he wants to release quality music with quality sound. I have not purchased the subscription the last few years because I was unwilling to try anyhing past 77' Not only is the subscription a great deal but it just might open my horrizons to some fantasic Dead past 77. My mind should be at ease, instead I am waiting with sweat on my brow ready to pounce on 11/17/72!

Coconut Phill wants people to join him on facebook. I completely understand, as life is too short to listen to the bitchers and moaners. However, I have not ventured into the realm of facebook and really have no desire to. Please keep the great music banter going! I just turned 45 and feel I have just cracked the tip of the iceberg in my utmost appreciation of musical joy that is the Grateful Dead!

Automaticslim's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2014
Testing... hellooo....

Should have thought of this a long time ago......"Please move all DaP complaining to another discussion." Might have disappeared in the ether.

Joined: Jul 15 2010
Testing… hellooo...

I believe the DaP complaining has moved over to the box set discussion.

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Bummer in the summer...

All the action is over on the Spring 90 Too thread. What a bummer for anyone looking to discuss the 90 release.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Testing… hellooo...

No comments in 2 days??? Impossible. Site must be static waiting to hit "refresh" with the new DaP11 on the banner.

Jaspitola's picture
Joined: May 5 2014
Whatever I get.....

I. Am. Thankful.

Joined: Sep 9 2012
Dark Star

antonjo mentioned on the Other One Box thread how fantastic the 4/28/71 Dark Star is with TC making a guest appearance. Only 14 mins,but so tight and buttery smoooth! The April Filmore 71' run would make a fantastic box, but for a comp., or any other release for that matter, Ladies and Gents is hard to beat. As for the Wichita show, on the edge of my seat!!! Why I did not buy the subscription this year, I have no earthly idea. 2015 subscription. Mark me down.

Joined: Jul 11 2014

In Judge Smails' voice.......well, we're waiting!

Joined: Nov 25 2009
Artwork for DaP11

Just exactly perfect (imo)

Joined: Feb 2 2011
Charlie Miller & Matrices!

I concur! It is a good idea for to consider Charlie Miller's work plus matrices of SBD and audience tapes to get the official treatment for years where the vault is lacking.

Could a Radio City box be attempted with such an approach?

Life's imponderables.

Joined: Oct 3 2009
It was all I could do

To listen again to only the Bird Song from this show. Haven't re-listened to it all in years. Saving the rest for when 11 actually arrives. If you haven't heard this show, jump when they open the orders -- you owe it to yourself if you're really a fan of all eras -- it's a burner, whatever 'era" you feel it belongs in. Not that I've heard much real complaining, but I'm sure some are -- I'm going to leave my old tape sitting out in a public space somewhere. Anyway, 11 is my pick to disappear fastest yet from the store.

Joined: Apr 14 2014
art for 11/17/72

damn wish the cover was up! I'm sure bolo's pic was real deal. Will be listening like a phene all fall. Guess I won't be seeing many of my non-dead friends until spring. LOL

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
latvala on 11/17/72

DL apparently ranked the bird song and Cumberland blues from this show among the very best

and the dead projects site ranks the other one highly as well

I have a feeling that this show is going to highly surpass the typical 72 show
Bring it Dave

Seth Hollander's picture
Joined: Aug 27 2009
Hey GDM!

I want more 80s/90s releases (God, I am SUCH a troll!). 70s releases are great too.
Dave's Picks are not enough!
Last year I suggested a series focussing on releasing the Charlie Miller remasters. I suggest it again. There are hundreds of well mastered soundboards that Charlie miller has worked on. GDM has blocked the downloading of these works from LMA. How about you and Charlie get together and make some money! The masters are ready, so that cost is eliminated.
Dave's Picks are not enough!

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007
Funny, Deadicated

I had the day off and when my wife got home I was bursting with the news about the Wichita show. She just rolled her eyes and smiled, thinking, no doubt, that I was "cloying, pedantic and insufferable."

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
Seaside Chat will be up...

...just as soon as Dave stops watching the birds.

Sun so hot, clouds so low
The eagles fill the sky

peakshead's picture
Joined: Feb 8 2011
It's a conspiracy !!!

Missoula, Los Angeles (again), Wichita...Dave hates the East Coast.

I figure I would say it sarcastically before some fool said it seriously. I'm going to on a 48 hour date with my wife to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Hopefully when I return the seaside chat will be posted.

Deadicated's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

I were any more excited about this release I wouldn't be able to stand myself! Cloying, pedantic, insufferable thanks.
Listening to the end of the Playin' that starts the second set of 7/18/72 (as a warmer-upper)

Gone are the days ...

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007

Thin, I think you did a fine job of "justifying" another pick from '72. Of course, you're preaching to the choir here, but it was a nice little write up nonetheless.

Coconut Phil's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Happy with the pick

I'm happy with this pick, I'm sure it will be a great show. 1972 Grateful Dead is really great music to me. I'll be happy with any pick Dave selects. To me, just having new shows released in the best sound possible is sweet. I hate to read all the bad vibes. In September we will get 8 full shows of later era Dead. It's always been like this so I should not be so surprised that many are unhappy.

The Garcialive Vol. 4 is really good, the CSNY 1974 Box is pristine jam. ABB Fillmore complete shows coming in a few weeks, Phish is on tour playing solid shows. Always something good around the corner. I'm a happy music fan.


stone jack baller's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
Email !!

Hey.....I just got an email.....

They picked me to get the announcement for Dave's Picks 11


WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013


Joined: Apr 10 2014

Your 'source' was pulling your leg, or you are trying to pull mine. Dick's preferences were well-known and documented.

Here's DavidL on Dick's preferences: "...When you get into a position where you have some modicum of influence…you really have to check your subjectivity at the door, because it’s not about what you like. If it was, every Dick’s Pick under Dick’s tenure would have been ’68 to ’74. And there is a certain faction that would not have complained about that, but that certainly would not have represented the Grateful Dead".

peakshead's picture
Joined: Feb 8 2011

"Something out of the box" for Dap 12, indeed !! We shall see.

I can't understand why anyone who professes to really enjoy this music can complain about any release. Either subscribe and don't b*tch, or don't subscribe and buy what you want. What is so complicated about that? I crave several 80's shows (7/13/84, 11/2/84, 9/18/87) or anything complete from '66 or '67, but I would never complain about Dave's selections. As I told him during one of those web chats last year, he has one of the coolest jobs on the planet, in my opinion. Let him do it in peace.

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Sharing is caring

Just wanted to share mine too:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent order from the Store. We appreciate your business!

You are receiving this message becasue we want to confirm that you are at the same address entered at checkout for your preorder of Dave's Picks Volume 11: Century II Convention Hall, Wichita, KS 11/17/72. If you are at the same address, please disregard this message. If you have moved, please reply to this email with your new address information no later than Friday, July 25. Thank you!

Kind regards, Store Customer Care Team

Wow. What a wearout.

Joined: Feb 2 2011
I was hoping for 1981 . . ..

. . . but I'll enjoy this immensely.

Joined: Nov 25 2009
Set list confusion - DaP 11

Some of the published setlists for this concert are incomplete. Here's the show:

Set 1

The Promised Land
Me And My Uncle
Tennessee Jed
Black Throated Wind
Bird Song
Jack Straw
Box Of Rain
Don't Ease Me In
Beat It On Down The Line
Brown Eyed Women
Big River
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Around And Around
Casey Jones

Set 2

Cumberland Blues
El Paso
He's Gone
Truckin' ->
The Other One ->
Brokedown Palace ->
Sugar Magnolia
Uncle John's Band
Johnny B. Goode

outpost's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007

Well, I just received this email .......

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent order from the Store. We appreciate your business!

You are receiving this message becasue we want to confirm that you are at the same address entered at checkout for your preorder of Dave's Picks Volume 11: Century II Convention Hall, Wichita, KS 11/17/72. If you are at the same address, please disregard this message. If you have moved, please reply to this email with your new address information no later than Friday, July 25. Thank you!

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Hats off...

The merchandising people do a grate job with t-shirts but not so good with the hats. Although I did get the May 77 double stealie hat. Think they can get a little up to date. The part denim hat... c'mon man. They were ahead of the times when they had the grateful dead trucking hats. The one with the old truck on it. What happened? Bring it back. Please.

May have to make it a 1972 weekend. SSDD, E72, Dicks. Just get n@ked and roll around in it.

Joined: Aug 8 2013
7-21-72 has a WRS Prelude after Casey Jones

Weir gives up and laughs at the end and then goes into Me and My Uncle. Just listened to that show today, courtesy of the download series. A very underrated show. With an early Stella Blue, and a nice He's Gone with Other One > Comes a Time, and a very nice Ramble on Rose late in the show. Those are just a few notables.

For those with access to the download series, I recommend to purchase. I think they have 13 to choose from and almost all have great filler. Something which I wish Rhino would do more of. (You Win Again, Bird Song and Morning Dew) filler from the 72' show plus others.

Anybody have a disc breakdown for Dave's 11 ? From what has been posted it looks like no Box/Bird Song is that true ??

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008
Not trying...

to incite a riot. I am not biased either way. Just kind of a side note, that's all.

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008
@Morning Sun

I once heard from a pretty good source that Dick had a list of his top 25 favorite shows, and a majority of them were Brent shows.

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Wharf Rat

Old man down, way down down, down by the docks of the city.
Blind and dirty, asked me for a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee.
I got no dime but I got some time to hear his story.
My name is August West, and I love my Pearly Baker best more than my wine.
More than my wine - more than my maker, though he's no friend of mine.

Everyone said, I'd come to no good, I knew I would Pearly, believe them.
Half of my life, I spent doin' time for some other fucker's crime,
The other half found me stumbling 'round drunk on Burgundy wine.

But I'll get back on my feet again someday,
The good Lord willin', if He says I may.
I know that the life i'm livin's no good,
I'll get a new start, live the life I should.
I'll get up and fly away, I'll get up and fly away, fly away.

Pearly's been true, true to me, true to my dyin' day he said,
I said to him, I said to him, "I'm sure she's been."
I said to him, "I'm sure she's been tru to you."

Got up and wandered, wandered downtown, nowhere to go but just hang around.
I've got a girl, named Bonnie Lee, I know that girl's been true to me.
I know she's been, I'm sure she's been true to me.

Joined: Jun 18 2009
"Issue great shows. Only"

I agree, but this is not objectively determinable.

Joined: Feb 26 2014
No point in whining

If you don't like great music and surprises, best find something else to do, folks.

Getting a life would be a start.

The instant carping here over Dave's latest piece of work is nauseating, frankly. Kills the fun.

If you don't like what's being offered, go fishing. Go do anything. But don't freight the forum with buzz-killing self-absorption. What a freakin' downer.

philledawg's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2009

Did you scroll down? But, indeed, Dave has NOT had the Seaside Chat, so.........

Joined: Jun 6 2007
DP #11

Please confirm that 11/17/72 is #11, I've been awaiting this one

Joined: Feb 6 2011
80s bandwagon?

Although I can't say any release is a bad release simply for the fact that anything grateful dead is paradise for my ears, I really do wish dave would put out some 80s stuff. Something about the early to mid 80s is so mystical and awesome to hear. It's beauty with all of it's flaws and confusion make it a great period to listen to for me. How about a release of the "Raven Space" show 4/19/82...would love to see that released, excellent stranger, prophet>terrapin

Joined: Apr 10 2014
Hey, will74

If it had been up to DickL, we would have nothing but '68-'74, with an emphasis on '73. The spread of years was pressure from others.

I am uninterested in issuances being for historical purposes, such as to 'fill in' missing years. Issue great shows. Only. As this is the first of essentially an uninterrupted stream of great shows in Oct-Dec '72, it is a home run to me (even if I would have picked one with a monster Playin').

Next--either fall '68 or fall '79 to spring '80. Or 12/30/78. Or the wonderful 4/6/69. Or 9/6/80. Or.....