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Welcome to the 7th year of the Dave's Picks series, as we head into 2018 more excited than ever about where this series is, and where it's going. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the series since its inception in 2012; and to those who are new to it, we welcome you. There's plenty of room on the bus. The anticipation we feel every time we select, and later announce, each and every Pick is equal, or even greater, than this guy's excitement at seeing a train. As we head into and past our 25th release in the series, we feel a great sense of forward momentum, and we aim to keep that going in the coming years. How do we top a release like the upcoming Vol. 25, which as you've likely heard is the classic, much-requested, spectacular 11/6/77 Binghamton, NY show? With the show we're thinking about for Vol. 26, that's how! Really, we aim to equal, or top, every release by heading to great performances that you or may not have previously heard, but never in the quality Jeffrey Norman is able to produce. We've got our eyes and ears on several shows for possible upcoming Dave's Picks releases that are going to make 2018 the best year yet in the series, and that's how we honestly feel. Thanks again for subscribing. We keep doing what we do because you keep digging it. Your support and feedback is what keeps making us scream like we've just seen the train of our dreams...

David Lemieux
October 2017

Because the demand for these limited, numbered releases is so high, we've decided to bump the 2018 Dave's Picks production run to 18,000 of each of the four releases. While this means there will be more to go around, the best advice we have to give is... subscribe. When these releases go up for sale a la carte, they sell out within hours. Hours. No hyperbole here. The only way to avoid disappointment and be guaranteed all four Dave's Picks in 2018 is to subscribe.

In addition to the four CD releases in 2018, totaling 12 CDs, you’ll also get the subscription-exclusive bonus disc, which has proven to be one of the most highly sought after collectables we’ve ever released and free domestic shipping. Subscriber bonus discs will not be released outside of this offer. Early bird subscribers can nab a sub at $99.98 (regular pricing will be $115.92).

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• Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases
• Highly Collectible Bonus Disc
• Free Domestic Shipping
• Delivered Throughout The Year
• Early Bird Pricing - $99.98
• A savings of over $25.00 over purchasing a la carte

David Lemieux on Dave's Picks 2018

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Sixtus_'s picture
Joined: Nov 8 2014
re: Kyle ....& Netflix

First of all, good job on jumping on the train early on. Let this be a template for all others who may be on the fence.

Second, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment and many others' about dropping a little coin now to avoid the lockout later. As you say, even beats the a la cart by a reasonable minuscule amount, not to mention secondary markets later on.

And finally, in closing, i must throw a shout out to Netflix if for only one reason, and that reason is how I plan to spend my Friday evening: Stranger Things Season II. I felt compelled in the moment to stick up for this streaming service, as it did not appear to have a voice of its own.

Now back to your regularly scheduled GoGD programming.


P.S. Charlie3 - more sage words could not be spoken. Thank you for being able to articulate your very balanced perspective.

Joined: Jun 7 2007

Finally got through and got confirm email. Woot!

Joined: Sep 9 2015

How come there is only one women who posts on here and everytime she does it is just to keep things from falling apart? Haha

Thats_Otis's picture
Joined: May 12 2011
Managed to get through / TDIGDH

... last night, around 9:30 or so, but I had to use my phone. After trying about 6 times or so on the computer, I chilled out, gave it some time, and watched some TV with the wife. On a whim, I tried my phone, and it went right through. Strange.

I am happy with 11/6/77 as a pick - it is a great show that I have had a nice copy of for some time. That being said, the Normanized versions always seem to sound better than the best copies I have managed to get into my collection.

One thing I am hoping for this year is a hot show from the Fall of 79, especially one with a sick Shakedown. 10/25/79 would be a nice one, if the 1st set is in the vault (apparently there is no SBD circulating,) but the 2nd set sounds fantastic, and check out that opening Shakedown!

38 years ago today was a FUNKY time :)


Joined: Sep 26 2007
Ordering Problems

I tried to order using Safari and Firefox... no luck. Got through on my iPhone. They need to update their systems.

Kayak Guy's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2015

But what about the Scarlet>Fire???

Along with 1/22/78, this is one of my fave recordings, no Patching needed, except for the intro of St Stephen being a Bday request for one of the drivers on the last night of tour.

The Trucking shreds as a set closer, a fun show as the band ends the Fall 77 tour.
Thanks Dave for this returned Betty finally getting released.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013

Love the 11/6/77 choice even though it circulates. I recently mentioned how I didn't used to like this show until someone here encouraged me to re-listen. Holy crap I was wrong - One of the best 10 shows of '77 and that's saying a lot.

And I get the sense DaP26 & bonus disc will be amazing - Dave's eyebrows hit the clouds when he mentioned it - looking forward to that.

Listend to 10/24/71, 10/24/72 an 10/25/73 on my road trip yesterday. Great stuff. That '71 show is awesome - release-worthy, imo. Sadly I know the 10/25/73 so well I can anticipate many nuances - I hate that.

PatagoniaFox - Great point. But I do believe '69-70 should be included in your DaP list (those years have been sufficiently represented - 2 shows each, i think, which is the same number as '71, '76, '77 and '78, thru DaP 24). I see your point, but there's a LOT of songs with asterisks there, some that feel like they don't belong on that list. I mean, Hard to Handle??? That one peaked AND was frequently played in 1971. Also, (snark alert!) you forgot to mention Day Job, Picasso Moon, Victim or the Crime, We Can Run, Far From Me, Easy To Love You, I Will Take You Home, Just a Miller Lite, Wave to the Wind, Samba in the Rain, Corrina.... I mean, I see your point that the emphasis on '69-'78 limits the song selection, but I'm good with that. I don't need any more versions of Throwing Stones. Yes, I'd love to get more Shakedown's and Strangers, but those peaked in 89/90 anyway. Just my opinion - respect...

Joined: Sep 1 2014

I take your point, but I would say that the shows from 1974 and earlier are the definite highest point of their career. They played many great shows after then-especially 1975-1978, but on the whole, I think shows, certainly from 1979 onwards appeal mostly to people who were actually there. I saw them in England in 1981 and 1990-and I would love to have a release including those shows. But from a purely musical point of view, I would say the music they played in England in 1970, 1972 and 1974 was much more interesting. The memories from 1981 are great-sure-and I loved the music-at the time. Same with 1990. But, no, for the music alone,give me more 1970, 1972 and 1974. No offense meant, and I hope none taken!

Mr. Pete's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2010
Dave's Picks 2018 Subscription is the cheap part....

Buying the 2018 subscription is the cheap part. I have my friend, in Turkey, carve each of the Dave's Picks covers. By the time I am done 2018 will cost me a small fortune. But...I love my Dead meerschaum pipes.
The Binghamton show will be...lovely!

Looking forward to the Dead & Company MSG show, November 12th, in NYC. Never seen any show there so I can cross this off my bucket list!

Mr. Pete-------------->
aging hippie

jamgol's picture
Joined: Sep 3 2010

so i went to my ipad and it worked. i had tried all browsers, cleared my history, etc. on the computer and no dice. 1st time on the ipad thru safari and it worked. as phil rizzuto would say "holy cow"!

Joined: Sep 1 2014

That's exactly what I am faced with. I don't seem to have an option to purchase-just that little wheel spinning round. I have looked at trying to change cookies-but I've got nowhere. I don't really know what I am doing with things like "cookies".

I have tried phoning up-but no luck there, either. I will probably walk into town to try on the library computer later today-but surely it should be easier and less time consuming than this.

jamgol's picture
Joined: Sep 3 2010
ok, so now what do i do???

i've been trying to buy this since yesterday early evening. i have tried while logged in and not logged in. i have tried thru google chrome, internet explorer and microsoft edge. when i click to pay, the wheel just spins & spins when it comes to processing payment. help? anyone have a trick? this is just crazy..........marye??? help???

mato1949's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Once Again!!!

Climbing on the BUS one more time!!!

Joined: Sep 1 2014
How do you do it again?

I've been trying to place my order for the last 30 minutes or so-but it just isn't going through. Maybe I'll try phoning them up. Never did like computers.

Joined: Sep 17 2007
i did it again

cheers from germany!

Joined: Jun 4 2007

As a faithful subscriber since the very beginning, I wish there was more variety in era choices for this series. Why must one have to pay through the nose to get the epic later era releases in pricey box sets?

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
2 dozen original songs & covers you won't hear between '71-78.

you could easily add another 2-3 dozen more in covers alone.

all along the watchtower
blow away
built to last
crazy fingers *
dear mr. fantasy -> hey jude
desolation row
feel like a stranger
hard to handle
hell in a bucket
i need a miracle *
it's all over now, baby blue *
knockin' on heaven's door
mountains of the moon
shakedown street *
so many roads
stagger lee *
standing on the moon
the mighty quinn
throwin' stones
to lay me down *
touch of grey
turn on your lovelight *
viola lee blues

* performed a few times during the keith era '71-'78.


kyleharmon's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
this is my first early bird

this is my first early bird pre order most of time I'm a late straggler. and I just realized after someone's comment in here: holy shit I'm actually like kinda getting the whole four shows for about 25 bucks a piece as opposed to the usual price. but to others in here I'm not trying to be a smartass I'm really not but if you missed out on the last 3 Dave's this year from not having a subscription: this is your opportunity, subscribe. because I know times can be tough financially but if you don't get a subscription all I can say is good luck getting Dave's 25 a la carte. cancel that cable or Netflix (both kinda suck but Netflix more so)

Easywind54's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
On the love train...

Haven't missed a year. Thank you Dave. Can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
The Senator

Buzzed, but on point. Coincidentally the motif for his 2018 reelection campaign.

Charlie3's picture
Joined: Sep 21 2015
Respectfully Disagree

Whenever possible I like to agree with my wife and she has repeatedly told me that I act like a teenage boy, so I have to respectfully disagree with PatagoniaFox's characterization of deadhead's as 12 year old kids.
Seriously though, you can either be grateful for what you get and have, or resentful and bitter about what you don't have. I've tried it both ways and, from my point of view, I get a lot more out of being grateful for what I have. VGuy72 is right on point again, releases that may not be at the top of my list today may really hit the spot tomorrow.

Joined: Jun 18 2008
Re: I get it

Vguy72 - here are some I'd like to see:\


JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Why I Subscribe

Feelings on the next Dave's Pick:

I do remember one thing.
It took hours and hours but..
by the time I was done with it,
I was so involved, I didn't know what to think.
I carried it around with me for days and days..
playing little games
like not listening to it for a whole day
and then.. listening to it.
to see if I still liked it.
I did.

The more I listen to it,
the more I like it.
I do think it's good.
The fact is..
no matter how closely I study it,
no matter how I take it apart,
no matter how I break it down,
It remains consistent.
I wish you were here to listen to it.

I like it.


Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007

....Charlie3 gets it! You may not like a show today, but you may crave it tomorrow....I craved some '71 Felt Forum, and, well lookee there. DaP 22....

Charlie3's picture
Joined: Sep 21 2015
Ordered and Looking Forward to Another Year

A few years ago I made the mistake of thinking I had enough Dead releases. Never again.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
I like the 80's too, unfortunately for 80's fans....

....some stupid people returned some stupid reels, to the stupid vault. So now we get rehashed stupid shows, with the same stupid songs, playing in a different stupid order sometimes, with stupid sound and stupid artwork. Stupid....

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011

Songs.. now you are talking my language. I wonder how many songs they have performed live (post 1967, because they really were not taping prior) have not been released?

California Earthquake comes to mind.. Washed my hands in muddy water? Muskrat Love? What else? :D

I really doubt there is much from the modern era (except CA earthquake and a few more) that have not been given the full Norman.. If we are talking unreleased songs, then early is your best chance to get them.

A really great analysis would be to list all the non released songs by year and see where that data falls. I'm in and I truly hope they release more from these periods. If I had better data, I would do the analysis myself, but I have only imported about half the shows performed.. so I have some serious gaps in my dataset. Deadbase has it, but I'm not typing all that into a spreadsheet.. Still.. I'm all in, but don't be surprised if 1970 come up as the year that has the biggest gap, not 1989.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Or maybe you're talking about pre-Godchaux....

....Born Cross-Eyed? Easy Winds? New Potatoes? Clementines? Rosemarys? Standing On The Corners? Cause I'd take all those in a hartbeat. Unfortunately, pristine recordings of those may be hard to come by....and pristine is all Lemieux is scouring right now.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
I get it....

....but you forgot to post what next four shows you would like to see. Indulge me....what do you want? Corrinas and Wave To The Winds? Sambas? Maybe You Knows? You know, dozens means more than 24. Indulge me....

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
i don't pretend to be a connoisseur of the grateful dead, but...

i know enough about the GD to know we're getting shortchanged. there are dozens of great songs we don't get, because they weren't played or were rarely played during the keith era.


Joined: Apr 26 2017
Dap 2018 Sub. Success

I'm on board again for 2018 subscription train. No worries!!! Let's rock!!

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
What to get for the wife?

Clearly.. the FW69 boxset. What could possibly go wrong with that?


boblopes's picture
Joined: Jan 13 2009
@hitmeister - nice story

Glad I was late to the ordering snafu. Can't beat $25/show - Thanks!

My Daughter bought her Daddy's Christmas Gift - now what to get for the wife...

Joined: Jun 18 2008
Good run

So, including this, 11/4, 11/5, and 11/6 have all been released.

I bought tickets to 11/5,and drove the 8 hours from NJ to Rochester for the show. It was my first time hearing "The Other One" live. Binghamton was on the way home, so we decided to stop and find a ticket. The scene we encountered became commonplace in later years, but I'd never seen anything like it before. We hadn't yet gotten off the highway, and we were already seeing people on the side of the road holding up signs, "I need a ticket!"

It only got worse as we neared the arena. It was just a zoo. I realized that our only hope of getting tickets was to act strategically. We walked off in the direction opposite the highway, where there wasn't quite as musch traffic but also not as many people looking for tickets. We walked down just a bit further than most of the crowd.

Sure enough, a car stopped, and the guy said he had the two tickets we were looking for. As I approached the car and was making the transaction, the car suddenly became mobbed with other hoping there were still more tickets to be had. There weren't. But we had ours, and we happily headed into the show!

KSDead's picture
Joined: Jul 14 2007
DaP 2018 Order

Just placed my subscription order with no problems. Also received email conformation. should be another good year!

giantnerd's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
Nerd alert.

Ok I have an order number, my money was taken from PayPal, and when I check order status it's there saying "Not shipped." But no email. But I think I'm cool. Keep the awesome releases coming. For those who appreciate them a treasure for sure.

nappyrags's picture
Joined: Jan 24 2013
No problemo here...

...went through the first time AND THE DODGERS WON!!!!

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Delete your browser history and start over

It has the same effect as changing browsers.
It does not matter whether you use pc or Mac, or what browser you use as long as your browser can accept cookies (a very common source of failed orders). Once you have a failed order attempt it’s stored in your browser’s history, so delete the history and start over.

bluecrow's picture
Joined: Sep 21 2015
order problems? maybe change your cookie preferences

For those experiencing order problems, you might try changing your cookie preferences. At first, despite being logged in, my cart would always show up as empty when I went to complete the purchase. I changed my cookie preference from never accept 3rd party to always accept - that did the trick. I was running Mozilla. Good luck.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

Click on the shopping cart symbol in the upper right.

Joined: Nov 4 2011
2018 Dave's Picks order problem

Does not seem to make any difference whether one is logged in or not. I have made three attempts. The shopping cart shows that I now have 3 (just want one) items in the basket. When I try to check out it comes back and says that there is nothing in the cart? I do not use Windows or Chrome....and never will.

Joined: Nov 18 2015

Got the order in and the email confirmation without the usual fails and loops. Maybe it is fixed (far, far too long since the problems began more than a year ago). But if you are still having problems, listen to JiminMD, always a voice of reason. It won't sell out today, or tomorrow, or this week. The claims that subs sell out that fast are just wrong, don't panic. Not an excuse for the problems, but on the DaP subs, at least you have time.

The next few months should be a lot of fun listening. The BCT '72 show should be great (I would have preferred 8-24 until I relistened to my copy and realized it is so good out there that this one with the missing tracks seems a better choice). The RFK shows should be good (I was there, so of course biased, and I never did hear after Wharf Rat the second night as the rain was so bad on the field I had mercy on my fiance and left early for the only time in 75 shows). DaP 25 is in a nice spot, I have been really sad that I missed out on DaP 12, 11-4-77 since I realized I missed it (work was rough that year and I missed all the DaP's - life comes first sometimes). My copy of 11-4 is fine, but not perfect, and The Jones Boys were on that night, maybe someday I will find a copy for a seemingly fair price. For now, 11-6 will have to do.

Enjoy all, and those having probs, I feel for you and don't mean to minimize the pain, you don't deserve it. I do say that at least this isn't gonna sell out right away, so hopefully the pain will be short-term.

Joined: Oct 17 2017
Got it

Ordering failed several times with Chrome, but got it on the first attempt with Internet Explorer, yay.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
It worked! It worked!

blueboy714 I recall from that episode "I'm on the train! I'm on the train!" Nice connection to Dave's excited train guy link.

Please keep trying, folks.

Interestingly, at the same time I was trying to order from work, I was being shut out of an important web site for my work. I was extreeeeemely frustrated.

"email does not exist"



Joined: Jul 25 2017
Worked fine for me, first time!

Windows 10 Chrome and order went through immediately.

My actual order was:

1) put in cart
2) forgot I wasn't logged in so logged in
3) viewed cart
4) ordered
5) confirmed

Dunno what to say ;P Anyway looking forward to these! Thanks!

NCDead's picture
Joined: Apr 16 2015
order issues

I was unable to purchase on my mac using safari, but was able to on a windows machine using chrome logged into the site.

Joined: Aug 30 2015
No problems for me

Was not logged in, followed the email link and it took all but 2 mins to complete the order and recieved confirmation email immediately.

blueboy714's picture
Joined: Nov 25 2010
Cart won't let me order Dave's Picks 2018

Man, this is the 3 time in my last 3 orders that this has happened - every since you switched to the crappy new order fulfillment center.

MiracleMan1982's picture
Joined: Feb 28 2015

Thanks, Mary. I really appreciate it!

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

if this doesn't straighten itself out overnight, lemme know and we'll get it straightened. Sorry for the trouble.

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