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Broome County Arena


Binghamton, NY
United States


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Cheap (er) Tickets

My stub for this reads Veterans Memorial Auditorium... $7.50 - those were the days...

"if you get confused..."

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Broome CountyArena / Veteran Mem Aud May 9, 1979

Any body else at the May 9, 1979 show?
i went there next day after the absolutely amazing Rec Hall show @ Penn State on May 8, 1979.

It was a real steam bath. EVERYone had the shirts off.

It ain't listed...

brweldon81's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Broome County Arena 5/9/79

Yes, it was my first show!! I went to the feature on this site to mark it as attended and couldn't find it (????).

My brother attended Colgate Univ. and got me a ticket. I was 16. Partied all day, and yes IT WAS HOT!

General admission show, I was on the floor right up front in front of a ponytailed Jerry (looked like he was gonna drop) for the first set. It was so hot I had to spend the second set in the back where it wasn't body to body. I remember that nobody knew who the new keyboard player was, beside you could barely hear Brent at that show.

sugareelady's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2007
If I remember this correctly,I was hurdled in the GEN ADM and...

ended up like cattle to the boards in front of the stage. I already drank soooooo much in the parking lot because it was sooooooo hot! Some hells angel dude picked me up after I passed out by the boards and took me to the other side of the boards in the concert. I danced and danced and was hooked on the dead ever since,jerry looked at me and I smiled,he was not very good looking but he could play that guitar like it was a third arm.!
I still feel like whenever I dance I celebrate that feeling of being totally trapped and then free like a bird.

I knew right away she was not like other girls Other girls

Joined: Jul 28 2007
Working the Catskills

This was when I gigging up in the Catskills at Grossingers. My buddy Mike said the Dead was up in Binghamton and we loaded up his old Volvo and away we went, which led to many other nefarious and memorable happenings. The funk of general admission was always the combined effluvium of weed, patchouli, and dank dancing dead heads.

Joined: Sep 25 2007
hot day

i remember reading a news paper from the binghamton area the next day and it said the dead were ban from playing there.Someone had run straight off the top ramp and jumped.The band returned in the spring of 83. All the shows i have seen there were always good. thank you New York!

Joined: Aug 1 2008
11-6-77 concert- Broome County Arena

Anyone have photos from this Dead concert? I would love to see some.

Joined: Jan 13 2009
Great Show

Great scene, The band rocked that night. I remeber seeing a person fall from the balcony and than a lot of EMS came looking for him. I hope he was OK. If this is the wrong Bingy show I apologize.

philmaywalt's picture
Joined: Apr 20 2008
A lovely night..however there was sadness


Yes...someone did fall from the outside railing at the show...and he died.

Truly a shame on a wonderful night...did Hampton, Morgantown...drove back to Bingotown and passed the Dead Ryder Trucks somewhere outside of Hazelton at 4AM or so. Went straight to work for 12 hours and then to the show....

Those were the days...3 days and no sleep...

Joined: Dec 15 2009
Great Memory's

I was attending Syracuse U. at the time when a friend of mine said he has two tickets to the show that day I said I'm in! This was one of the greatest shows I've been to. Yes, it was a sad day when we heard that someone had died. It must of been upsetting to the band also.I think I paid somthing like 8 dollers for my ticket.Not anymore! The dead show this year at the Garden cost me 200 Dollars!!!!! Oh! yes I remember get no sleep also.Those were the days...Memory's.


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Broome County Arena