Grateful Dead

Cole Field House


College Park, MD
United States


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Great Show/Poor College Handling of Crowd Control!!

Louis S Herkalo

Drove down with friends from NJ to attend the show. Whoever was put in charge of getting Cole Fieldhouse ready for all the DeadHeads to see the fnest band in the land perform, that person(s) screwed up real bad!! There was onlly 1 door open to get in for all ticket holders??
As you approached the only available entrancee, you were actually BEING CRUSHED!!! I blame,the Universty for what happened! They got lucky because no Deadheads were injured or worse off,KILLED!!! On a positive note, the Dead played a great show!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
couldn't find a ticket

ended up bribing the guy at the door....exciting time!!!

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Joined: Jan 13 2009
First Show

Birdsong Hooked me for good

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
this show had its issues

well, i got to walk 1/4 mile to this show from my house.
didnt even get lost on the golf course on my way home.

Someone came out from backstage right before first set,
saying the bayz were all laid out sleeping backstage,
they had just gotten up about 15 minutes before showtime.
Seems they had scheduled this show on what would have
been an off day, weren't getting paid a lot, and just weren't
that into it. Always wondered about that.

Also, if you were a local, you might remember there was
a very tough personal thing that had tuoched a lot of us, and a lot of us were all thinking abot this very special person
who had gone from us so suddenly. The folks in front of me
kept saying, "Oh i hope they dont play Black Peter, please don't play Black Peter, that was her favorite song."
And when Jerry just slid on down, there it was B.P.
and they all just lost it into tears. tough stuff to think even now.

All in all, a musically forgettable show, solidly mediocre,
but unique in some other non-muisical ways.

I definitely got caught in the crush one prev poster
mentioned, all fitting through one door, as that
ascendable feeling kept coming up the back of my
spine, I wondered would I make it through the doors
while still in a verbal state. I made it, with about 2 sec to
spare. UMHYARH HUNEGCY, but fun times

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Joined: Jul 9 2008
Poor Crowd Control

I agree...4 of us drove to the show from DC and College Park and waited outside for almost an hour watching a mass of people milling around the one entry door. We finally decided to push our way in with tickets and find our seats in the dark. The music was good after all but we had missed the first couple of songs.


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Cole Field House