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Deer Creek Music Center


Noblesville, IN
United States


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stormshell's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007

Life began at this show! They are tearing this stadium down this year and I so need to go back one more time for the memories!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
No doubt Deer Creek was

No doubt Deer Creek was definitely one of the top venues in the last few years they toured. A particular "Casey Jones" 6/28/92- comes to mind that almost tore the roof off the place. I was saddened as well to learn of Deer Creek's fate to make way for an outdoor mall. However, I won't miss getting hassled by Noblesville cops and the whole Hamilton County facist white regime. You have Live Nation to thank for losing this venue. Be prepared for a similar fate to all the other sheds they now own: 1st Midwest Bank Center (a.k.a. World Music Theater) in Tinley Park, IL., Alpine Valley, etc. They can't sell 30,000 tickets anymore, and I can see why with the horrible acts they try to pawn off as music.

Joined: Jun 28 2007

Deer Creek *aka* Verizon Wireless Music Center will actually be here next summer. So we still have over a year left of it. I'm hoping for a Phish reunion before it gets torn down. It is the best venue ive ever been too. So many good memories there and I'm only 15!?!?!

Joined: Jul 7 2007
visit at your own risk

Take care when passing through Hamilton county In. Entrapment there is the rule of law. The Constitution but a suggestion.

Joined: Sep 18 2007
Deer Creek

The fascists who run Hamilton county came straight from Nazi Germany, this is true. However, Deer Creek is the best place in the world to come Home to, in my humble opinion. Of course, I live in Indianapolis and I'd imagine you'd think me biased about this but honestly I have so many fond memories of Deer Creek that I should write some books.

Local word does indeed tell us that Deer Creek will be around nest season because the exorbitant price they wanted for the place left the buyer with only the option to walk away.

Remember how they used to make us get into our cars and wait in a gas-fume laced line of almost standstill traffic? Now we can camp out overnight. We did DMB this summer and it was the bomb! Too bad the boys in the band don't come around a last time or six and do some more shows now that we can camp out up there.


Joined: Sep 4 2007
Pure luck to see a show that good

In regards to the title of this comment , that type of luck didnt happen very often .

This is my 1st show , and what a privilige it was

Hot 1st set . And the 2nd . an absolute party of songs . Very high energy . Being from Iowa , I ran into an 8th grade school mate in the lawn , during Stagger Lee [ 7 miles to the sky and roll it back again ] . It was all too [ put your favorite adjective here = ) ]

Jerry was playing really good . jack a Roe had a 2nd playing in two days . The same thing and the light rain that began , and hovered in and out of the 2nd set was highlightd by Vince s expertise playing . Boy do i miss that person [ !! ] God bless his family , and you Vinnie

The 2nd sets HSF in the odd place that they played it was welcome . Before i go any fuirther . I danced my proverbial ass off during the entire pre drurms . As Robert Hunnter also mentions he did at the Beat cluib in bremen GE in 71 .

Deer creek was , and thank god - still is - a great place to see music . I hope it does not turn into a mall

The promoters need to bring in talent to Deer Creek . The Dead werre obviously a good example of that talent . That would sell out the shed in less than a day - per show .

It would be painful to hear that the Creek was sold to become a mall or something of that nature . North america has thousands of malls . Make one elsewhere

Good lovin had me back dancin like a maniac . And Liberty was a tune ill always remember as the song that dances in my head for a long time after the show . The parking lot that night , you can imagine was great . Wonderful show . Chicago in a coupole of days [ what will they play ? = ) ] and those grilled cheese sandwiches that looked like they were prepared with a gourmet touch = )

Long live that dear venue called Deer creek , and that great 3rd night in the summer of 94

Joined: Jan 25 2008
deer creek shows

man what a great place to trip out in front row!!!!...i was lucky enough to see all but one of the creeks!!....a magical time indeed!!!

Joined: Jan 25 2009
was this the show i got

was this the show i got teargassed at those nazis can all rot

Joined: Apr 10 2009
Blue telephones...

This is one of my first memories of these shows...crazy trip!

Deadhead_Forever's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
Looking for Deer Creek '95 Tapes or Cd's

This was my last show with Jerry still around.

I would love to have all the sets to this show.

Please respond to

Call 1-740-654-4624 Cell 1-614-625-9065

or send to:

Vincent L. Huff
560 East Main Street Apt. 12
Lancaster, OH. 43130


Forever Grateful

Forever Dead


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Deer Creek Music Center