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Joined: Jul 29 2008
hot fun in the summertime

i remember this show:
i was 14 living in new haven
got my first peice of tail the night before; nice girl named lisa from upstate new york (said she lived on a chicken farm)
me, lisa, tom straight and ray and kathy drove up in ray and kathys vwagon micro bus
first dead concert was up front in a mass of people and a sheet of blotter aicid with skull and cross bones came by
(the bus came by and i got on that's were it all began)
the piano turner was late; jerry came out and said he had a new strat as he noddled (just then a big beach ball flew by with a 20' tail) he pause and said they dont make them like they used to.
Said they were to play a lot of old dead that day and they did (imagine old dead in 72)
as high as i was it was a fast peak and out due to the heat in fact if not for the gallon jugs of water passed up in spent gallo wine bottles i would have probobly gotten heat stroke.
made it back to the head once (one of those 20 minute acid leaks comming down)
it was good to see the set list in sparked my memory a little
i remember several of the 1000 watt marshall heads exploding althouth that may have only happened once i'm not sure
i do recollect that pigpen wasn't there but keith and donna were
barry oakly wasn't there and rumor was he was dead and i think pig pen had expiered around this time
the most vivid memory was not fade away goin down the road and johny be good and they turned off the lights.
we went to a place called miller's pond afterword and the water was like over 90 degrees. some day indeed
was a dead head afterwords until there concerts seemed well
not what they had been.
I remember the wintland concert on new years eve when they closed it. That was my last dead concert.
they were definetly outdone by the blues bros. and we left around one.
the girl i was with started to get crazy (too much coke) i understand they played till after sunrise and i missed a bit of history. would have liked to seen John Cipolina too bad

Joined: Jan 7 2009
fond memories

Only my second show, but was very into the dead at that point.

Me and two friends drove from Albany I was 20. Got there early and hung out. We had tickets, but when they opened the gates the crowd swarmed in (scary) i remember seeing ticket takers being knocked down (not cool). We got right up next to the stage in a mass of people. Lots of acid being passed around. I remember the piano tuner being late too. I remember Phil coming out with a beard and really happy and energetic. The song I remember best was China Cat/ I know you rider. The sun was setting and Gerry was silhouetted against a big red sun going down. At one point I remember some guy near us waving a flag and some people getting pretty up set because he was blocking there view. It got pretty intense but ended up ok.

By the end of the second set we had had enough of the crowd and picked up our stuff and went walking around. I had lost my shoes and my shirt. I was really HOT and Humid and I remember some people walking around naked.

What a great show! Drove back home and stopped at a biker bar and played pool. Everybody left us alone. Very funny.

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Joined: Jan 20 2009
Hot day, I remember hells

Hot day, I remember hells angels at the gate doing security, cooler went into the big dumpster, then the show...........!!!!!

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Joined: Mar 21 2009
if u bought a t shirt that

if u bought a t shirt that day it was from me! 1 for $2 and $3 for $5 !

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Joined: Jan 20 2009
Never Forget to smell the

Never Forget to smell the flowers

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Joined: Jan 20 2009
Hot Evening in Hartford

Contrary to another posting ...Berry Oakly and a drummer from the Allman Brothers ( Can't remember if it Johnson or Trucks) definitly jammed with Dead in the 2nd set. It was great show though it was extremly cramped as the crowd pushed to get close to the stage. I remember a girl without her shirt dancing atop her boyfriend's shoulders. I was high that evening as was the rest of the crowd.
Those were the days,
John Crocker


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Dillon Stadium