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Wallace Wade Stadium


Durham, NC
United States


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Joined: Jul 20 2007
First Show

It was a sunshine daydream kind of day. lots of good
bands. Jerry played steel pedal with the NRPS, then the Dead played . I have an image of them jamming still. One
song that has remained a favorite for me over the years was Sing me back Home. The day ended with Mountain taking the
stage around midnight . We were right at the stage, sunburned and fried from the day. Lesley West was hot and a good show to close with. I saw about 50 shows after that.
Sure was fun.

Joined: Jul 8 2007
A Day You Just Don't Want to End

NRPS started things off (musically).
Next The Dead
Next The (we can't keep our instruments in tune) Beach Boys
Next Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Next Mountain (early Mountain with Felix stil on base - Leslie hammerin' so hard he ran out of replacement e strings)

In between sets:
Some comic kept the crowd from chasing daydreams - anybody remember who?
Some poor soul in her KFC uniform pimping chicken - wonder what bet she lost?
Yet another tripster wandering up to the mic, undressing and telling us how wonderful life is.
Peaking - Being dragged with security blanket in tow to van in parking lot....must find lost sanity.

Beginnings when you could go backstage without a pedigree (or bribing someone with; "this is the best shit you'll ever do, man").
Pig Pen hitting on my friend's chick and every other sweet thing he could find. I knew he was into southern comfort but get a grip bro. Garcia playing cupid of lust didn't help any...
Try as they might, Beach Boys seemed out of their element. Blamed it on the humidity....April in NC man.
Smoking hash w/Garcia & Lesh by the monitors stage right while Butterfield did his thing.
Where the fireworks real?
Good crowd - good vibes.
Would not see the Dead again until DC in 73 - Pig's gone, Doona & Keith are in.

Joined: Aug 20 2008
The comic at the show

PhilNBlanx asked about the name of the comic who performed between sets at this show. He introduced himself as "Uncle Filthy", wore a pair of red long johns and did mostly sex jokes. I remember Jerry inviting us to ' take a last look at the sun before it sets behind yonder wall' just before they played Dark Star. It was a very good day.

Joined: Dec 1 2008
The Comic at the Show

A correction about the comic who MC'd the show. His name was "Uncle Dirty" and when he introduced the Dead that day he said, "Now lets talk about heavy" . This was one of the best musical lineups ever and some of the best brown dot. I remember the Beach Boys saying "They waited 5 years to play with the Grateful Dead"


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Wallace Wade Stadium