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30 Days of Dead November 10

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If I recall correctly

It was a late Brent era Tennessee Jed at Giants stadium and it was raining hard. Im talking buckets O'rain. Rain, as in serious precipitation. I couldn't see a damn thing through my glasses but it was warm with big time lightening going on from time to time. I can still see looking across the stadium through sheets of water thinking something like "this is very much OK..." Smiling for sure, something about a nice Tennessee Jed in the rain. Miss those days. Allot.

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Or as I like to call it

Giant Stadium

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Another one

I thought I was at this show, but it was the night before.

Hope this beats the buzzer for entry, ( East coast)

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Too Big a Hurry!!

After being way too frustrated- went with a guess. Now after reading your guys clues have found it (I was wrong). 3rd time this has happened. Need to be more patient!

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I went through the Brent Years twice starting from '90 going backwards, listened to every show on archive for the "Wind up wet" line and somehow missed this until the third try!!

I got it now...and before the buzzer, but that was a frustrating one! Not sure how I missed it really. The errors I made here were Giants.

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Eureka! Im celebrating with a Mexican Hat Dance.

Many thanks for the hints from the kind folks posting and sharing their results!

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so far...

The setlist for GD '13 so far looks very appealing! Shakedown opener...very early 80's Brent as to now...except for Tennessee Jed..."you know you're bound to wind up wet"! Sounds like '89-90' to these ears!

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Brain Cell Activation ;-)

Thanks for igniting such good memories. Was grateful to have seats that were covered by the upper tier section for this show. Bob's comment was hilarious... "Y'all gonna be floatin' up to about eye level pretty quick". :-)

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for the hint. I've been doing pretty well, but I wasn't going to get this one. But got it now.

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Strangers stopping strangers...

You're welcome Glenno! It was also sharing from some other folks that brought it home for me too...

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Man...this has driven me

Man...this has driven me nuts. I was at it when I got home late last night, didn't get it. Got up today and spent two hours...nothing. Still not getting it with the hints. I'm overlooking something obvious I guess. Huh...I love this game but I'm somewhat frustrated by this one.

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Wow I think I got it!!

I've had such trouble this year, but I think I nailed this one in 2min! I can't explain it. It is what is sounds like. I went right to it.

Love this
Love you all

good luck

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Gonna Rock All Night

"My doggie turned to me and he said…..when ya'all done with that 30 Days of Dead?? This one took me a long time. Better go take the dog for a walk...

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What the...

I'm slippin' I guess. I just went through every version of this that has Brent and none had the "Wind up wet" line...

That IS Brent right? Sounds like him. I don't know...I'm done for today. This one wins...

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Love 30 Days of the Dead! I look forward to this every year. Thanks for this giant gift!

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How to download these ??

Did anybody get these. ?? Released in 2007 end of year , I believe. Would like more 79' and since these are already out how do I get?? iTunes did not have, they do have the download series , which are very nice. I own about half and plan to buy the rest eventually, 76' show + filler next on my list & then the April 69' show although a bit pricey compared to the others

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Love 30 days of the Dead.

Love 30 days of the Dead. Great fun. I wonder how many winners there are each day.....gotta be in the thousands w/ all the Heads out there.

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Weather Report

If it weren't for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow would be lost.

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Gotta be careful

...slingin' those fifty-cent words. Or maybe the misspelling is part of the clue? No, just a misspelling. Careful, now!

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sweet tour!

I was at this show...what a fantastic tour! 1 of the last great ones! Go Steelers!!!!! :)

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I woke up feelin......

I know this one. Saw a bunch of shows on this tour but not this show.

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Wind up wet

Ain't a lot we can do about it but we can enjoy it!

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wind up wet!

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Tricky Clue

My interpretation of today's clue had me chasing crawfish down the Avenue.. I could be wrong... after a few Ambers things might get a bit blurry!

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these hints crack me up

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Read betwixt the lines

Your not looking hard enough...if you take the third letter of each word you get the venue...the fourth letter and you have the secret to life...very tricky indeed.

I'm kidding! (or am I...)

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Seriously. haha, "This song

Seriously. haha, "This song featured Jerry Garcia on guitar!" Oh! That narrows it down for me!! haha

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30 Days Clues

Maybe they could give the name of the band as a start...Old & In the Way, Jefferson Starship, Warlocks...

30 Days of Dead November 10