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30 Days of Dead November 4

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Hint: Rarely a show-opener, but when it was, you know a hot show was on the way


Cleveland, OH, Cleveland Public Auditorium
This show-opening Sugaree hits the peaks one would expect of a version from 1980


Micheal P.
San Jose, CA
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30 days

thanks for all of these tunes

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official artwork for 2013 30 days of dead

Here's the link to the official artwork

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So Many Roads HEAL my soul!

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Set List Format for 2013

I enjoy that the songs for the 2013 addition appear to be taking on the structure of an actual GD Set List.

Interesting and fun touch if they are, in fact, doing that.

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Would be somewhat rare for

Would be somewhat rare for two Jerry tunes in a row in the first set. I like the idea though!

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Shake it up now...

Nice version of one of my favorites. One last voice is calling me (kids and wife) so I guess it's time I go…. Thanks again for the 30 Days of tunes!!!

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Wow, excellent cover art!!

Thanks! That artwork (amusement park/circus) should be adapted for an official release!!

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Thinkin sometime in 79 as

Thinkin sometime in 79 as they still have some 78 sound in there and Brent is subdued.

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Fine sounding Sugareeee

.... yes this one's just about ready for release.

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jumped the gun on this one, then figured it out randomly while making a sandwich. oh well, i doubt tomorrow's song will be so easy

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Very difficult questions!

These questions are very difficult, if not impossible!
I'll be satisfied with an mp3 per day, it's still a great gift!!

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Got 3rd and I think four!

Got yesterdays and Sugaree grateful for the hint and we all know what follows. Jerry you are missed Grateful for these songs that fill the air. yetay

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The clue plus what follows

The clue plus what follows plus Brent make this one automatic.

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A clue in the comments or a

A clue in the comments or a clue from

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The one ("Hint:

The one ("Hint: Rarely a show-opener, but when it was, you know a hot show was on the way").

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Good Humour

I get a real kick outta the banter...keep up the sleuthing, just don't let the proverbial cat outta the satchel. Hahahaha! Dig it!

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I think they are being too easy on us for the 3rd day in a row. Listening to the end of this song really narrows it down.....

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According to Public records, this structure houses 2 separate venues. Choose carefully my friend!

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public records

The band site and Deadbase list one venue, several versions on archive list the other, but according to more research they are in the same location and one source says the names are inter-changeable. It could be said that one is within the other and therefore both are correct.

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Oh yes, I agree about both being correct. However, the contest drop down list does show both names. I commented only 'cause in past years, choosing say... RFK Stadium vs Robert F Kennedy, or Coliseum, vs Hampton Coliseum, proved me incorrect per the website answers. I recall one time the posted venue answer was different than what both Deadbase and archive stated. All Grate fun just the same!

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Odd, but Typical

It would be Odd, but Typical, if the venue answer accepted as "correct" for purposes of the contest were different from the venue listed for this concert's date at this website's own database of shows...

Speaking of Odd, but Typical -- Is the "rules" link for this contest still a dead link, four days in? Why yes, it is. Odd, but Typical.

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i shoulda taken your advice; actually went with

oh, well, never trust a Prankster, nothin' left to do but smile.


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You know it's going to get stranger......

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I saw Jimi Hendrix do an electric performance, opening with Wild Thing, in the other structure within this building.

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Now that is a pretty helpful hint.

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Bobby's Guitar

Will help narrow this down too...

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free gift

that's putting it nicely. that tune had enough hints on it's own. soft blooper to left- yerrrr out!
guess i have to go to bed now.

30 Days of Dead November 4