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8 from Led Zeppelin (SHN/FLAC) Vine

started by dstache

8/31/69, 1/22/73, 2/12/75, 2/16/75, 2/28/75, 3/5/75, 6/21/77 and 6/24/80

This might be too much Zeppelin for some, but just enough for others. I encourage everyone to sign up and grab at least a show or two (2/12/75 is a MONSTER). I haven't listened to the 77 or 80 show yet, but from the notes and what I can find out on the internet, they should be solid. The others are at least good, most very good.

Robert Plant's voice comes and goes. On some nights and some songs he is better than on others. Jimmy Page tears it up. The No Quarters from 75 are awesome. As are all the Dazed & Confuseds.

First person to sign up, please drop me a PM. Enjoy!

8 from Led Zeppelin (SHN/FLAC) Vine