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30 Days Of Dead FAQs

Q: How come I can't download today's track on my iPad or mobile device.
A: Although you can stream today's track on your iPad or iOS device, if you want to download the track you will need to download it on your desktop computer.

Q: How can I tell if download has started?
A: If you are in Internet Explorer or Firefox, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking you where you'd like to save the file. If you are in Safari, an indicator will appear in the top right corner to show that the download is in progress. If you are in Chrome, a button should appear at the bottom left hand side of your browswer to indicate that the download is in progress.

Q: The track downloaded but I can't seem to find it...
A: The location of your download depends on the applications you use and your operating system. If you are using Firefox, Chrome or Safari, the download is most likely in your Downloads folder.

If you use iTunes or Windows Media Player: The download will automatically import songs into your chosen media library. This is where your music will be stored.

In some instances, files are saved to your computer using your Web browser's default save location. Search for the files on your computer or check your Web browser settings to determine the default location for saving downloaded files.

Q: I still can't get the download to work.
A: If you are unable to download the track while using your current browser, please try installing the Chrome web browser on your machine.


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Joined: Nov 1 2010
2014 LOG

30 unreleased Grateful Dead tracks from the vault, selected by Dead archivist and producer David Lemieux! Who needs a miracle everyday? We sure do and we bet you could use one too! You know your Ables from your Bakers from your C's...

1. Scarlet Begonias>Touch Of Gray>Fire On The Mountain 29:24
Kansas City, MO, Starlight Theatre [7/3/1984]
Scarlet>Touch>Fire was played again 10 days later at the Greek on 7/13/84, at the famous Dark Star show.

2. China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider 14:22
San Francisco, CA, Winterland Arena [10/20/1974]
This is from "The Last One," the final night at Winterland before the hiatus and was the last "China>Rider" until 12/29/77.

3. Doin' That Rag 05:22
Boston, MA, The Ark [4/22/1969]
This was from the terrific three night run in Boston, recorded less than two months after the famous Fillmore West "Live/Dead" shows.

4. Estimated Prophet>Terrapin Station 23:12
Hershey, PA, Hershey Park Stadium [6/28/1985]
This show also featured a rare three-Jerry-songs-in-a-row sequence, with "Bird Song>Comes A Time>Deal."

5. Bird Song 08:14
Port Chester, NY, Capitol Theater [2/24/1971]
This is from the 6th and final show of the Port Chester, NY, run, the Dead's last-ever shows at the Capitol Theatre

6. Dupree's Diamond Blues 06:33
Orono, ME, Alfond Arena - University of Maine [4/19/1983]
"Dupree's Diamond Blues" was in repertoire in 1969, then brought back in late 1977, was played twice in 1978, and then returned in 1982.

7. Candyman 05:12
Alfred, NY, Alfred College [5/1/1970]
This is from the 6th and final show of the Port Chester, NY, run, the Dead's last-ever shows at the Capitol Theatre

8. Row Jimmy 09:38
Milwaukee, WI, Milwaukee Auditorium [2/4/1978]
This is from the penultimate show of a short midwest tour, with this Milwaukee show being sandwiched by the two shows that made up Dick's Picks 18.

9. Cream Puff War 05:10
San Francisco, CA, Fillmore Auditorium [7/3/1966]
Cream Puff War was written entirely by Jerry, both words and music.

10. Lazy Lightning>Supplication 8:25
Columbus, OH, Mershon Auditorium - Ohio State University [9/30/1976]
Lazy Lightning>Supplication, originally recorded on the Kingfish record, entered the Dead's repertoire in 1976, and remained until 10/31/84. There were occasional instrumental Supplications after that, and more developed Supplication on 5/22/93 at Shoreline.

11. Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower 20:56
San Rafael, CA, Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium [4/1/1984]
This April Fool's show at Marin Vets' was a Rex Benefit, and would prove to be the Dead's last-ever show at Marin Vets'

12. Cumberland Blues 05:53
Columbus, OH, Ohio Theatre [10/31/1971]
From 10/31/71 in Columbus, this show's second set, including the magnificent "Dark Star," was released as Dick's Picks Vol. 2.

13. The Music Never Stopped 07:18
Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Civic Center [5/26/1977]
This is the show-opener, which was not an uncommon spot for The Music Never Stopped in 1977. It later moved, primarily, the become a first set closer.

14. Jack Straw 05:39
Las Vegas, NV, Aladdin Hotel Theatre [3/26/1983]
From the second of three shows the Dead played at the Alladin, in 1981, 1983 and 1984. They didn't return until 1991, when they'd play the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, to which they returned in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995.

15. Box Of Rain 04:54
Uniondale, NY, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum [3/16/1973]
From the Dead's first trip to Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, a three night run. They'd return in September, and then not again until 1979

16. EAC Jam 04:14

Ace's Studio, Mill Valley, CA [4/29/1975]
This was recorded at Bob's studio during the recording sessions for Blues For Allah.

17. Comes A Time 07:44
St. Louis, MO, Fox Theatre [12/10/1971]
"Comes A Time" debuted when Keith joined the band, and would be in the repertoire until the Fall Tour of 1972, and then would be gone until 1976.

18. Victim Or The Crime>Foolish Heart 14:26
St. Petersburg, FL, Bayfront Center [10/16/1988]
"Victim" and "Foolish Heart" both debuted a few months earlier, in June 1988, and would both be included on the Built To Last album a year later.

19. Looks Like Rain 08:17
Boston, MA, Boston Music Hall [6/12/1976]
"Looks Like Rain" was played at 50 shows in 1973, and none in 1974, to return in 1976, when it was played very frequently until the end.

20. To Lay Me Down 09:32
New Haven, CT, New Haven Coliseum [5/11/1981]
"To Lay me Down" popped in and out of the repertoire, and was quite common in 1980 (acoustically, mostly) and 1981.

21. That's It For The Other One 16:30
San Francisco, CA, Fillmore Auditorium [11/7/1969]
From the Fillmore Auditorium, this was recorded the night before the classic show that became Dick's Picks Vol. 16.

22. Ship Of Fools 05:59
Reno, NV, University of Nevada [5/12/1974]
This is the fifth-ever performance of "Ship Of Fools," and the first touring performance of the Wall Of Sound, which debuted near the Dead's home, at the Cow Palace in March 23, 1974.

23. It Must Have Been The Roses 08:08
Atlanta, GA, Fox Theatre [5/18/1977]
Words and music by Robert Hunter, this was recorded at the first of two nights at the Fox in Atlanta.

24. Uncle John's Band 07:31
San Francisco, CA, Family Dog at the Great Highway [3/1/1970]
This was recorded about three months after "Uncle John's Band" debuted in early December 1969.

25. My Brother Esau 04:51
Providence, RI, Providence Civic Center [3/31/1986]
Appearing in early 1983, "My Brother Esau" would be gone from the repertoire by the fall of 1987.

26. Passenger 05:12
San Diego, CA, Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse [11/24/1979]
Although the music was written by Phil Lesh, it was written at a time when Phil was not singing with the Grateful Dead, in 1977. It was sung by Bob Weir.

27. Mississippi Half Step 07:53
Springfield, MA, Springfield Civic Center Arena [3/28/1973]
"Half-Step" debuted in July 1972, and would be recorded in the summer of 1973 for inclusion on Wake Of The Flood, released October 15, 1973.

28. Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance 13:13
New Haven, CT, New Haven Coliseum [9/23/1982]
"Sailor>Saint" debuted in 1979, and was played together until 1986. After that, "Saint Of Circumstance" would occasionally appear in the setlists, but never again with "Lost Sailor."

29. Playing In The Band 19:36
Boston, MA, Boston Music Hall [9/16/1972]
This is from the second show of the first leg of the Fall Tour of 1972, unless you consider the Hollywood shows the start. Or the Boulder show. Or Veneta. Or the BCT shows…

30. Eyes Of The World 19:39
San Francisco, CA, Winterland Arena [10/16/1974]
This was recorded at the first show of the finals shows the Dead would do for a while, and which were filmed for the Grateful Dead Movie.

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Yes, please! Repost dates and venues!

I should have snarfed the page when I came across it -- but who would ever have thought it would disappear.

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Download succeeded!

Thanks, guys!

FWIW, wget log shows connection closed approx every 74 MB / 10 min, but re-connection succeeded and download resumed at appropriate byte offset.

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30 days of the Dead dates and venue

The site no longer has the days and venue listed for each song.Does anyone have a list of the dates and venue for each song?

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We think this is now fixed

Speak up if you're still having issues...

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downloading as we speak

to see if I get the same issue. Will pass this along to tech folks.

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Download of complete 30-Days-of-Dead zip file fails


I've tried several times, several ways, to download the complete zip. In every case, the download fails after approx 70 MB; unzip reports the file is not a valid zip archive.

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November 2014 30 Days of the Dead d/l link doesn't work

Each day of this promotion I downloaded that day's song with no problems. Then, on the final day, Nov. 30, with "Eyes of the World" as the last song, not only did the d/l link fail for that song -- a "page not found" error -- the overall 650 mb "download all songs" ZIP file returns files that won't open as archives and, when retrieved more than once, show to be of unequal sizes, suggesting there's a corrupt file there. In fact, at the page NONE of the individual links for the songs work any longer.

Can anyone help with this>

Best wishes,

John Andrew Prime
Shreveport, LA

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I will inquire


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any word on winners yet?

Per rule #6 we should/may have seen announcements on winners 2 month ago. Here are the rules:


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2. Eligibility: Sweepstakes is offered only in the United States to legal residents of the 50 United States (and the District of Columbia) excluding Puerto Rico, who, as of the Start Date: (a) have reached the age of majority in their state of residency at time of entry; (b) are registered at; and (c) had online access. Employees, officers, directors and agents of Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company, and Grateful Dead Productions, and their respective parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, advertising and promotional agencies, web masters and web suppliers and the immediate family (spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, ward, daughter or son) or members of the households of each (whether or not related) are not eligible. The musical group professionally known as the Grateful Dead is referred to herein as “Artist”.

3. Beginning on the Start Date, to be eligible to win the “Daily Merchandise Prize” described below, if not already registered with, follow the on-screen instructions to register at After registering, in order to be eligible to win, submit correct answers to the on-screen questions on regarding the single track available for free download. One Daily Merchandise Prize will be awarded on each day of the Sweepstakes Period. In addition, all entrants that submitted correct answers to the on-screen questions during the entire Sweepstakes Period will be automatically entered into a random drawing for the chance to win the “Grand Prize”, as described below. Note: To be eligible to win, entrants must have properly registered at, and must have correctly answered the questions on Limit one (1) entry per person during the Sweepstakes Period to be eligible to receive the Daily Merchandise Prize. Previous winners of a Daily Merchandise Prize in the Sweepstakes will not be eligible to win another Daily Merchandise Prize. Daily Merchandise Prize entries must be received by 11:59pm on each day of the Sweepstakes Period. In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing, entries must be received by 11:59pm P.S.T. on the End Date. Sponsor is not responsible for malfunctions of electronic equipment, computer hardware or software, or any other technical problems related to Entries submitted through the website. Any attempt at entry except as above stated is void. Sponsor's computer will be the official clock of the Sweepstakes. One Entry per participant. All Entries become property of the Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned.

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5. Prizes: Each winner of a Daily Merchandise Prize will receive a Grateful Dead audio item or other merchandise item. (Approximate Retail Value ranging from $32.00 to $195.00). The winner of the Grand Prize will receive a copy of the “Spring 1990” Box Set (Approximate Retail Value $199.98). Any and all taxes on the prizes, and any other costs, fees, and expenses not explicitly stated herein are the sole responsibility of the prize recipients. The prizes are not transferable. No prize substitutions or transfers allowed, except at the Sponsor's sole discretion. The prizes will be awarded, and shipped in December 2012. In the unlikely event that any portion of the prize is cancelled or undeliverable for any reason the winner agrees that Sponsor has no further obligations to the winner other than delivery of the remainder of the prize, if any.

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