Grateful Dead

Steal Your Ship

a painting i made..some of the silver paint reflects as white when i photographed it..enjoy!


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Cool afternoon.

We went in to the city on a field of 7 on Jerrys birthday 08/01. Anyone in a tyedye got in for free. The exibit was cool, only much smaller then I expected. They had more at Alpine Valley in 2002 on display.
In the NYHS store lots of Dead stuff for sale; books, t-shirts, coffee cups & water bottles, even all the GD Road Trips, but without the bonus CDs.

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That looks awesome!

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Exhibition Extended

...extended thru September 5

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Our visit yesterday


Ed & Rosemary

lamagonzo (not verified)
BBC mentions Dead exhibit

The BBC did a somewhat trite feature story on the ongoing exhibit in NYC (4/27?), The Grateful Dead and their San Fransisco friends have come to to be emblematic of a time when LSD was legal till the end of days when deadheads started smacking each other.

I would hope there is a positive story theme to be gleamed from a trip to the the exhibits.

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NY, NY Exhibit

What a long, strange feeling to smile and cry at the same time. It's worth the trip.

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I won't get to see this exhibit, but I am wondering about Rosebud. I saw Rosebud and some of Jerry's other guitars (Wolf II, Top Hat and Lightning Bolt) at the R&R HOF last year and I am wondering what they put in Rosebud's place there. Must say, Jerry's guitars were a major wow factor at the HOF for this visitor.

Sidenote, I work in a small history museum and if the room dimensions are small (someone noted 20'x40'), a cross-country trek to see this exhibit is likely not worth the while. If in NYC, definitely. I would wait a couple years for the UCSC folks to get the collection in order and create a full-scale exhibit. That archive must be dripping with "stuff," as we say in the museum biz.

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My daughters and I saw the

My daughters and I saw the show today and my older girl and I really liked it, younger "bored." There was some very cool and nice stuff there but it could have been bigger. I was also disappointed that the rest of the museum was closed for reno.
It would have been a good counterpart to a very American band, to see all the very American artifacts they have!
Teachers-- show your ID and get in for just $9. Union card, etc.

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NY exhibit

So weak. come on, there were certain things that was cool but way too small, and not even a dedicated room to show the movie?
There would be more interesting stuff at any oldschool deadhead's apt.
Very dissapointed, lame and very superficial

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hey Marty

I was there Saturday also. I wonder if we were there at the same time.

I agree with your views. I enjoyed the exhibit, but was not overwhelmed or amazed. I actually enjoyed and learned more from the "Lincoln in New York" exhibit.

"That path is for, your steps alone."


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