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Holy S#%*! It’s the COMPLETE Europe ’72 Box! On Over 60 Discs!

Europe '72:
The Complete Recordings

Hey now! Due to overwhelming demand, surprising even those of us with huge faith in the Europe '72 project, the entire limited edition run of 7,200 boxed sets has sold out in less than 4 days. We thank you beyond words for your support and belief in this unprecedented and wonderful release.

After lengthy discussions, we've decided we don't want to deprive anyone of this music, some of the finest the Grateful Dead ever performed. Of course, we're keeping to our promise that the boxed set and all of its accouterments will not be made available beyond these 7,200 boxed sets (and wait until you see the case in which the music is housed, the hard-bound coffee-table book, plus all of the other cool surprises we've been unearthing!). But, we're going to offer just the music, all 22 shows, more than 60 CDs, more than 70 hours of music, each show housed in its own packaging, for the same price as the boxed set, $450 including domestic shipping. Although perhaps not as cool as the boxed set, the bottom line is that the most important aspect of Europe '72: The Complete Recordings is going to be made available to all, the music.

- David Lemieux

Because you dared dream this might happen one day… Because you went down to the Gypsy Woman and offered up your first-born to try to make it happen… Because there are enough passionate Dead Heads at Rhino/GD who thought it might be cool for this to happen… It’s happening! Coming in September is a gargantuan, beautifully designed EUROPE ’72 MEGA-BOX SET containing ALL 22 SHOWS of what is arguably the greatest tour the Grateful Dead ever played, on a whopping 60+ DISCS (over 70 hours of music!). Bet you didn’t see that comin’!

Really, at this point we probably don’t need to lay on too much hype about how wonderful the music is: Chances are, if you’re even considering buying a copy of this stunning box, you already know how amazing the Dead’s tour of Europe in April and May of 1972 was. To review briefly, though, the Dead’s first tour outside of North America took them to all sorts of historic and unusual venues in England, Denmark, West Germany, France, Holland and even tiny Luxembourg. Many members of the Dead “family” came along on what was really an extended working vacation that was designed to both expose the Dead to new audiences and also reward the band for their unlikely conquest of America during the preceding two years. As a hedge against the costs of the nearly two-month trip, the Dead’s label, Warner Bros., paid for the band to lug around a 16-track recorder to capture the entire tour… and we’re glad they did!

This was a band at the top of its game, still ascending in the wake of three straight hit albums — Workingman’s Dead, American Beauty and the live Grateful Dead (“Skull & Roses”). It had been a year since the lineup had gone to its single-drummer configuration, six months since Keith Godchaux had been broken in as the group’s exceptional pianist, and this marked the first tour to feature Donna Godchaux as a member of the touring band. There was a ton on new, unreleased material that came into the repertoire in the fall of ’71 (after “Skull & Roses” was out) and during the spring of ’72, including “Tennessee Jed,” “Jack Straw,” “Mexicali Blues,” “He’s Gone,” “Comes A Time,” “Ramble on Rose,” “One More Saturday Night,” “Black-Throated Wind,” “Looks Like Rain” and Pigpen’s “Chinatown Shuffle,” “The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)” and “Mr. Charlie.” (Sadly, this was Pigpen’s final tour.) All those future classics were interspersed with songs from the aforementioned “hit” albums—such as “Uncle John’s Band,” “Brokedown Palace,” “Cumberland Blues,” “Casey Jones,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Bertha,” “Not Fade Away,” et al — and then were topped off by loads of big jamming numbers — the Europe ’72 tour produced spectacular versions of “Dark Star,” “The Other One” “Playing in the Band,” “Truckin’,” “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider,” “Good Lovin’,” “Lovelight” and even the early Pig chestnut “Caution.” And that’s leaving out a truckload of other tunes, too! There wasn’t a clunker show in the bunch, and many are acknowledged today as classics. No doubt you already have some favorites.

Through the years, there have been a few releases of material from the Europe tour—starting with the 3-album Europe ’72 which knocked our socks off in the fall of that year, and followed many years later by material from a pair of German shows and the fantastic 4-CD Stepping Out, culled from the group’s eight shows in England. Incredibly, though, only one full show from the tour has come out previously: the excellent 4/24 concert in Dusseldorf, Germany, released as Rockin’ the Rhein in 2004.

Until now, that is. Jeffrey Norman, who has been the primary mixer of Dead archival multi-track material for the past 15 years (Fillmore West ’69, Ladies and Gentlemen…, Rockin’ the Rhein, Nightfall of Diamonds, etc.) has spent many months toiling over the 16-track masters from the tour, and will continue working on the mixes through the Winter and Spring, employing the high-tech Plangent Processes transfer and restoration tools, trying to get every show to sound “just exactly perfect” (as Bob Weir says) for this release. You might think you’ve heard that intense “Dark Star” > “Sugar Mag” > “Caution” from Copenhagen, but I guarantee you’ve never heard it sound this alive! Mastering to HDCD specs is two-time Grammy-winning engineer David Glasser of Airshow Mastering. Needless to say, all the songs that turned up on previous Europe compilations will be appear in their proper show contexts, and in the case of songs from the Europe ’72 album, without overdubs that were added later (where possible).

So dig deep, raid the penny jar, take a weekend job at Jack-in-the-Box, beg your kindly ol’ grandma for some of your inheritance early… Yes, it’s an extravagance, but jeez, you (or your loved one) deserve it! This is way cool.


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lamagonzo (not verified)
Hate to neg. out here (so skip this if you loved yer box)

This product did not come as described. It lacked many of the goodies that were promised and that whole thing was a hype to get this project off the ground with pre-orders.

The box itself is very flimsy and the cardboard holders for the discs (instead of sturdy plastic) have already torn, even though I'm very careful trying in trying get the discs out. The cardboard cases don't even measure up to the quality of the Road Trips releases.

I just listened to Newcastle and was not at all happy with the sound quality and led to the question: just how much work was dedicated to improving the sound quality of each show?

I am definitely not a happy camper and feel we got the cheapest possible product for the money. Yes, I know it's not about the ephemera, but the music but here even the music storage containers do not seem to made to do their jobs, nor is the music much improved.

I am leaning toward returning my box based on the reasons mentioned above.

Then there was the whole problem of trying to correct an incorrect address that never did get straightened out. I mat return my box for credit seeing how it is such a shoddy product. For $450 they could have provided plastic protective containers and worked harder on making each show sound better.

As it was, they turned out the cheapest product they could for the maximum product. I am very diasppointed in, Rhino and whomever else had anything to do with this..

gratefaldean's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007
Do you have the feeling

That maybe when the earthquake hit the East Coast there were little pockets of the area that became disjointed in time, say the fulfillment center in PA? Seems like a reasonable explanation for the out-of-sync nature of the release of this box: shipping notices sent after receipt of the package; boxes in limbo; my personal favorite -- cc preauthorization done as promised, received the box and more than a week later, still no charge against my credit card. Not that I can complain much about not being charged, but for budgeting purposes I was planning on this sucker falling into this month's AMEX billing cycle, and now I'm closing in on that closing date. Hmmm...someone call someone at the PA place and just casually ask what the date is.

Joined: Jan 22 2011

Can you love this: "The label containing your official box number is about to clear customs and will be shipped to you shortly. You’ll then be able to customize your box by affixing your official unique number anywhere you’d like."
At present time I do not have any tats. I now know what I will have tattooed on me and where.
Youse guys are too good.

latelyItOccursToMe's picture
Joined: Jan 26 2011
next on the agenda...

...let's see if we can get rhino to send us more goodies (buttons, maps, etc.)

Start the rally cry, "We want more junk in the trunk!"

Up to show #6 now - they sure did have one hell of a band. Loving the Pig tunes...

Joined: Jan 28 2011

"You’ll then be able to customize your box by affixing your official unique number anywhere you’d like."

As much as a hassle as this has to be, I'll bet there's someone in TPTB who'd like to tell us where to stick our numbered label. ;-)

Thanks for listening!

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
thanks for the kind words

but quite a few good folks were involved in remedying this numbering situation, bless 'em, and things will soon be the way they oughta... Sorry for the difficulties.

Joined: May 18 2009
I understood the sketch was "conceptual" all along...

I never had a thought of that sketch becoming reality, you could tell that was gonna be too expensive and time consuming to build, if even possible with cardboard. I also recognized the Europe 72 case, I just didn't realize that the photo was just a bunch of crap thrown together for a web page graphic, I thought it was meant to be at least somewhat representative of the final product, and that the CD cases in this box set were going to be of the same style as the studio album box sets.

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Europe '72 and e-mail

I also received an e-mail from regarding the shipping of a "shipping label for the Europe'72 box"
As stated above, Thanks Marye for the intervention.

In regards to the digipaks and the photo of the jewel case
in the announcement of the Box Set
The case in the photo is the 1st disc of the Europe '72 album from
the Golden Road box set

and check the drawing,
the trunk was supposed to have a drawer under the digipaks.

Oh well, still have lots of music to listen to,

and since it's never enough
Anyone heard any news about the
next RoadTrips release (4.5 or 5.1 ?)

Keep on Truckin'

The Sky Was Yellow And The Sun Was Blue
People Stopping Strangers Just To Shake Their Hand.

latelyItOccursToMe's picture
Joined: Jan 26 2011 email today

"We hope you are enjoying the sights and sounds of your Europe ‘72: The Complete Recordings box set!

The label containing your official box number is about to clear customs and will be shipped to you shortly. You’ll then be able to customize your box by affixing your official unique number anywhere you’d like.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service"

This for people (like me) with a box between 3001 and 7200.

Many, many thanks to forum moderator marye for making this happen!!

JackstrawfromColorado's picture
Joined: Jan 2 2009
"Rhino did a decent job"???

Haaaaahahahahahahaha oh my god that's a good one. What the hell are you smoking?? And pass it this way! That's easy to say I suppose if you didn't experience any problems.

"I won't take your life won't even take a limb just unload my shotgun and take a little skin"


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