Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 1275

By David Gans

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

Week of February 25, 2013

An all-music program from February of 1970. "Not Fade Away had been introduced on December 21, 1969*, and the band was still figuring out how to play it together.

On February 4 at the Family Dog, the Dead started "Not Fade Away" in the middle of "St Stephen," in place of the bridge ("Lady finger dipped in moonlight"). The vocal still wasn't really sorted out. Listening to these recordings, one gets the feeling this is not a song that was being rehearsed - they were just playing it in their gigs, and sorting their arrangement out incrementally. Garcia and Weir had for the most part figured out a pair of vocal lines that work together, and they were getting their phrasing together.

The same structure was ventured on February 8 at the Fillmore West. A more tentative transition into "Not Fade Away," a nice jam after the second verse, drifting away from the master groove and then back to it. The first and second verses were repeated, and then Bob and Jerry chanted "not fade away" until Garcia broke off to concentrate on the guitar, playing his signature "St Stephen" phrase to bring the band back to the latter song at the same place they rejoined on the 4th.

* They played it a few times in the early days. There's a performance of "Not Fade Away" on Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966.


Grateful Dead 2/8/70 Fillmore West, San Francisco

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Thank you for listening!

- David Gans



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Thanks, David. This NFA jam is excellent.....and then there's pigpen....beautiful, beautiful pigpen :))

let it shine, let it shine, let it shine....

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Ahhh, prepare for the day, deep breath...

Hit play.

Enjoy the ride...




At least.

I'm enjoying the ride, xo!


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Getting ready for work to this
is exceptionally wonderful, xo!

Thank you so much, xo!

Perfect GDHour,
as usual, xo!

This, as a part of my...

Wednesday, March 27th in the Year of Our Lord 2013

is excellence!

Shine On Me!

Only 2 days to Good Friday!
Let's all be good sports about
this together. As people have
yet to understand you should
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or create unforgivable malice
on another person, ever.

Got any nails?


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