Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 261

By David Gans

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

Week of September 20, 1993


Grateful Dead 8/21/93 Autzen Stadium, Eugene OR

Grateful Dead 8/21/93 Autzen Stadium, Eugene OR
w/ Huey Lewis, harmonica

"Oregon Trail Mix" is a radio play written by Jack Ellis and featuring the voices of Jack Ellis, Mary Weatherly, Sue Ellis, Ken Nordine, and me. We went to Eugene to broadcast the August 21 and 22 shows live on KLCC (with tons of help from KLCC's "Dead Air" hostess Deb Trist and other KLCC staffers), and Dan Healy thought it would be fun to create a piece of radio drama for the occasion. Dan played it over the PA at Autzen Stadium, too!

Huey Lewis was in town to appear as Elvis Presley (!) in Ken Kesey's play "Twister," which was presented at the Armory not far from Autzen Stadium. The play was a weird twist on "The Wizard of Oz"; I wish I remembered anything about the play.

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Joined: Aug 25 2007

Out on the road to West Marin...

Radio Play's are something that should have never gone away. I have been living in Europe (Sweden) for the past six years. One of the things that I miss is great radio. Yes, I can listen, and do, on the internet. At the sametime it is not the same as tuning in with the faint touch of the hand, driving further to get that perfect reception, or even better, sitting in your backyard on a Sunday listening to what comes up next. Just a thought.

The Eugene shows in 93 were great, though.


Joined: Jul 16 2007
who is jack ellis

but who the heck is jack ellis?

Joined: Jul 16 2007
who is jack ellis question mark

that radio play was great. makes me want to write one many
hilarious puns. thanks were truckin.

Joined: Jul 16 2007

oh to be on the oregon trail mix again. nice bird song. peace man.

Joined: Apr 2 2008
What Are Those Funny Lookin' Shirts?!

Thanks for getting this up on the site. I thought Oregon Trail Mix was hysterical then and still do! My friends and I had a tape of this circulating and laughed for years at some of the parts of this sketch. The music from the show is great too! "Ken tell them what they didn't win!..." I'm whacked out!

Joined: May 26 2007
DB Cooper in the news

Today's newspaper has a short item stating that "a parachute found buried in southwestern Washington is not connected to famed plane hijacker D.B. Cooper." Some kids found it last month and the FBI investigated, but after consulting with parachute experts it was determined to be unrelated to the famous caper. The timing of this GD Hour post was entirely coincidental. I swear!

Gans/GD Hour blog
GD Hour station list

Joined: Nov 21 2007
Oregon trial mix

way too funny , lol .. absoloutly love this weeks show !! : ) Thank you for making me smile this morning ...and DB Cooper , i remember him ,, he was my hero for a while , he he ,,. Thankx David
Have a Grate day everyone !! Peace ....

Joined: Oct 26 2007
50 thou - right now

from DB Cooper no less?!?! Prairie Home Companion got nothin' on this ensemble...non-commercial non-commercial radio - Gotta love that Oregon Trail Mix!!!

...and the music's pretty darn tasty, too - thanks gdhour, thanks & thanks DG


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