Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 319

By David Gans

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

Week of October 31, 1994

Conclusion of the two part interview with Steve Silberman and David Shenk, authors of Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads. More info in last week's entry.

Grateful Dead 8/6/74 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City NJ

David Crosby, Jerry Garcia et al (unreleased)

Grateful Dead 12/1/79 Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh PA

Grateful Dead 7/16/88 Greek Theater, Berkeley CA

Note: "Kids and Dogs" was released not long ago on David Crosby's boxed set Voyage.

You can browse and/or search the Grateful Dead Hour program logs on the GD Hour web site. Let me know if there's a particular program you'd like to hear, and feel free to post requests and comments here or by email to

Thanks for listening!
David Gans

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Tupelo H's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2008
never gets old

I could listen to this stuff all day. Nice. Real nice.

Do lord deliver our kind's picture
Joined: May 1 2008
Thanx Dave

Multilauidio------- the old school mashup..GENIUS REALLY
Thanks again, ive been looking for my lost cassete of that for ever!!
Does God look down on the boys in the bar room?
Jacks Kings and Aces, their faces in wine.
Do lord, deliver our kind.

Joined: May 26 2007
"Brickshake #7"

I did indeed make that mashup, before that sort of thing was known as a mashup :^)

I call mine mutilaudio.

"Brickshake #7" has been posted twice in this section: GD Hour #501 and GD Hour #354.

Gans/GD Hour blog
GD Hour station list

Do lord deliver our kind's picture
Joined: May 1 2008
Missing song

Back in the early 90's during one of your shows you played a mashup of the songs "shakedown street and another brick in the wall" Where can i find this....did you make it?
Miss you guys.... i've been solitary for a while.

Joined: May 26 2007
Thank you for your kind words!

It's been a privilege and a thrill to be able to spread this wonderful music and culture around the world all these years, and reading posts like yours is a splendid reward. Thank you.

Gans/GD Hour blog
GD Hour station list

derivative25's picture
Joined: Jul 4 2007
Previous Comment

Please excuse spelling of Ecstsatic in the first line of my previous comment, hope you got my meaning. And by line 5 I wrote, 'Other 'that' by name', When I should have said, Other than by name, OK. thats's all. Sorry. Please forgive the typos. Although, with reference to the duke box comment at the end. I do realise that very few Dead tracks ever make it onto local juke boxes. Probably due to the refined taste of the listeners. Refined music don't tend to generate cash. Three minute Pop generates cash. And as sombody once said "The Grateful Dead have little or nothing to do with pop music". How right that was. There is just no way a three minute airhead could begin to comprehend the intricacies of an elongated Eyes of the World. Anyway, that's all, hope it didn't bore too much.

derivative25's picture
Joined: Jul 4 2007
The Whole Show.

Eyes of the World brought Ecstsaic swirlings in flashbacks of psychedelic peacock feathered intracacy over my awareness, through my mind and body. And the bliss in each note played by Garcia in Bird song I thought unsurpassable, untill the build up and explosion of ecstatic joy as it ended. Thank You. Other that by name I have little idea of who you all are. Nor do I know how you can possibly keep up the quality in the content of most of the shows, but I beg of you please, please keep it up. You have brought bliss, ecstacy, joy, happyness and sublime beauty, and so much more to at least one individual sitting in Devon England. The majority of individuals around here still say "Who?" When the Dead are mentioned. The one Dead tune on the local duke boxes is Suger Magnolia, from American Beauty. 60s nostalga section. It's like living in the dark ages. Thank you for being you.


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