Every Wednesday we present another show from the archives of the Grateful Dead Hour - "A weekly audio postcard from the wide musical world of the Grateful Dead." Since 1985, the show has featured exclusive interviews, music from the roots and branches of the band's musical family tree, and of course a generous helping of unreleased live and studio recordings.

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    Week of October 30, 2000

    Bob Weir interview Part 2 Including excerpts from "Evening Moods": TWO DJINN CORRINA

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    Week of October 23, 2000

    Bob Weir interview Part 1 Including excerpts from Ratdog's new CD, Evening Moods OCTOBER QUEEN ASHES AND GLASS ODESSA

    Grateful Dead 12/26/69…

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    Week of October 23, 1989

    Rex Radio excerpt: Phil Lesh, Gary Lambert, and Jerry Garcia present the 1989 Ralph J. Gleason Memorial Award to Peter Apfelbaum

    Libya Blues (excerpt…

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    Week of August 27, 1990

    Grateful Dead 3/18/90 Hartford Civic Center Iko Iko

    Grateful Dead 2/11/89 Forum, Inglewood CA We Can Run

    Grateful Dead 4/17/82 Hartford Civic…

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    Week of August 20, 1990

    Grateful Dead 7/29/88 Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey CA BLOW AWAY

    Excerpt from Deadhead Hour 4/8/85 Interview: Jerry Garcia/Brent Mydland