Grateful Dead

Dead Heads For Obama


The Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA
Monday, February 4, Doors 6:00 PM/ Show 7:30PM
Tickets are $35.00 general admission (main floor) and $35.00 (balcony) plus applicable service charges...all ages
Two-ticket limit per person.
Tickets will be available through ONLY.
Will Call only event.
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Deadheads for Obama

Grateful Dead Members to Reunite for Barack Obama

(San Francisco) Members of the Grateful Dead will host a get out the vote concert in support of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, February 4th at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.

Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir, joined by Jackie Greene, John Molo, and Steve Molitz, will play show together in support of Barack Obama.

The video website Iclips will be producing a live simulcast streamed via the Internet on at approximately 7:30pm PST.

This will mark the first time that the members of the legendary band have performed together since 2004. They have agreed to reunite for this one-time-only event in order to lend support to Senator Obama leading into the crucial “Super- Tuesday” series of primaries held on Tuesday, February 5th.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets will be available through ONLY. Tickets will NOT be available at the box offices, charge-by-phone or Ticketmaster outlets. Two-ticket limit per person. Tickets are non-transferable. No refunds or exchanges. A service charge is added to each ticket price. In the spirit of fair access to tickets for fans, this is a "WILL CALL ONLY" event. UPS and Ticketfast will not be available as delivery choices. You must bring your government issued photo ID and your credit card used to purchase the tickets to the box office window on the day of the show to retrieve these tickets. You and your guest must enter the venue directly upon picking up your order. **Will Call tickets are not transferable and must be picked up by card holder. Alternate names for will call are not allowed. No will call drop-offs permitted.** *** TICKETMASTER, AT ITS DISCRETION, WILL CANCEL ANY AND ALL ORDERS THAT EXCEED THE TICKET LIMIT WITHOUT NOTICE. THIS INCLUDES DUPLICATE ORDERS HAVING THE SAME NAME, BILLING ADDRESS OR CREDIT CARD. ***


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EagleWingedPalace's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
Deadheads for Obama 2012

Anybody have any contacts for a push this election?

Los Angeles Deadheads want to contribute to the fight against modern conservatism and idiocy. The counterculture is alive and well.

Reach out.

Joined: Apr 24 2008

Ugh...Obama represents everything that is wrong and bad about politicians. Did the band even look into this guys life. You don't have to go far. The guy who is his economic advisor is neck deep in this whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crap.

Obama followers fall into two groups:

Ignorant and Willingly Ignorant

Jerry is rolling in his grave...

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

according to what people are posting elsewhere, TicketMaster seems to be freeing up tickets pretty regularly, so you might want to check there. Also feel free to post in the Tix Wanted topic.

Joined: Sep 24 2008

WTF, we were so excited to hear about the Dead reuniting (missing the man of course) in support of Barack Obama-what a miracle!

But, come on, no tickets!! Anyone out there have 2 tickets-we will pay, not looking to be miracled, but wanting to find a miracle! How can this event on Oct. 13th be sold out already? It wasn't even advertised! Please contact us if you have 2 tickets you can spare, for 2 old heads who most definitely believe this country needs change. Direct us to some scummy ticket broker if you must, but we NEED to go to this concert! Again, willing and wanting to pay, as long as we are not gouged-too much gouging going on in this country already.

Sink that Ship of Fools-vote please! Obama is the real deal, so is Biden.

Contact me, if you know how we can score two tickets, please!

MJ-Heads in Ohio

Joined: Sep 2 2008
T shirt

Check out ebay.. they have the shirts I think you're talking about.. not sure about the quality.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
can't help you with the t-shirt

(you've got lots of company on that one)

but the pic and the video are in the OTHER Dead Heads for Obama story, here.

Joined: Jun 30 2007

Where do I get one of those Dead Heads for Obama t-shirts like the one phil is wearing ion the pic? Where did the pic and the Obama video go? Hmm.

DeadHeads4Obama's picture
Joined: Feb 12 2008
DeadHeads for Obama 08 Group Pages


Fired Up And Ready To Go!!

Wave That Flag Deadheads for Obama!!

Joined: Feb 11 2008
Great show recommend it.

This show had a great setlist and Phil Lesh was awesome on vocals along with Bob Weir as well.

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Joined: May 26 2007

maybe we need a parade topic.


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