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The feature film The Music Never Stopped is based on the true story of an estranged father and son reconnecting through the power of music, particularly the music of the Dead. How has the music of the Dead helped to heal you? Is there a specific song that has given you inspiration when you needed it? A memory of the Dead that has greatly enriched your life? Submit your personal tale of "gratefulness" in the comments of this page and not only we will pass along your anecdotes to the band, but you may just win a copy of The Music Never Stopped soundtrack and a t-shirt from the film. 10 winners will be selected at random.

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Joined: Jan 18 2015

And you thought those channeling sessions with the shrink would never pay off...

Best wishes for all good things, Mona!

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Joined: Sep 28 2008
Freeked out after leaving the surgeons office

with all my appionments and dates for my breast surgury the radio started to play Touch O Grey. I had to pull over.

Jerry had my back.

Thanx jer

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Joined: Nov 21 2008
Healing with the Dead

Regine "Pegi", Prinzess of Hohenzollern (yeah, he wasn't lieing.It is me).
Since forever, the music has helped me get awake, clear my brain, forget, and go to sleep. Even just connecting to this site, the pain I'm always in relaxed somewhat. The music just triggers the good neurons, the good natural chemistry of me lets me let go of the usual things I never wanted to be part of in the first place. I get back to me; I find my balance. I wonder sometimes if this was known when the music was written or just the happy result? And the lyrics...the softest ballads have an intensity that only comes from feeling the real....and the rocking numbers, well, you know...I can't explain it, but I'm so glad that it is.
It'd be easier to list the one or two songs I don't really like much than to pick any one as a fave-that changes day to day, what my head and heart need right then. I always needed my music and I need my "Dead".

Joined: Apr 3 2011
There was always hope

Having first heard the music back in 1974 I wasn't a stranger to who the Grateful Dead were. Beginning in 1977, I became a Dead-icated follower and through seeing well over 75 plus shows on both coasts lasting through the early 90's, I was able to establish a concrete understanding how an influence directly affected my life and how I looked at life. Leaving shows not only was a rewarded by an intoxicating energy transfusion, but a fantastic, overwhelming feeling of peace. There were folks on this planet that could get together and enjoy a time of music, fun, and spiritual inspiration. Can you really verbally download to a non-believer what a show is like. Or better, attempt to describe the Grateful Dead. It's like explaining what its like to take a trip on acid.
I reflect on a time in the early 80's when in college. We would live with The Dead as music of life. Everyday a consistent provision of group contributed bootleg tapes to enjoy. yet through our congregations dealin' at the wheel, it was uncanny how when a problem arose and group think attempted to solve the dilemma, it was answered all too often in a Hunter lyric at just the right time. Cosmic awareness was yet another aspect that The Dead opened up a corridor of understanding and left all of us in the know, completely mystified in such a wild, cool way. Knowing that a magic was created during those years and having had the opportunity to enjoy was a great experience. Jerry may have taken a huge part of that magic with him, but the music and memories are still a very much living organism that continues to grow in my heart, mind, and soul.

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Joined: May 26 2007
send me a PM

about what message you want deleted and I'll deal with it.

Joined: Jul 23 2007


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Joined: Jun 9 2007
I second that emotion

I'm going to see Furthur with my 2 sons at Hampton today. I heard about this yesterday. I'm sure this will be in the back of mind tonight at the show. My thoughts and prayers are with the family! Healing vibes being sent out to all!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Death Don't Have No Mercy

Wow....I have seen a lot of shit go down at shows over the years, but never have I witnessed anything like last night at a Furthur show during the set break in Pittsburgh. While waiting in line for a beer (4 stories up from sidewalk inside the arena) near an escalator, minding my own business, I heard what sounded like someone dropped a glass bottle onto asphalt. As I turned around to see the lower pane of glass busted through, I begin to hear women saying "Oh My God" Oh My God" what do I do? I go over to where it happened, and looked down to the sidewalk....big mistake. A 19 year old man named Joseph Kimutus busted through the window, and fell 50 feet to his death. The details from here are sketchy, and since I only heard it, and didn't see it happen, I cannot begin to offer an eye-witness account....some people say he got into a 3-point football stance, yelled "hike" and dove through. Other eye witnesses said it didn't go down like that. All I know is that it was enough to make me want to leave the scene (for good). However, I didn' least yet. The boys came through to help restore souls, and take everyones' mind off it. Don't know if they were told about it at the break, but my heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with his Dad (who was attending the show with him), his mother, and their family in the Pittsburgh area. Words cannot express my deepest sympathy for The Kimutus family. My hope and prayer is that music, more importantly, God will help heal their family. . Salmon Will.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
fare you well fare you well i love you more than words can tell

when my golden retriever died when i was 21 and a senior in college after having her since i was in the 4th grade, i made a cathartic dead mix CD with 'broke-down palace', 'ripple', 'to lay me down', 'black muddy river', 'box of rain', 'comes a time', 'china doll', 'he's gone', 'it must have been the roses' and a few other melancholy yet beautiful tunes to help me get a good cry out of my system and i'm extremely grateful to this day that the dead were able to help me through it. :) ☮& ♥

Joined: Mar 30 2011
when life looks like easy street

where to was jamcruise 9 where the music energy was flowing....looking out at the water i put my hand on my stomach and said to myself "what if i have cancer, how would i live my life" - a strange thought for i came home and made doctor appointments-- my brother had died at age 47 within weeks of being diagnosed with a strange form of nueroendocrine colon i had a colonoscopy-- all went well, so i said to myself "what a nutty thought i had on the ship".......but "when life looks like easy street there is danger at your door "........on febuary 18 i went for a routine GYN exam and everything went nuts....they sent me for ultrasound,suspecting ovarian Monday i was all set for surgery at Sloan Kettering....they thought all would be ok but on march 1st, after, as they called it, the big surgery, the pathology came back as 3 individual primary cancers- ovarian,fallopian tube, endometrial - i was told Sloan had never seen any case like this and "we are in unchartered territory"........the good news was all were stage 1, all 53 lymph nodes they removed were clean (thank you Jerry)......the docs were shocked by the early detection for all 3 (another rare event), which would not have happened if not for my crazy thought on jamcruise - "once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right"....... so the Furthur tour was supposed to start for me march 8 in wallingford- but it was not possible......i had so much love and "help on the way" to get me to a friends succeeded in getting me to the best buy on march 12-- "just one thing i got to say, i need a miracle every day"........lots of pain, hadn't even sat for any length of time until that night, the magic of the show started my healing as nothing else could......i ended up going to 10 shows with a lot of "help on the way" from my wonderful friends who rallied around me.....i cry when i think of all the love and support this Dead community has to give..........i received so many amazing answers during the music but most of all, it took my fear and turned it into gratitude-- i cry a lot because i am so grateful to Jerry and the Grateful Dead, The Dead, Phil and Friends, and Furthur.....don't know how i would have made it through...........on march 30th 2011, 4 weeks after "the big surgery" i went to Sloan for follow up and my doc said she has never seen such healing....she said she wanted to take a photo of me to use as a poster for the hospital; that i made her job as an oncologist worthwhile......i am now facing chemo and radiation, trying to figure out dates so i don't miss summer tour because "the music never stopped", and i know "i will survive" the tower on tues. march 22, 2 days before my birthday, i go in early to avoid the crowd and 3 guys are sitting in front of is telling his friend " my wife just finished chemo and radiation" and he was excited that she was coming next night- i told him i was going to be facing the same thing and he turns around, points his finger and says"you are going to make it, you will survive, you will have a sense of humor,you will lose your hair and put smiley stickers on your scalp, but you will make it.....that helped reduce my terror more than i can say....don't know who that Deadhead is but i can't thank him enough....i keep remembering his words, you will make it, you will survive.......thank you to all -- "life may be sweeter for this, i don't know....see how it feels in the end".......we are all so lucky to be a part of this community........


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