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The feature film The Music Never Stopped is based on the true story of an estranged father and son reconnecting through the power of music, particularly the music of the Dead. How has the music of the Dead helped to heal you? Is there a specific song that has given you inspiration when you needed it? A memory of the Dead that has greatly enriched your life? Submit your personal tale of "gratefulness" in the comments of this page and not only we will pass along your anecdotes to the band, but you may just win a copy of The Music Never Stopped soundtrack and a t-shirt from the film. 10 winners will be selected at random.

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Joined: Mar 30 2011
Loved myself after 11/5/77

Before this show I was a shy, lonely, virginal college kid. I had very low self esteem, basically didn't like myself very much. Had never really dated, and to my shame never slept with a woman.

Then a 'tab' and Estimated. It felt like a mental eggshell cracked open and I screamed "I LOVE MYSELF!!", tears of joy, danced my face right off of my head. True catharsis

Two days later I asked a girl I liked to my room. She sweetly and kindly made love to me, astonished Id never done this before. We dated and went to several Shows together

250 Shows later I'm still a Deadhead and while I miss Jerry keep seeing the "Boys" and experiencing the joy of the music and the community, even those younguns who could be my grandchildren. Thanks Grateful Dead for changing my life forever.

Joined: Mar 30 2011
Teen Angst and Survival

I was a teenager working, dealing with a mother dying of cancer, and going to school. Touch of Grey made an impression and helped me through many a tough day. There is good and bad in life(every silver lining's got a touch of grey). Knowing I would survive and get by and could sing those lyrics loudly and proudly helped me get through each and every day! Thank you to the Dead for making that and many other fabulous songs with meaning! Also loved, loved, loved the movie! I have seen it twice already! Connection and survival, no matter what!

Joined: Jul 11 2009

brokedown palace sat. 9-midnight mountain time KAFM Grand Junction, Colorado
My first job was at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin. Anyone who has been around awhile knows of the legendary shows of the late eighties. I was blown away by the people i met during those shows and my life as a depressed, suicidal teenager was changed for the better as i ran away from home and got on the bus. I don't think any of the people that helped me out along the way knew they had saved my life. It wasn't a song but the scene that saved me.
Now, fast foward to the present day. Just as my wife of ten years was filing for divorced, the radio station i am a programmer at asked me to join the crew of an on going Grateful Dead show that had been on air for over ten years. The same music that brought the people together who saved me has now saved me once again. I am privilaged and honored to share my collection of shows with the liseners of my local community radio station ever Saturday night. During that three hour show, the darkness of my failed marriage and the fact i rarely see my children and all the pain involved with it all goes away for a brief moment and i am able to find the strength to live another week. I even had David Gans on my show the other night. I love this music that brings all together but more importantly, it feels like the music always loves me back. " Row Jimmy Row, gonna get there, i don't know....." " a broken heart don't feel so bad, ain't got half of what you thought you had......"

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Joined: Mar 30 2011
Re-learning how to dance

When I was a child, I loved to dance. However, life happened and I lost my way and I forgot how. After I was turned onto the Dead three years ago, I remembered how much I loved to let go and lose myself in the music. Thanks Jerry!

Joined: Mar 30 2011
Here comes sunshine...

On August 7, 2004, a Saturday morning, I lost my father to cancer. My world had just been ripped out from under me, and I was reeling. It all seemed too surreal and I needed an escape. I went upstairs and tried to figure out what was going ...on. Music has always been a healing force with me, and today needed something special.

I do not remember just what show it was, probably something from '73 or '74, but as the crowd cheer came up around me and the tinkling tuning began I was slowly losing the utter pain and anguish that had engulfed my morning. The rolling intro to Jack Straw sent chills down my spine and I remembered that after my friend had passed a year earlier I had gone to the Dead for help also. My dad had been there and understood that I needed to be alone with my thoughts and music. Now, this same thing was happening and the similarities were insane.

Slowly as the music swept over me, I began to think of the good times, the smiles the adventures, instead of thinking of the negative, the truly was a magical experience. I remember watching a bumble bee alighting on a branch of a tree, just outside the window I was gazing out of, and it seemed to be "dancing" to the music, flying in circles, darting in and out of sight. I would almost forget about it, then quietly the bee would come back to mind...everything seemed so peaceful and calm. After an hour or so, as the first set slowly came to an end, I was ready to go back and face the world. Friends and family began to arrive and I was ok.

Two days later, as I took a walk outside the funeral home, needing to get a breath of air during the wake, I realized the date and just where I was standing. The green across from me was the same green that 9 years to the day earlier I stood, young and upset for one of the hundreds of spontaneous gatherings for Jerry on August 9, 1995. The memories all came flooding back, and I couldn't help but smile.

There will be sad times and things will be hard again, that is just life. However, I know just what I can do to take the stress, the pain, all the sorrow away, even if just for a brief moment in time. Life is a complex amalgam of pain and light, tears and joy, and if while traveling along I get confused I know can just listen to the music play.

r.i.p Dad.

Joined: Jan 24 2009
Thank you

For as long as I can remember, music has always been a source of joy, healing and comfort for me. From Mozart to the Dead, it always has made a bad day better or a stress or trial pass a little bit easier. I think for me though, experiencing the music of the Grateful Dead live in person is the most healing and joyful musical experience that I have had in my life. To feel the joyful vibes and the happiness that the music brings to my fellow Deadheads and to feel the same in me is an elixir that cannot be duplicated. The music just taps into this energy that I cannot explain and have yet to experience anywhere else, it touches you and you just feel a transformation going on inside that bounces around and raidiates outward. Thank you guys for searching for that sound and finding it again and again, it means so much.

Inspiration, move me brightly.

Joined: Mar 29 2011

In 1992, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Less than two months later, I got that call we never want to get. "Come home now, your Dad is really bad." I drove 23 hours straight through, the whole while listening to the 84 New Years shows on the old cassette deck.

I arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night, and the nurses said he had been asking for me, waiting for me. I spent time with my Dad that night and before he slipped into a coma, he said to me "I have to go now, but wherever I go, I'll be right here near you..." .

Lo and behold, on my way home from the hospital that day, I Will Take You Home came on the radio. I cried so hard I had to pull over.

Your daddy's gonna be right here beside you
If your fears should start to get inside you
I will take you home

My father died one week later.

Little did I know that my father had his own copy of that album, as well as Old and In the Way...I still have those cassettes that we found in his truck. I had been seeing the Boys since 83, and my father always disapproved. Little did I know...

Whenever I listen to the Dead since then, I always think about my father and what an incredible person he was. And I always know that he is right here beside me...

Saw Further the other night in NYC and Box of Rain brought me to tears thinking about him...

Joined: Nov 11 2010
Unfortunately, I don't know

Unfortunately, I don't know if words alone could describe the way this music has helped me through my life (and continues to). In any case, surely I'm not articulate enough to write it down.

Why it chose me I'll never know. I had no Deadhead friends, didn't even know another deadhead at the time I got IT. My parents were Irish music fans. I would go to shows at the Meadowlands alone for fear and getting ridiculed by my metal head friends.

To this very day, 26 years later, I still do not have a single Deadhead friend. To say the least, my friends and family were never quite sure what to make of me (and still aren't). Nor am I for that matter. Dozens and dozens of people I've tried to turn on to the music and (hopefully) into my new Dead friend, to no avail.

So the music, quite literally, has kept me company through the years, allowed me to be myself, and never once asked me the question "why?".

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Joined: Jun 27 2007
Im Happy and Sad and Franklins Tower brought me back home

In preparation of my marriage, I was given the task to create our wedding program if thats what you call the thing. On the back of it, I used a sillouette of a VW bug and included the saying "May the Four Winds Blow you Safely Home" for thanking everyone who had traveled several miles to join us on that day. Needless to say things didnt work out quite as planned. The bug was gone and became a bus. 1st a 72 camper then came a son, then it became a '67 bus and a daughter came. The relationship became last priority and we became better friends than as a married couple. Very confusing time.

Franklin's Tower -"If you get confused just listen to the Music Play" helped me then and when Jerry passed it helped me even more. It was very difficult to process never being able to run into friends on the road and to this day some of them I never saw again.

One of those friends who I did manage to stay in touch with would often help me with my bus. Glenn with (2) N's was a mechanic at the local BMW Mini Cooper shop and loved VW's! He and I would work on them and recant stories of tours past. One day while on the road, I called my buddy Glenn and his brother answered. "Im sorry to be the 1st to tell you this, but my brother died last night" The shock was unbearable! I had a sales meeting in 10 minutes and while making the sale literally fell apart sobbing afterwards. Back home riding my bus around town I smile whenever I hear a Franklin's and feel solace whenever I hear these (2) above mentioned lyrics. Thank you Robert Hunter and the Dead for helping me then, now and in the future.

bruno14's picture
Joined: Sep 18 2007
Road Trip listening

When I went through the illnesses and deaths of both my parents (one at a time a few years apart), I found myself driving back and forth between New Mexico and Illinois a few times with a lot of time, too much time, to think and also time to process all that was going on.

Nothing worked to calm me and give me the energy I needed during those drives like some live shows. The one that sticks out was after my Mom, the last to go, died. I spent some time with my siblings going through two lifetimes worth of stuff and figuring out what to do with it. And finally it was time to drive back to NM. I just felt empty and put on some music that I didn't really hear. Then as I approached a stretch of road along the Mississippi River, Black Muddy Water came on. I broke down and cried, a much needed release - but by the end of the song I was heading into that transition from mourning the loss to celebrating the life. It was sort of a solitary Dia de los Muertos!

I had liked that song, but never felt all that attached to it. Since that day it means something very special to me and I go back to it sometimes to pick up the vibe.


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