Grateful Dead

August 25 - August 31, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

This week at the Tapers Section, we have some great music from 1969, 1972 and 1982. It was always funny to be at Club Front in Novato when Jeffrey and I would work on something from 1982 or later after working on so much late 1960s and early 1970s material, as we'd say that working on 1982 or 1989 was working on something “recent.” I suppose 26 years ago isn't that recent, but considering some of the music we play here is upwards of 42 years old, I guess it really is, in the big picture.

Speaking of old music, looking back 39 years this week we've got music from the Family Dog in San Francisco. From 8/29/69, we have several songs from this excellent show, specifically Easy Wind, Me and My Uncle, High Time, New Orleans>Searching>Good Lovin'. That last trio of tunes is such a unique sequence of songs that it just begged to be played here at the Tapers Section, where we always love bringing you the bizarre stuff that Grateful Dead played throughout their career.

From the next night, on 8/30/69, we have a terrific little Aoxomoxoa combination of tunes, featuring China Cat Sunflower>Doin' That Rag. Two of my favourites from an album filled with great songs.

Jumping ahead three years, and because this week marks the 36th Anniversary of Veneta 8/27/72, we figured we'd play this fast and furious Playing In The Band from one of the most highly-regarded Grateful Dead concerts of all time. 'Nuff said.

Finally this week, we have music from 10 years later, on 8/29/82, in Seattle. The previous night had seen the Grateful Dead return to the same field as Veneta '72, and on to Seattle for this show. The post-Drums sequence from Seattle was really inspired, and featured Not Fade Away>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia. These early-1980s versions of Not Fade Away out of space were always a blast.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you here next week, we hope, when we'll have more great material from deep within the vault. Please feel free to write with questions, comments, requests or suggestions. The email address below is the best way to reach me.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Nov 2 2008
all good

great stuff for the corn fields here in westrn pa

Joined: Jun 4 2007

What a nice rarity. I love the intersong banter, too. Say, couldn't remember the words to 'Hey Jude' but able to pull off the chestnut 'New Orleans'? What a crowd-pleasing bunch.

Good timing DL, at a time when NOLA is on all our minds...tks for the nugs :-)

Joined: Jul 1 2007
Sign the 8/27/72 Petition!!

Make your voice heard for this historic show!

Sign the petition here!

dig it: The Good Ol' Grateful Dead Blog

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Playin' in the Band, 1972 style

It's my birthday, seriously, and to be given the opportunity to listen to such a superb rendition of one of my personal Dead favorites, from the very year the penny dropped from eyes that may have been open, listening, but not hearing, and the light shone like beams of golden sunlight breaking through a cloud covered sky, well, what else can I say but Thank You very much, this is Playin' in the Band like only the Dead ever could.

Joined: Jul 31 2008
Morning Dew Extra


Nice little Morning dew add on.

Grate Stuff!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Morning Dew 8/30/69

The Morning Dew is definitely from this show.

Chinacat Sunflower>
Doin' that Rag
Morning Dew
Easy Wind
Saint Stephen>
High Time

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Morning Dew

Hey, where did the Dew come from? Nice surprise though!

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Oh my, There are naked people everywhere!!

A friend gave me a DVD copy of the 2nd set Veneta through what
seems to be a Prankster camera. There is someone (I've heard
Kesey sounding like this elsewhere) having a complete freakout
over the water supply. The band pulls up some primordial
heat induced magic,out of the
earth, on this show. Valving the spirit of the gods baby.
I never heard the "Playin" and it is just as
wonderful as the rest I've heard. I love Bobby's squawking Gibson.
And Jerry with the strat. Bill must have been sweating like know. What a day!! Truly my favorite show. All Time.

Joined: Jun 27 2007
Good things happen

I've been having dreams about Jerry on Sunday nights/Monday morning..Sweet. He won't let me forget my taper's! <3 He sounds good this week, maybe some post birthday vibes.

David, thanks once again for sharing the music.

round and round

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Joined: Feb 29 2008
Searchin !! China > Rag !! Egypt Dvd !! WooozzzAaaaaaA

David and the GD Family !! Grateful Dead !!!!!!! Jerry !!! IiiIiiiiiEEEEeeeeEeeEEEeeeee

Aloha from North Oregon, where the grey rain is already tryin to snuggle in, yet the Sunsets and Late Indian summer just wont let it happen to soon ~ Everyones Tomato Plants arnt quite ready , yet... Let It Grow !!

well,,, I am real impressed with the read-up about the Egypt Show = Audio & DVD Video !!

how flippen exciting,, I am gonna order it right up ~ cant wait 2 hear it and see it ~

Thanks for Posting the Rare version of ' searchin ' .. I love this tune, and all that goes with it ,, I cant get enuf of what i call " Original Dead " Pigpen Years,,, Jerry was Beyond Transcedental, as well as the Rest of the Band ...

I have a swell show on Cassette, Fillmore East, that has the Mason Children > Feedback Jam > that is Just Insane .. dun dun dun dun dun dun dun .. Dun dun !!! Dun dun !!

You can hear Riffs that Jerr' and Phil created, that Pete Townsend/John Entwistle
Re-creates on " Live at Leeds " just a few years later ...(Sparks > Amazing Journey)

maybe ? yes ! Who Knows ? aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh sound loop !

My Fav Psychedelic Music is 69-71 ... and, as far as posting " Doin That Rag " ,, I love it !!

now , how about digging up a " Sitting on Top Of the World " ? that is a sweet tune ~

and i have been waiting to hear a version, or 2 ... I own only one version of that song,, would LOVE 2 Hear what the Vault has in it as far as that song goes... Jerry seemed to like 2 play that one ...

also, while i am at it,, since summer is winding down ..

how about a SmoKinG Version of " US BLUES " seems 2 me it might be time ~

A REAL HEARTY VERSION, PLEASE ,, I am sure you could dig up a few versions to SmOkE My Mind ~ 2 Me, that song always meant time to get back truckin home for fall ...

Jerry was saying, summers over kids, get to college, so you can drip out and get ready for Fall Tour ,,, ha hah

Ok , well,, that is my SoapBox,, Hope all Ye Heads who Read This are Doin Fine ~

Peace, Smiles, Rock N Roll ... Josh E Bear ~

Josh E Bear !!


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