Grateful Dead

February 20 - February 26, 2012

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we have music from 12 years in Grateful Dead history, 1970-1982.

Our first selection is from the Family Dog in San Francisco on 2/28/70, where we have Good Lovin', Big Boss Man, Casey Jones. The band always seemed to sound a little looser at the Family Dog, as though gigs there were a vacation from playing the higher-pressure gigs at the Fillmore West.

Next is music from 2/21/73 in Champaign-Urbana, IL. This is a mighty fine run of two shows at this venue, and from the first night we have this batch of first set material: Wave That Flag, Me and My Uncle, Brown-Eyed Women, BIODTL, Loser, Looks Like Rain, Row Jimmy, You//Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man, Box of Rain, Mexicali Blues, Sugaree. If you dig this early '73 sound, check out the 4-CD set Dick's Picks 28, some great, crystal clear playing.

Our last stop this week is in San Diego, CA on 2/19/82, where we have the post-Drums sequence of The Other One>Stella>Women Are Smarter>Johnny B. Goode, US Blues. This is drawn from the cassette master, demonstrating how good a cassette master can sometimes sound.

Be sure to stop by next week for more music from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Silly Me

I forgot, if I want to get a reply, the last thing I want to do is talk about the music. How about this?

-- DL picks boring and predictable shows...
-- I hate the new cover art...
-- oh God the digipack sucks, bring back the sleeves...
-- customer service is terrible...
-- Deadheads are now little different than those morons who rioted for a chance to buy the new "outer space" themed shoes from Nike...
-- There is a secret cabal of Rhinopatsies who seed positive comments about Dead releases, because Lord knows Deadheads wouldn't do such a thing...

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1982's organic sound?

Loving the 1982 selection. Anyone know why the band seems to sound so much more "organic" that year than they did from 79-81 or 83-86? Jerry's guitar often has a kind of 1994'ish "acoustic" sound, well suited to a lot of songs they did that year like Jack-a-Roe, On the Road Again... And most of all, there is Brent, with the delightfully greasy organ and lots of acoustic piano sounds (Not that I dislike the plinky early '80's sound Brent had in the other years, but it is largely missing from '82).

Anyone know why? (I don't recall the answer being in Blair's excellent Dead Gear book, but I may be forgetting). I love the shows I have from this year, in part because of that sound. But it is such an odd outlier from the years before and after it (to my ears anyway). Anyone?

(Not to mention some of my favorite Jerry singing is from this year - seriously. Note the way he enunciates every single syllable in the Terrapin on the awesome RT 4.4 release, just gorgeous).

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Gateway timeout

I get Gateway timeout error message on a white screen after I hit the "save" button after submitting a post. Time does go by s l o w l y.
I hit the back arrow, and WAH-LA, my post did go through !

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that's useful to know.

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cranky technology

What I've noticed is that there's a long interval after I hit "save" on a post; by long, I mean 20-30 seconds at least. What I've done during some of those intervals is open up a new browser tab and navigate to the page where I just posted, where I will usually find the post that I just made, even though back in the original tab the system is still busy working. I'm guessing that multiple posts are happening because users are getting impatient and hitting "save" again, so it's user error that causing multiple posts, but the reason for the user errors is because of the way the system is behaving.

Edit: I tried what I described above with this post; as I'm editing this, the page where I originally posted it is still busy working.

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believe me

we know it's not you. It's cranky technology.

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the multiple post thing

as various people have noticed, there's been a tendency for some posts to get repeated as many as a dozen times. In such instances I tend to come in and remove all but one instance. The intent is housekeeping and streamlining people's reading experience, not censorship.

If I inadvertently got one too many of somebody's posts in this situation, please, just post again. Thanks.

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I too found nothing wrong with your post. In a humorous twist, if in fact he was pitching for Dick's Picks 28 perhaps he was being a little subversive. For, this pick is no longer available, at least on ~ tehehe, giggle. God I love the Box of Rain on that issue. Seek it out from a pal if you can. It happens to be my favorite version of that tune.

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C'mon brothers and sisters, there was nothing venemous about my post. I have an intensive dislike for corporate greed and the class war they are now waging on the working people. I also dislike advertising which is not plain and in the open so that I can be the judge. If you don't know anything about advertising and behavioral psychology you may remain in ignorant bliss. but please know that Google and multiple other companies are pitching to you based on analytic s and extremely subtle advertising.

I have great respect for DL. I think he is a good guy and knows his GOGD very well and is very suited to be vault-meister, but who of us likes having to front for the company we work for? Glad I don't have to.

You have to know that there are multiple people at Rhino with user accounts on this site spinning things. And, for the first time, I see that they are now deleting posts and taking away our freedom of speech. So be it. It is a commercial site and they can do whatever they want. This is Time-Warner gnashing it's corporate fangs.

I'm actually surprised freedom of speech lasted as long as it did on this site. Well, it ain't free anymore. this post probably won't survive either, nor will any of us who can't behind the corporate wall.

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These twelve years were

These twelve years were arguably the most amazing years for music in general in my humble opinion and I can't wait to listen to all of these. Thank you once again for offering them.

If the right songs are incorporated then more people will come back to the site to download even more in the future because of the hard work.


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