Grateful Dead

February 9 - February 15, 2009

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

As we mentioned this week, we're going to check in on a whole bunch of 1970 Grateful Dead here at the Tapers' Section, but to start the week, we'll hit some 1967 Dead.

From 10/22/67 at Winterland, we have a nice 1967 combination of tunes, specifically Morning Dew, New Potato Caboose, Hurts Me Too, Cold Rain and Snow. There isn't too much 1967 in the vault, but thankfully what's there is outstanding.

Now we'll move on to one of the best runs of shows in Grateful Dead history, the three nights at the Fillmore East in New York, 2/11,13&14/70. Our first selection is from 2/11/70, and features Not Fade Away, Cumberland Blues, Cold Rain and Snow, High Time, Me and My Uncle. These standalone versions of Not Fade Away from 1970 are always so much fun. From that same show, we have the monster jam of Dark Star>Lovelight, complete with special guests galore.

From 2/13/70, we have two big tracks, Dark Star, which was featured on Dick's Picks Vol. 4, and Smokestack Lightning, which was included on Bear's Choice. Both tracks are certainly worthy of release to masses on these two fine albums.

Lastly this week, for a little taste of 2/14/70, we have Hard To Handle, also included on Bear's Choice. These 1970 versions of Hard To Handle are lot more raunchy and rocking than the perfection that would symbolize the 1971 versions, but the 1970 versions are equally interesting.

Stop by the Tapers' Section next week for some mighty fine 1969 and 1973 Grateful Dead. Lots of good stuff on the horizon.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 27 2007
turn it on

and leave it on. Digging Lovelight. Happy Valentine's Dead!

round and round

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Joined: Jan 4 2009
Today was insane

I thought the Dark Star from 2 days ago was hot. And it was... but today was insane. I seriously started tearing up listening to this. Simply magnificent. I'll be picking up Dicks Picks 4 for sure.

Seems like we're all happily addicted so keep the good stuff coming DL!


"it goes to show you don't never know"...

Joined: Jun 6 2007
2/11 DS/Lovelight

Curious who the guests on this masterpiece? I think I hear Greg and Duane Allman ???

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Joined: Jan 9 2009
Thanks again David...

February 13th is my birthday, and Dark Star is my all time favorite jam (that I never was able to see live). But this one is special to me and I really appreciate the great gems you put on here Dave!!!


Joined: Aug 16 2007
The Consummate Professional

Notice how they're being introduced on 2/11/70 and everybody is caught up in the moment, horsing around, given the high spirits and consciousness raising things all around, etc.,.... and it's Jerry who has to point out that the monitors are not working...... Yeah. It's called being aware.

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Joined: Jan 13 2009
trying to make them understand

guys that i work with dont like the dead n try to explain to me about kiss acdc zep(physical grafitti,favorite album)etc. nothing makes my soul dance like the dead:))))))beautiful song dark star is im listening to the 2.13.70. show jerry makes that guitar sing,love it the sight your stories,wonderful.....miss ya jerry.. ty dl........

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
2-13-70 Dark Star

haven't listened to this one in a couple of years, thanks for bringing it to the fore again. Sublime.

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Joined: Oct 9 2007
almost forgot... THANK YOU

almost forgot... THANK YOU david! Peace

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Joined: Oct 9 2007

dark star takes my breath away, yet i cannot breathe if i go too long with out hearing it. 2/13/70 is my favorite.

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Joined: Aug 22 2007
re: taper section jukebox

here is a personal tale on this subject.

once upon a time i stumbled into this thing called taper section. starving for new (to me) very high quality grateful dead, i gobbled it up, quite literally. this was when Taper Section gave us 192kb/s downloadable MP3's of every entry. In a matter of days I had snagged every single taper section number up till that point. Just a right click and the download was yours. free. no ads. direct from the vault.

literally the day after i had downloaded the very last of every single entry in the taper section archive through that current week, they switched to streaming, to the outrage of many. people were off the hook that they had their downloads taken away. no explanation was ever forthcoming and this further outraged the hungry throngs.

i already had equipment connected to my computer to digitally record both external audio and any internet stream directly to hard drive. i decided that i would let the sad masses cry and scream about the sudden deprivation of their taper section downloads, and record every single one. i believe i have not missed a single entry of a single week. i end up with AIFF files of the stream. they sound great. i import the files into, boost the gain because the streams output quite low, and trim numbers a little around the edges when necessary. i have a single itunes playlist called "Taper Section." it has several continuous weeks worth of the highest quality grateful dead hand picked by dave. i come home, often times, turn on my system, put on this playlist. in shuffle mode. and rock.

i have the tapers section jukebox. and it's contents grow every week. i wish i could give my playlist to every one of you who wants a taper section jukebox. i would be willing to burn some shuffle cd's from the jukebox if any one sends discs and postage. pm.



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