Grateful Dead

January 16 - January 22, 2012

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we have some pretty early Grateful Dead, from 1972, and some pretty late Dead, 1991 and 1992.

Our first stop this week is on 3/23/72 at the Academy of Music in New York,, the third of a three night run of shows that preceded the Europe '72 tour. From this show's first set we have China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Black Throated Wind ; Chinatown Shuffle ; Brown Eyed Women ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Cumberland Blues ; Looks Like Rain ; Mr. Charlie ; Tennessee Jed ; El Paso ; You Win Again.

Next is music from the final night of a three night run in Albany, NY, on 3/25/91, featuring he end of the show: Space > The Other One ; Black Peter ; Throwing Stones ; Playing In The Band Reprise; Turn On Your Lovelight. That's a somewhat rare Playing reprise set closer, and an even rarer Lovelight encore. These shows did not include Bruce Hornsby on piano, a bit of a surprise to us all as he'd been at the previous four shows at the Cap Center.

Lastly this week is music from 3/21/92 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (and does feature Bruce on piano and accordion). From that show we have the first set: Help On The Way ; Slipknot! ; Franklin's Tower ; Little Red Rooster ; Peggy-O ; Queen Jane Approximately ; So Many Roads. I was 2nd row in front of Jerry at this show, and truth be told, it didn't look like they were having fun. After So Many Roads, Bob and Jerry had a quick discussion, and walked off stage. This was the last Grateful Dead show outside of the USA.

Join us next week for more tunes from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Feel I'm Knocking...

One for us!

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There we're all caught up, xo!



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Well, I tried to edit it my post and the page
redirected all by itself-when I was almost
finished and all was lost.
So, fuck it. You either get it or you don't.
Have a nice day!
My headache is gone and going to
get back truckin' ON.
I think I need more protein in my diet.
Going to the store for a few slabs of tofu!

Love ya---------(---@All, xo.

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It's January 19th, 2012.
And do I have a headache.
I came back to read what I wrote,
and do I need to edit it.
Woah...just in for for a fix.

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Well, it's Midnight, Good Night!
See here how everything lead up
to this day...
I've hit 3X's already and will be
looking forward to next, Monday
when we get to do it again.

Are you ready, yeah-
ready and waiting.

Maybe I'll drop ya'll a tune.

I love you, All, xo!

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It's January 18, 2012.
One and one half hours remain in the EST.
Who would you want?
Who would you call?
What would you do?
If it were the last 1 and 1/2 hour for you?
(Keep everything in the barnyard,,,)
Take the rest of week to decide and
next week get some life insurance if
you're leaving someone behind.
We have lost 4 minute, oh and now 5.
Unless you got nothing then you got
nothing to lose. I'm feeling better than
should about all things right now and
just sitting here, really just being in the
moment, of the last hours of a day.
We shall watch it become tomorrow!
Or a part of it's arrival.
What would your Mama think?
I made cake tonight, Apple Cinnamon with
Cinnamon Icing, delightfully delicious my dear.
My best of friends joined me for tea. It was
an excellent visit, ahhh friends. ---------(---@
I played a video and left the speakers on low.
10:43pm just as Queen Jane comes in.
When your tired of yourself and all your here I am.
Ya see he had 3 to 5 days and they told
us that. A misdiagnosis until it was too late.
He had to make the decisions, and he did.
He said he wanted his sister and her husband-
his best friend and me, no one else.
Bob took the door with a shot gun at his side.
Sharon and I took to him or at times just me.
We had 100's of friends all concerned and
worried and wanted to touch base just one more
time. People thought I had done it, that I said so.
Oh no, no, no, I did no such thing. I listened to
what he wished and only that. Some of his best
were going nuts and thus the shot gun. He
knew he wanted to go home and we left the hospital
to go be there. (Got no place to go...) ....
He was so sad to be leaving me and everyone...
and he didn't feel good and every breath was one
more closer to no more. He picked everything he
wanted the music, to be massaged all over, candles,
rest and little bits of our favorite insences, one of
the best and worst experiences of my life. But,
he wanted his freinds to understand, please we have
had so many roads...I am on this one but one last time
and the car is full, my riders. Well, Bob watched the door
and they just kept comming---each one thinking he was
a better friend than the others and that they would get
in. Again, blaming me that I was somehow in control.
Ha! It's 10:59pm oops woah not it's 11:00PM.
I really don't know about telling this but I am.
Friend's came to our bedroom window and
yelled at times. Chik friends of mine began to doubt our
friendship because Bob said I would see them.
Bob was awesome, he was the best friend the one
he's lay his life down for and visa versa...not that he
would for other, sure the brotherhood of them all was
incredible but with Bob his mind would have had to process
that though, it would be instanteanousness! Less that
a heart beat and Bob felt the same for John oh yeah!
Those two together were the best, ha! And it was Bob
at the door trying to love all John's other friends and
protect the wishes of the best friend he ever had.
I know you rider gonna miss me when I'm gone....
Gonna miss your Baby from rolling in your arms.
And there we all were knowing and respecting and
exhausted and dreading and trying to be strong for him.
One our good -best friend's Don was taking it so hard,
he needed John and he couldn't be there for him.
All the phones had to be turned off, it was unfathomable.
Black throated Wind- perfect! (Hope i have not said too much)
Ahhh....I'm drowning in you, xo! ------------------(----@
John grew weaker and I layed with him and
listened to each breath sometimes breathing my breath
into him and we shared many of thoes last ones
together. And on the third day home, Bob came in to
check on us as we slept, and that is when he woke me...
and I had woke today. He waited until I fell asleep, I
know he did. ( Going to leave alot out here)
A crying song , indeed- indeed -indeed -you might not be..

So he's gone....

I am looking for all our friends and only half remain.
The funeral parlor divided once side that understood
one side that didn't. I was in shock and disbelief.
I cried and told his wishes to them, over and over again,
I didn't change a word.And there I was wanted no one
more than his dearest and best of friends to come and eat
at the house and drink and just be there and he would not
speak to me. My landscape, was so run me round, why-
Brave the storm to come...surely look like rain. @smmmm.
Not only did I lose him and I lost half of our friends, no way!
Ahh but it was true and every once and a while one will
stop me in the street or at a bar and make amends, I
always recieve them back in love.
(And I go walking out....scare ya up and shoot ya! HA!)
MR>CHARLIE told me SO! Well, it's 11:30PM, Right NOW!

It's bed time for me here in the EST soon and if I
don't wake up, I am all good. Are you?
Would best friends be informed on your wishes>
What it take a 15 minute conversation>
Does your wife or husband or significant other
really know what to do< With You?

On January 19th in the 2012th Year of Our Lord
Are you ready?

I am.

Tenessee, Tennesse, ain't no place I'd rather be...
Got a letter this morning, all it read....

Wheels turned around @ 11:40.

I am trailed by 20 minutes....
I am going to smoke now.

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smooth sweet pedal steel on LLR Jer

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