Grateful Dead

January 24 - January 30, 2011

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Greetings, and welcome back to the Tapers' Section for the week that ends the coldest month. This week we have some 1971 Grateful Dead to start out with, followed by a double dose of 1985 Dead.

Our first stop this week is in Iowa City, at the U of I, where the Dead were in the midst of a March-April tour that would see them play mostly college campuses, mixed in with some classic venues like the Boston Music Hall and the Fillmore East. From Iowa, we have Casey Jones ; Sugar Magnolia ; Around And Around; Uncle John's Band; Turn On Your Lovelight on March 20, 1971.

Next up is the second set opening sequence from 3/29/85 at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, on a very good Grateful Dead tour. There were loads of interesting sequences on the tour, including this very cool and inspired Terrapin Station>Women Are Smarter>GDTRFB>Baby What You Want Me To Do.

From just a few days later on 4/4/85 in Providence, RI, we have the end of the first set, featuring My Brother Esau ; Friend Of The Devil ; Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance > Deal. The first part of the set is missing from the Beta PCM digital tape from which this was drawn, but the cassette master, fortunately, has the opening songs, including a mighty fine She Belongs To Me.

Be sure to stop by next week for more great music. As always, we encourage you to write to us at the address below with any and all Grateful Dead music-related questions.

David Lemieux


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zepthompson's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
just casey in the first car

what Gr8fulTed said

part 2 ends abruptly as well

still - gonna take my chances and listen to the last section...


Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Iowa City, 3/20/71

This particular sound-clip feature still stops suddenly prior to the completion of Casey Jones.

mp51's picture
Joined: Sep 19 2007

man i loved this show! a terrific 1st set as we now hear. alabama>jackstraw to open. very nice. i remember i was dancing away during the pre drums set, and there was this terrific jam during gdtrfb, so at the end i asked my friend who was standing on a chair, 'hows jerry lookin? he said, looks a bit tired!!! so funny. also, this show is my one and only master tape. a taper friend had an extra deck that night, so i bought 2 tapes and bamo!!! a master! wouldn't you know it i loaned to a friend to copy, go back the next day to get them, he cant 'find' set 2. i'll send it to ya...he says. some 'friend'. well, i still have that grand 1st set master!!! thanks david!

Joined: Jan 13 2010
aaahh! where is the rest of that 71?

71 is one of my consistently favorite years, and here is a new show. It even includes a 71 AnA, which was great in the early days (forget the emasculated ones they did starting in the 80s or so, which would lead into something else).

fix it for us crazies out here! please.

Gr8ful Dean's picture
Joined: Apr 25 2009

I remember this show from Providence. We all thought there was a message in closing 3 songs of the first set. Lost>Saint>Deal.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

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Joined: May 26 2007
problem reported...

fingers crossed...

lethedoom's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
1971 segment broken ? II

I have the same result as SaintSteveg reports:

'Casey Jones ; Sugar Magnolia ; Around And Around; Uncle John's Band; Turn On Your Lovelight on March 20, 1971' cuts out toward the end of Casey Jones. Please restore the rest of the file.



lamagonzo (not verified)
One other note on that Prov. 85 show....

....There was a a very, very good jam in the 2nd set: GDTRFB>Drumz. Worth a listen as I don't know how many of these there were (mostly all in 85).

SaintSteveg's picture
Joined: Nov 19 2008
1971 segment broken?

The Iowa show cut terminates part way through the first song; anyone else having that prob?
I hope it gets fixed, I'd love to hear that '71 Lovelight.


~ I'll meet you some morning in the sweet by and by

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Joined: Dec 5 2007
26 years ago!!

I can't believe its been 26 years since the spring of 1985 tour. I realized the other day that I've been on the bus longer than I've been off it. I was at the Providence shows as they were an hour drive from Worcester where I was a grad student in chemistry. Providence was a great place to see a dead show. Medium size arena and inspired playing. I saw the Talking Heads there in 1984 and they were amazing. It's funny how at the time we were tired of sailor/saint but know I would love to hear even a few notes.
Thanks David.
Allways grateful:)


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