Grateful Dead

October 20 - October 26, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers Section. This week we've got about 17 years of Grateful Dead music to explore, so without further ado, on to the music…

Our first stop this week is on 10/24/72 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (not be confused with beautiful Milwaukie, Oregon…), where we have the big jam from that show, featuring Truckin'>Drums>The Other One>Philo Stomp>Space>He's Gone>The Other One. The thematic jam was named as such by Dick Latvala in honor of the small town of Philo north of San Francisco, and because it is led by the eponymous bass player. The September-through-November tours from 1972 are of a consistently high quality, as attested to by how much of them we've played here at the Tapers Section.

Next up, from about a year later on 10/23/73 in Bloomington, Minnesota, we have the second set jam consisting of Truckin'>Nobody's Jam>The Other One>Weather Report Suite, a classic sequence from this era. This tour, which began a few nights earlier on 10/19/73 and which would run more or less straight through to 12/19/73, features what I consider to be the two most consistently great months in Grateful Dead performance history.

From the very next show on this tour, on 10/25/73 at Madison, Wisconsin (two great jams this week from Wisconsin!), we have one of those stellar 1973 versions of Playing In The Band. You know, by popular request.

We'll now jump ahead yet another year to 10/20/74, the last night of the Grateful Dead's five-night going away party at Winterland. This jam is from the second set and features Mickey Hart on drums in what would prove to be his return to the Grateful Dead. We are pleased to play Not Fade Away>Drums>The Other One>Wharf Rat, mixed from the 16 track master tapes by Jeffrey Norman.

Lastly this week, we'll go 15 years ahead of our last selection, to 10/22/89 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have a very, very good second set opening sequence of Blow Away, Samson and Delilah, Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower. The band was almost done their most interesting tour in years, but they sure weren't out of steam based on this performance and what would transpire on the final night of the tour in Miami. More on that next week.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll hopefully see you next week here at the Tapers Section, where we'll check out more great music from 1973 through to 1991.

David Lemieux


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"The Last One"

I just finished listening to the "The Last One" 10/20/74...Hats off to David Lemieux and Jeffrey Norman! This recording is killer...I love the way the drums are mixed; they sound so clear and each beat has a stereo/echo effect (I wonder if this effect is native or produced from a computer). I wonder if this mix was used in the "Grateful Dead Movie" which I would like to purchase when it is finally available again...Can you answer this question, David?

Joined: Sep 4 2007
good , very good picks ..

Being an admirer of late 73 , i have to agree and encourage more music from that period - as vault discs or downloads , or to sample here at ts .

About 2 months ago , i obtained dp 19 , from OK C . Great release . really great . And you re in the credits DL , so good job

Your PITB from Madison is good . I own a nice vintage tape of that show , as well as omaha 10.21 . Omaha has a great HCS opener . If you could sometime play it , as most of the very ' collecatble ' copies , have one channel quite lower than the other . The 10.23 surprise this week is great , as they land positively into WRS .

DL , dont forget about 10.12. 84 Augusta ME . hat week passed already , but that show is so great , that it d be great to see what you could select out of there - espcially towards 2nd set.

Additionally , its in November , but i used to own a great copy of 11.29.1994 Mcnichols Arena in denver , from a friend that recorded it with AT s . The 2nd set is sublime . Especially the Aiko and the Baba o riley > TNK


p.s. And .. I cant sign off w out sharing this , play for us Aiko Aiko from July 5 1995 , my 2nd to last show . And the complete ( w reprise ) Playin since Jul29 1988 , at Riverport that exactly same night . Thank you for reading , keep up the focused and good work

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most excellent choices

I am partial to midwest shows as I am from there and the band put on some amazing shows there. Keep up the good work David.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
thanks David

for such a gone week of tunes!!!

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Joined: May 25 2008
Chef Free That Philo Stomp

Chef Free
That Philo Stomp rocked me! Nice set this week, yesterday I listened to Oct.21st 1978 end to end as a thirtith aniversary celebration!

Joined: Oct 10 2007
reel headie

forelight of dane county , hard to stay in own movie < >muchos garcia dave

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Vintage Brent

The Blow Away is awesome and the end jam is the best of the set you offered. Some cool midi sounds in Slip Knot! too. Totally agree with your take of late '73.It is one of my favorite eras too. Looking forward to Miami next week. Have you ever featured anything from Miami '94? There is killer stuff there and the boards sound great.

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Another Tuesday of boring PC class, and another Tuesday of fine Dead tunes in the Tapers Section!!!

Only on the first selection, but I can just tell it's only going to be better from here!!!

Although, this _DOES_ seem to have a repition of songs... Not that I mind! Truckin' and Playin' are two of my all time favs, but I _would_ love to hear ANYTHIGN with Pigpen in it, or more _rare_ songs... Like Big Boy Pete, or Money, Money... Or Box of Rain... Or... Anything pre-haitus!!!

- delaney
* 76 and beyond is good.. but pre-76 is on another level!

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Remember, a lone ameuter built the Arc.
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thank you wilfredtjones

thanks for the link, wilfredtjones, it is greatly appreciated!! i will save it this time-- take care!


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historic dead and your brent fix

Hey Now:

10-23-73, I guess this contains a little slice of Phil "takin' it to the man" (see Thanks for the rarities DL. It probably would have been a while until I found this one.

Oh, and Caroline:

P.S. Plus clips from Madison and Milwaukee? Definite high marks from me...


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