Grateful Dead

Taper's Section

In this space, every Monday, you will find information on the recorded history of the Grateful Dead’s music as it pertains to that week, specifically focusing on the shows for that week, through the band’s 30 year performing history, that reside in the Grateful Dead's storied tape vault. Although not everything is in there, with more than 1,600 of the band's 2,400-odd shows represented, there is plenty about which to talk. Check back weekly for new entries and insight into the vault, as well as exclusive audio clips relating to that week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history.

February 12 - February 18, 2007

There’s plenty to play from this week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history, and in addition to loads of great material from the week of February 12-18, we also have a great jam from a week l

February 5- February 11, 2007

There’s plenty of great material that was played during this week in the Grateful Dead’s performing history, much of which thankfully resides in the Grateful Dead’s vault.

January 29 - February 4, 2007

Mid-winter occasionally saw the band playing shorter runs of shows around the country, including the exceptional six show tour in the Midwest in 1978, consisting of the three shows at the Uptown Th

January 22 - January 28, 2007

We have some great music to play this week, spanning this week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history from 1969 to 1993, with a cool studio jam from 1968 thrown in, just because we thought you

January 15 - January 21, 2007

Another relatively quiet week in the Grateful Dead’s performing history, although there were some great shows performed as the new year got rolling.

January 8 - January 14, 2007

Like the previous week, the week of January 8 was also a less-than-prolific week in the Grateful Dead’s performing history.

January 1 - January 7, 2007

As with us all, the week after New Year’s Eve was usually a quiet one in the Grateful Dead world.

December 25 - December 31, 2006

Well, if there was one holy week in Grateful Dead performing history, it certainly was the pre-New Year’s Eve week, culminating with the big New Year’s extravaganza hosted by Bill Graham and hi

December 18 - December 24, 2006

The week before Christmas was usually a quiet week for the Grateful Dead, as they needed their rest, too, before the big annual New Year’s festivities, which often ran the entire week from Decemb

December 11 - December 17, 2006

December moves along in the Grateful Dead recorded-history world to the tune of some outstanding shows.

December 4 - December 10, 2006

One of the most intriguing short tours in Grateful Dead history took place in the first two weeks of December, 1971, and featured the return of Pigpen, who had been resting himself the previous cou

November 27 - December 3, 2006

Welcome to the first installment of the weekly feature, the Taper Section.