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A place for the 30 Days of Dead folks to gather and continue their conversations when November has come and gone...


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Band for a BBQ

Live in Largo Fl. off IR Road. Looking for a Band that can cover some Dead, for an afternoon BBQ. Reggie Rock a plus. This summer, large backyard. pool, great residents

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Contest 31st Day #1 2011 Winners

Contest 31st Day #1 2011

Winners are:



and Ted (don't know your name)

I still need Ted's address, I've got the other two, so i can send him a good bag (with Chateau D'Horreville 1971 DVD) and a few other goodies for the holidays.

Way to go! I know it was a little tougher than I had thought, I thought for sure people would get this right away.

The answer was:

Furthur, 5/30/2010, Calaveras County Fairgrounds (Angel's Camp, CA)

"Samson and Delilah"

From the left:

Jeff Chimenti
Joe Russo
Larry Campbell on fiddle
Jeff Pehrson
John Kadlecik

If you ever going to listen to Furthur, these three special nights at Frogtown, USA were some of the best music I've heard since the early 90's Grateful Dead. Especially Friday's show, check it out.

Next contest will be up in a couple of days or so.


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CC, thanks for the heart man

For you Critter, I love your heart, your talent, your love which you pour into this conversation and into your videos. I felt a lot watching your gift for your dad. Happy holidays to all my brothers and sisters who visit and live here.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Game of the Season

Patriots vs Broncos. Will God smite Jim Brady? Not according to Vegas odds:, NE by 7.5. Wouldn't make that one of my picks though....

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Go Raiders!!!!!

Good thing I'm a Raiders fan....Goood luck my brother Cheifs fan...hehehehe.

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early games or late afternoon games?

Well Critter, for us Chiefs fans, football might be over before halftime. For Donkey fans, Tebow just may be on the losing end by dinner time,

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Winners are....

to be announced after FOOOOTBAWWWLLLLLL. This Sunday.

Keep on Jerry'Tizin your life, you'll feel much better.


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im on it then
thanks for doing this
great jam
my favorite place in the world you picked, the rest i shall figure out...

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Glad you Like it Sher Bear

I ♥Love♥ messing around with my video program so it's actually just as much fun to make. You bring me such cheer as well with all your shining light you bring to Dead.Net. So I'm truly happy to be able to give you a present of your own and make you smile on a rough day. Luckily that's what this band is all about LOVE and MUSIC....Thank you Grateful Dead for changing my life.

I really hope everyone likes the "Live Video" aspect of the song as well.

♥♥Love is Real, Not Fade Away!♥♥

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The video was awesome Canyon!
I loved it, I am so smiling right now.
You took my mind off of everything---
and it was a very busy day, totally.
Thanks for the Love, xo!
Man, did I need some. Phew@
Alright not going to submit an answer
your love in this production is what
my prize will be and I've already collected it.
How grand! Kudos to the winner - in advance...
if it comes from Canyon Critter is has got to be good.
Peace to you and yours for the days ahead, xo.
Love to you always~ And All ya'll reading this too, xo.
Oh and you should check out Ringo Star's website.
He's got some incredible inspiration for the year ahead.
Tell someone about it if you like it, I do.
I taught my son one road to joyful bliss is pretending to play
the drums like Ringo. I love the @Beatles@ so much!
Okay check out Ringo's Twisted Gun of Peace exhibit too!
Thanks again. ahhhhh @


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