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Joined: Jun 13 2007

The video was awesome Canyon!
I loved it, I am so smiling right now.
You took my mind off of everything---
and it was a very busy day, totally.
Thanks for the Love, xo!
Man, did I need some. Phew@
Alright not going to submit an answer
your love in this production is what
my prize will be and I've already collected it.
How grand! Kudos to the winner - in advance...
if it comes from Canyon Critter is has got to be good.
Peace to you and yours for the days ahead, xo.
Love to you always~ And All ya'll reading this too, xo.
Oh and you should check out Ringo Star's website.
He's got some incredible inspiration for the year ahead.
Tell someone about it if you like it, I do.
I taught my son one road to joyful bliss is pretending to play
the drums like Ringo. I love the @Beatles@ so much!
Okay check out Ringo's Twisted Gun of Peace exhibit too!
Thanks again. ahhhhh @

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Thought this would be easy

A few answers so far but none are completely correct yet.

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
And on the 31st Day Contest #1 2011

And here it is....the first contest of 2011. Happy hunting all of you, and remember either PM me here or email me with you answers. First 3 to guess the Venue, Band, Date, Song, and ALL the Musicians win prizes. My email is

Dead.Net 31st Day Contest #1 2011
by Canyon Critter

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
New 31st Day Contest to Begin

This Monday:

I'll be finishing up the 31st Day Contest tonight, sorry for the delay but I had alot of work over the last week. I would like to say that I'm truly happy that Dead.Net did such an excellent job this year, they really pulled out all the stops. In honor of David's new picks coming out, the contest is going to be a tribute to his "Star Wars" theme (not overly Ewok but just a hint). Please go here tomorrow to see the new video and contest. First contest prize is going to be the first 3 to guess the right venue, musicians, and song in the contest will be getting the wonderful Chateau D'Horreville show that was played on a whim (due to a cancellation of a festival) in 1971 by the GOGD.

Oh and I elected not to make artwork this year, because Dead.Net and Rhino were so efficient on the album covers.

❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

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Joined: Jul 16 2007
Absolutely right Deadhead Ned!

A five disc chronological set works so perfectly I feel like someone planned it out like this at HQ!
Disc 1= 1967-71
Disc 2= 1972-73
Disc 3= 1974-77 (two Lazys but oh well)
Disc 4= 1978-1981
Disc 5= 1982-1992

I'll still use the CD fronts.

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Joined: Feb 15 2009
chronological order

hey, now!

i'm curious about the 6-disc set i saw @Thats_Otis post. somehow, i'm fitting these onto 5 discs.

am i missing something?

v1 6 trks New Potato - Ramble On Rose
v2 4 PITB - Bird Song
v3 6 China Cat - LL Supp 77
v4 6 Estimated - Passenger
v5 8 LIG - Shakedown

lamagonzo (not verified)
Luv yer artwork, Critter

Really, really nice art. I have to admit to being partial to the male/female skeleton pair. I wish I could post the Tibetan Kinkara skeleton couple. What deadheads did with this motif actually has an ancient lineage.

You have a really nice touch, Mr. Critter

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Last Years Artwork

This was the stuff I created, but not the stuff Dead.Net came up with. Don't know where that is.

Last Years Album Artwork:

30 Days 2010~1

30 Days 2010~2

30 Days 2010~3

And let's move on to this year 2011!

30 Days 2010~4

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
And on the 31st Day...

And on the 31st Day...

Thank you so much for all of this. I can't recall any other band that gives me 30 days of free music from the depths of the archives and such great shows.

The discussion and annual contest game will continue here:

And on the 31st Day...

Last year I made up a couple of games and gave out things like The Creamery Benefit Show of 8-27-1972 DVD.

I worked hard on some new artwork for this year, and will add the back covers to the rest of the art already posted. Last night I could only stay up for a few hours dew to phone calls. I'll finish it up in the link above.

Thanks for the list as well, I'll be using that to finish up the backs and the 6 Volumes.

See you all this eve after work.

~Love is Real~

P.S. Yes this is a team effort. Like 3phase putting up the file and everyone else posting the links, etc. We are a family aren't we....Please make sure you stop by the 31st Day link (above) in the Dead.Net forum for everything related 30 Days of Dead in the future. All information and links and lists and contests will be posted there

Joined: Nov 23 2011

Already missing our little morning treasures and the search to dig them up. This is an awesome idea. Thank you, CC!


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And On the 31st Day...