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Joined: Mar 7 2013
GD music FREE @ House of Blues Sunset Strip Sat. March 9 '13

Dead to the Core has a last-minute gig at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip!

We'd love to see you there. Check out the details at

Get your FREE ticket at

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Orange County Heads! Join us on 5.19.12

Mountains of the Moon, an acoustic, Americana-themed cocaine cowboy celebration of the Good 'Ol Grateful Dead, performs at Brix in Sunset Beach, CA

Come holler, sing along, and share your stories about truckin' up the coast with some of LA's finest players and pickers

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Joined: Apr 3 2012
Corkscrew's recreates Europe '72 on 4/20! Litchfield, CT

Corkscrew will be recreating this most epic album Europe ’72 live on Friday 4/20 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the release.

342 Bantam Rd, Litchfield, CT
@ 9:30
Special guests

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Joined: Sep 25 2010
Camp out shows

Even though I am new to the band and the scene, I am really interested in seeing a camp out show of some good dead tracks? I live in the Mid Atlantic area and don't know where I should get started. Any thoughts?

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Joined: Nov 7 2009
Dead To The Core is JAMMIN' in San Pedro, CA

At local joint SACRED GROUNDS Friday April 8th
Come on down, Mushroom is playing in the band now!


Joined: Mar 24 2011
Dead On: Recreating the music of the Grateful Dead

June 24th at Best Buy Theatre in NYC
Dead On performs a Note For Note celebration of the Grateful Dead's 4th and 5th studio albums, Workingman's Dead and American Beauty.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Dead Bank from Red Bank, NJ

Great Dead cover band from Red Bank, NJ! They have a slightly jazzier/funkier edge to them. Really cool. Their next show is Jan 27th at Jamian's on Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Los Angeles

I've been wondering if there is indeed a market here in LA for a tribute act.

One that spotlights their Americana/Cocaine Cowboy years and goes full acoustic like "Reckoning"

Does your tribute act do well?

Joined: Jan 29 2008
european dead tribute bands

here is what i believe to be a complete list of dead tribute bands in europe.
bands which are currently active, or at least maintain a web presence.
if anyone knows any others in europe, please let me know and include contact details.

Bardo Thödol
Seven'th Heaven
Cosmic Finger
Dead Again
OE Kapelle
Schluff Jull
That's Wooden Music
Mushroom Pickers
Uncle John's Band
Fresh Kneedrops
Cosmic Charlies

Joined: Jan 29 2008
the grateful dread

dead tunes with a reggae groove
you can check out their new CD "live from martha's vineyard" at bandcamp.


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