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lamagonzo (not verified)
A worthwhile life's work...

Most research chemicals were invented by one man, Californian biochemist Dr Alexander Shulgin, 78. As an expert witness and adviser to the US Drug Enforcement Agency, he held a license permitting him to study psychoactive drugs. Over decades, he created hundreds of new mind-altering compounds and then tested them on himself and a small coterie of fellow "psychonauts". The recipes for more than 170 of his materials were published in two biochemical cookbooks in the 1990s and now form the backbone of the research chemicals industry.

Anybody out there know the name of those two books?

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A job for Johnman
lamagonzo (not verified)
Stage noises at GD shows

Lots of folks who post here like to talk about being close to the stage during GD shows. I remember that people had all kinds of favorite places near the stage. Not only in front of the stage, but on all sides. Did you ever notice the collective and individual noises coming from the various non band members during the show? I have. It was always different, some times more noticeable than at others, but always there. It definitely had a character of it's own.

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Today is the day...

Today is the 67th anniversary of Albert Hoffman's infamous bicycle ride. I thank the good doctor for adding some amazing depth to this life I'm living...
Here's a video of Dr. Hoffman giving a talk on his 100th birthday.

Peace, Steve

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getting Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie into theater

to get wavys gravys movie off the ground and on the track to theaters around the country and eventually onto DVD.
wavy gravy has the hog farm and has been helping inner city youth get their lives on track,
totally a saint and his inspiring story should be shared with every american.
make dreams come true.
MAKE A PLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!.. click on this link to the kickstarter site linked with amazon
here is his facebook link:
and the movie website:

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wanee festival

any one going to wanee festival in april. any one been there in the past??? what is that scene like, camping, etc?? trying to make some plans to head down with a few friends.


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lamagonzo (not verified)
Furthur Hatian Eartquke Relief Benefit

At SF Civic Auditorium 3/12. Mail order starts today. Music Today online starts 1/18

Also Phil's 70th birthday. Amazing!

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I have my own money, a car

I have my own money, a car that my dad bought for me back in october. I went to the hospital one day because I was not feeling well and they put me in a mental hospital for 2 months. Now my Dad is hiding my car key from me so I can't go anywhere. He took me to all these concerts and now he is trying to keep me from my one true love, the grateful dead. The other night I tried to ask him if I could have my car key back and he got some mad and it looked like he was going to throw pots and pans at me. I am scared now. He bought me that car and now he is trying to keep me from it. We live on a 500 acre farm in Virginia and he keeps the gate look so no one can come out or in without a key. This is a nightmare. I try to be really nice to my dad but he is just a jerk to me. I wanted to go on Winter tour with Further but now i can't go anywhere. This is ridiculous I am 30 years old and have been traveling with Further since 1998. I had so much fun. Now they are trying to say i have to take pills that burn my throat. I don't know what to do! Please email me at

lamagonzo (not verified)
Neil Young archives 63-72

Why can't the Grateful Dead come out with something like this? Interactive blu-ray with updated downloads as they become discovered? OMG! This brings to mind The Vault. That would be way cool to release but most likely impossible. Still, some kind of similar release would still be vastly appreciated. Maybe the 60s, the 70s, the 80s & the 90s in four separate releases of boxed sets?

My question has to do with the Blu-ray version of NY's archives 63-72 vs. the 8 disc box set. Anybody heard both and have an opinion? I don't have the best sound system sooo, what should I do? Upgrade to Blu-ray?

Thanks to Neil fans who share their opinion...

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that would be the Call the Tune topic, which goes on hiatus when our CC Joe is on the road, but comes back to life when he's home. So prepare to call the tune...


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