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I'd say if you consider yourself a Dead Head, so you are.

And we may already be at the point where there are more Dead Heads who never saw Jerry than those who did. So you're in fine company.

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being a true dead head

This is a question as a young dead head.

What am i too do i can never see the grateful dead live, but they are my favorite band ever. I wear a grateful dead shirt every single day and a have a good amount of cds, i want to claim that im a dead head but dont feel i can just cause ive never even seen a show. ive been trying to see them but they never come near me. so can i claim being a dead head?

also how can i handle being in a world were i can never seee my favorite band?

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Grateful Dead slot machine

I was in the midst of writing a story, when my protagonist wander into a casino. Before I knew it he was playing a Grateful Dead slot machine, which I did even know existed 'til I started writing about it, the rest is as follows:

he was gazing, as if at God.
I traced her glance to a slot called “The Golden Road”, featuring the Grateful Dead – since about the age of 9, Janis worshiped them. She had albums, tapes, cd, boatloads of bootlegs. She said they had over 2000 songs, I'm sure she had them all, several times over.
She was still staring, and mumbling or singing – at an old geezer and his oxygen tank, both looking down on their luck. He looked straight at Janis, his body might have been old, but his he had the big blue eyes of a newborn.
“Dime for a cup of coffee” he begged, offering an arthritic hand.
What the hell. I pull one out of my pocket. As I passed it to Janis I noticed the portrait of Mercury on it. Shit, damn thing is worth more than ten cents.
And so it was.

Before I had time to retrieve it from Janis, she had passed it to the old man and he jammed it in the machine. Seconds later it had hit some kind of bonus – lights were flashing – “Truckin' got my chips cashed in” was booming from a tower of speakers and a pyramid flashed high above. This was apparently the Jerry bonus as his face flashed on the board, urging the man to “pick a pick” - five guitar picks presented themselves and the man pondered for a long time.
“Left one, body left” yelled Janis, I had no idea what that meant, but the Geezer rubbed the left one with great vigor.
Ding, Ding, Ding – the right choice! Advance to New York!
“Chicago, New York, Detroit and it's all on the same street.
Now six guitars flashed for the old mans' approval
“Right one” Janis urged “Mind right”
The old man smashed his finger at the guitar like a DA accusing a murderer in a court of law.
Louder bonging, again a winner, advance to Detroit, 6 bongs now appeared, numbers flashed an
ever higher quantity, “BIG WIN”! A crowd was gathering, but Janis shone above them, and the old
man put his arm around her. She squeezed in the little area between the man and the oxygen tank.
“You are my oxygen” and offered a gnarled hand “August West”
“Sugar Magnolia”, glad to meet you.
The numbers kept rolling until they reached $300.
The next bonus was $750.
“Do you know what your choices are?” Asked Sugar Janis
“Never got to this stage” croaked the old man, he was sweating and wheezing – “but I seen it done.”
Two of them are straight-armed cops, and then jail bars slam down and you are busted, two of them show a danged consolation prize like fifty clams, two of them let you spin the wheel while the song “The Wheel” plays and the last gives you a chance at The Golden Road.
They both broke into song “California, Prophet on the Golden Shore...”
“At any rate I get to keep the three Franklins- plus whatever the wheel or consolation prize adds.”
“OK, Sugar” the old man squeezed her butt “be my summer love in the spring, fall and winter”
“I can make out with any man alive” and she planted a wet kiss on his lips.
I'm sure this was all in the spirit of the moment and had something to do with whatever tone was in the air. Instinctively I moved closer. The crowd did too. A little too close, there were two dramas playing out here. More people joined in – the oxygen tank tilted and the old man had to grab his mouthpiece to keep it from flinging into the crowd.
In unison August and Janis turned and said “OK, everybody, take a step back”
And they did! What was going on! Did they practice this? I felt like I was a foreign church, everyone knew when the “Amen” or “as it is in Heaven, O Lord” or whatever trick phrases come up, except me.
Now that the crowd has backed off I sidled next to Sugar/Janis.
“What's going on here”
“Quiet, we are playing for real money and don't worry” she turned and whispered “Sugar Magnolia is a lesbian”.
If she wanted to shut me up that really did it. Did she mean she was a lesbian, were the rumors about Donna Rudolph and her true? If you lose your virginity to a dyke, does it count?
Meanwhile, the crowd was making various suggestions.
Sugar & August were huddled, I leaned closer to catch their whispers.
“I'm getting no real feeling on this”
“Think” urged the man “this could change my life, like that kid who won the lottery”
O, boy- what did he know?
“How do you know it was a kid” asked Janis
“Everyone knows his picture is all over the place- must be in hiding”
Yipes! I'm doomed.
“Forget that, Sugar” the old man drew her closer “Pay my ticket”
“Trouble ahead, Trouble behind” she sang “It's the one in the middle.
And so, it was – the crowd went nuts and we move to the Golden Road, prize $1 million.

“Man, this is going to be a tough nut to crack” said the a semi-bald pony-tailed biker. His stomach
was 3 feet closer to me than his mouth, and getting closer. He had a wife-beater tshirt with a hand-made design. A skull with a lightning bolt zagged across a red forehead, and below it said “Steal You Bike”. He was working his mobile devise, his sausage fingers were somehow pecking out a message on a postage stamp size keyboard.

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Hey Byrd, Watch your back Dude!

I'm in Nepal and the word here is that Monsanto is a bunch of international gangsters and is actively shadowing activists arrayed against them. No joke, if I'm hereing it here this is a world-wide thing!

Wake up everybody, you're eating FrankenFood!

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Hey Byrd

I hate Monsanto and opium corn. Go get'em! (Not intended as sarcasm)

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How they do it...and how they got Jerry

Among the many effects opium and its derivatives have on the human brain, schizophrenia is among the most sinister and it affects practically every junkie to one degree or another. It is this schizophrenia, or more specifically this bi-polarity, that provides a mental switch which can be used against us and it can be induced using very low, trace levels of the opiates to which each and every one of us has been exposed through one way or another. It's triggered through various methods including light shifts, color shifts and music itself, producing a left brain/right brain polarizing effect - essentially pitting one side of the mind against the other with no possibility of reconciliation because the common ground has been eliminated. This then becomes the trigger mechanism for war itself, as friend is easily pitted against friend, and our own mind is pitted against itself through what is basically a chemically induced bisection of the brain. Now it appears that geneticists have discovered how to cross certain specific traits or genes of the opium poppy with that of corn, producing a hybrid that can be used to basically saturate the entire population with this bi-polar characteristic, even in infants when consumed in something like baby food using creamed hybrid corn or soy-based infant formula. Probably explains the huge rise in autism, as you might well imagine the detrimental effects it would have on the newly-forming brain. They've pretty much completely monopolized corn production throughout our country and the Caribbean, and now have their sights set on Africa. Farmers are prohibited from using the seeds produced by their crops and always have to go back to Monsanto for the latest upgrade. They are prosecuted if caught planting seeds their own crops have produced and their crops are seized.

This is how they do it…and this is how they got Jerry. The last time we saw each other at RFK in '95, and though he was three years younger than I am now, he looked 100 years old - which is actually odd for a junkie - and he seemed completely locked into chromatic mode playing - his left brain was playing against his right and the internal conflict, unseen by either himself or others, was essentially ripping him apart. He literally became his own worst enemy as it just wore him out, and as in all wars, both sides lost. It was also no accident or coincidence that he had access to the most potent heroin around, because he was pretty darn resilient when it came to drugs and it took a lot to co-opt his mind. Who knows what Jerry was really hearing himself play, but all I heard from him that night was a chromatic mish-mash of notes with whatever remained of his melodic skills locked or split somewhere inside. This is not science fiction. I wish it was, but it's not. The only good news I can give you is that it appears that those who use marijuana or have used psychedelics such as LSD, peyote or psilocybin seem to have some immunity from the effects - and that's why pot remains illegal while opium and its derivatives flood our streets.


Curious that it always seems to be fertilizer plants that blow up in America. Of course, anything powdery can explode if enough of it gets into the air during the mixing process and it comes into contact with a spark. Even things like refined white sugar, or even opium, can explode if you're not really careful. Again of course, you probably wouldn't want a lot of nosy FEMA investigators snooping around until you got everything cleaned up. And I guess you've also just got to wonder why something so explosive as fertilizer, which was reportedly used by McVie in the Oklahoma City bombing, wasn't under seriously heavy guard so terrorists couldn't get their hands on it for sinister purposes - as Bloomberg did with the sparklers in New York this year. And didn't we all feel safer knowing those sparklers were off the streets. Hmmm. I'm of two minds about this, as I'm sure we all are, but it will all come together. We all know our government would never do something like that, because even in minute doses, opium would tend to make people rather compliant and docile, don't you think? We all know how addictive sugar is all on its own(!?), as is concentrated high fructose corn syrup, and besides that, they'd have to go all the way to somewhere like Afghanistan to get that much opium and need a huge agricultural monopoly almost as big as something like Monsanto, to control and distribute it in secret if they really wanted full market saturation. Sure would be a lot easier if they could just splice the necessary poppy and corn traits or genes together into a hybrid. But then I do love science fiction, and I am absolutely certain that the dynastic powers that be in Texas have a good explanation for not immediately rushing all available assets to this poor West Texas town leveled by the explosion a few months back, else they'd just be beating the bushes to get it done. Can't wait to hear it.

Guess I could always roll a stone over to that smiling Cheshire cat in the White House and ask him: "So come on, Brown Sugar. How come you taste so good?" Why don't cha tell me 'bout it.

So I sent this straight to the White House.

Peace to all,

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Through the Wormhole...and out the other side

Happy friggin' 4th of July, folks,

I hope everyone saw the new Through the Wormhole episode, "Can Our Minds be Hacked?", last night on the Science Channel. It pretty much details everything I've said over the last few days regarding our government mind control program which is headquartered in the multi-billion dollar top secret National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) building outside of Washington DC and was built without the vast majority of Congress knowing anything about it. See my comments below. Seems that the American people are the real targets of their reconnaissance, so at least they got the name right. You might also note that the White House, Pentagon, CIA and NSA are all completely shielded from this type of personal EMP. The Capitol can't be effectively shielded because of the open dome and just look at the mess that friggin' place has become - and now you know why. Finally, it should be noted that the Supreme Court is also not shielded, so all you need to do to get a split decision is tweak the polarity just so and viola: the conservatives all vote conservative, the liberals all vote liberal and the majority wins every time, irregardless of the merits of the issue at hand. And they don't even know it's happening. So what do you think of that, Scalia? Still in line with the Founding Father's intentions, or do you not know your own mind? Or was your mind, and everyone else's for that matter, really made up for you by some Air Force tech sergeant sitting at a computer console in Chantilly? Corporations are people - that was one of yours, I believe. Are you really that stupid? Good grief.

What we really need exposed is anything Snowden might have related to psyops programs and actions our government uses not just against its own citizens, but anyone within range of our communications, be it internet, television or radio (Radio Free Europe? Voice of America?). That's the stuff they're really worried about. And once you do that, you'll see how it all ties in together into the most sinister totalitarian regime this world has ever seen. And then we Americans, like the Germans before us in 1945, will say, "But we didn't know." And they'll have both been right, but not for reasons of personal apathy or barbarism. Think on that, Merkel. It may well be that rather than not knowing, that the information or knowledge was simply suppressed through various psyops means so that it became inaccessible - a suspension of belief of sorts. It was, after all, the first war to make extensive use of radio and radar and they both interfere, at certain frequencies, with the bio-electrical computer and power plant we all share called the human brain. Their primary carrier is now microwave technology, the receivers for which most of you carry around all day in your personal cell...phones. And if you've ever seen people sitting around in public places looking at color charts as you'd find in a paint store, that's what they're doing. Certain colors, which are frequencies themselves, excite or suppress certain areas of the brain and that gives them their in: They're the programmers and hackers. You see the same things on television through pixel manipulation, which is a whole lot easier to do in the digital age than it ever was in the analog age, and can be tailored to be IP-specific, just for you and me.


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..back home, sit down and patch my bones...

...and get back Truckin' on.......................

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...and that's it for the other One...



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It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Fred Rogers had his his 15th posthumous birthday with many well-wishers. This series produced at least 10 episodes a year for 25 years and a few more with less than that. It showed how to keep it real and distinguish it from make-believe. It also dealt with neighbors, diversity, conflict and other subjects.

It is still shown on many PBS stations though it has dropped from PBS syndication.

~ Would, you be, my neighbor! ~


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