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If you're a Deadhead in Asia, here's your new clubhouse... Welcome, and make yourselves at home!


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Searching for the sound

Well, it's been 7 years since I wrote this initial post looking for deadheads to hang with in Nagoya, Japan. While I've enjoyed venturing to such places as the Oshino Dead Festival near Mt Fuji in 2013, Yukotopia a few times( Hi Kuma) and the Happy Farm Music Festival near Nagano in 2016, I've been looking for someone I kind spend time with on weekends listening to tunes and exploring the area. Still hoping this can happen.

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Somebody play Grateful dead 's songs

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I'm Back

Wow, a thread for Asian people... I'm from India! :D

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Kuala Lumpur

Greetings from KL. Four years in and as far as deadheads go feel like a stranger, there just an't any in this town who I've met. Live music scene is very quiet too, nothing like Jakarta or Beijing!

If you're passing through or staying for a while PM me.

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Good morning rockers!!!!

As many of you may or may not know, I am a bit of a “1971 Dead fanatic”. I have taken on a slightly ambitious project, documenting all 1971 Dead shows, the end result of which I hope will combine numerous “facts/factoids” about shows with recollections of folks who actually attended Dead shows in 1971.

In order to accomplish this, I need the help of the Dead fan community.

ALL contributions will be properly and specifically credited.

If you attended ANY shows in 1971 and have ANY recollections to share, PLEASE consider participating. Please PM me for details.

While of course I’m happy to hear from anybody who attended “classic 71 shows” such as Port Chester, Fillmore East, Harding Theater, Felt Forum, etc., I’m particularly interested in hearing from folks who may have attended lesser known, “out of the way” shows, such as:
1/21/71 Davis
1/22/71 Lane Community College
3/5/71 Oakland
4/14/71 Bucknell
4/18/71 Cortland
6/21/71 Chateau d’Herouville
8/4/71 Terminal Island
10/19/71 Northrop Auditorium
11/11/71 Atlanta
11/17/71 Albuquerque

In addition, if ANYBODY out there has “paper ephemera” related to 1971 shows, Please consider participating. I’m looking especially for:
Newspaper/print media articles
Show posters/handbills
Ticket stubs

Thanks in advance to all who participate and contribute!

Rock on,
Doc Gillespie

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At the holiest shrine for

At the holiest shrine for Buddhists in Nepal, the Boudha Stupa in the Boudha district of Nepal, another Tibetan has self-immolated. Deadheads who are not Buddhists might recognize the Seeva foundation's symbol of the eyes.

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Great to see you! I hope you can stream the shows where you are...

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Dear All,

Walk me out in the morning dew my honey.....

Just want to say hello to everyone, I have not been on here in some time.

I am back in Shanghai for a couple of weeks and then heading back to South Florida.

Just want to say hello and wish everyone positive emotions and lovely memories....

Lets keep on making memories my brothers and sisters!!!

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Yukotopia just closed

Sad to say that Yukotopia, a great bar and venue in Tokyo where I once had the pleasure of playing one night, has just closed down as of April 1st. Sorry to see you go, Yuko!


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I spent a week in Singapore one day!

Actually I was there for about six weeks in 1990 and got the most incredible acupuncture treatments for my lower back. But other than that I found the place to be a loony bin. S$500 fines for not flushing (who doesn't!?) a public toilet. And the speech by Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew when I was there in which he said,''We as Singaporeans have to take this idea of having fun very seriously.'' Yowza! That's when I knew it was time to move on.

Much happier here in Japan!


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