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Joined: Jun 9 2007
Shanghai Bar

Just found a bar that just opened playing GD and other good music!! Finally!! In talks to have a Dead Night. Peace!

PICCONE Musical Pub

Taojiang Lu, 1, 2F
Xuhui District
200031 Shanghai - China

Tel: +86 21 64675926
Fax: +86 21 64675996

Joined: Jun 15 2007
good to be in touch...

Thanks marye, it's great that you're doing this here...

E-mail sent to gespacho jones...

Isn't it such a tragedy that the GD never came over for an Asian tour?
Imagine, Tokyo Osaka Busan Seoul Beijing Xian Shanghai HongKong Bangkok Singapore...
maybe more -- what a great tour to follow it would've been... at least Northeast Asia.
And still now, neither 'The Dead' nor Ratdog nor Phil& will do it... don't know if they
ever even consider it... I sure wish they would!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
south korea

my good friend is heading for south korea for a year to teach english. he considers himself a card carying deadhead, and it's possible he'll be near you. i'll check which provence he's going to. e-mail me at:,
meanwhile, is there any one out there in Nepal?

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Joined: May 26 2007

Long time no see! Glad you made it!

Joined: Jun 15 2007
Deadheads in Korea

Hey Now -- are there any other kind-folk in Korea (south, of course) besides me?

I'm originally from Michigan, but have been living over here for more than 20 years -- missed a lot of great late-era GD shows by doing so, but did make it back to San Francisco for a few, once in awhile -- and during all this time i did not neglect to build up my tape/CD collection -- could now be the biggest one in Asia except for (masonskids) in Singapore [hi, Tim!], for all i know... Anyway i'm hangin' in Seoul now, playing the Academic game... If there are any other Deadheads now in Korea, let's get together -- drop me a note at this login-name at yahoo-dot-com. And if any deadheads come over here for tourist or business visit, or a semester of study or tour of army duty, whatever, do get in touch and i'll be pleased to play "host" for you a little, give you some orientation....

Keep On Aikoin'!

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Joined: Jul 21 2007
'nother in China

long after the band leaves the stage, the music played on. it's a delight to once again join the community that touches deep, even from Shanghai China.

There ain't no boundaries 'xcept for the ones we place on ourselves.

My interaction with the music and the community is sporadic and often unplanned in the post-performing years. Yet, when it happens, it's powerful and feels good. This is one of those....

Peace Love and Understanding


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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Teaching English

Hey woodfishtoo, u should check out daves esl cafe by doing a google search. There are forums with posts from folks doing the same all around the world including China. That's how I got info about Germany where I teach bro'! You will find all the answers there bro' and probably some contacts to get work! Best wishes and luck!!! J

Are you kind?

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Joined: Jun 15 2007
Singapore Lah!!!

Any Deadheads here in Singapore? I just moved here, would love to meet some kind folk to hang with.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Jerry's Week 2007 at Yukotopia in Japan

deadheadsland yukotopia in japan
check out the Jerry's Week Special 2007 giglist,looks tasty

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Posting from another Forum (what the GD are too me)

Sorry its easier to find comments in this forum as there are not too many here.

The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead where an amazing experience. To this day I can feel what a show felt like. (My last show was Albany 1995) The sound of a train chugging along and feeling the power that just descended onto this far away city for a couple days. When I would visit Northern Cali just North of San Fran when I was twisting and turning on those dusty roads in the middle of nowhere on the way to visit friends, I would feel the power and the influence of the Grateful Dead. The positive vibes and the thought of a complex world and the search for knowledge truly drew me in after the music had enlightened me. The Grateful Dead scene ended as we knew it in 1995, but this complex and influential world is carried on. Everyone on this site is evidence to this. It’s strange that I perceive the word "complex' as being a negative notion these days, but when I speak of "complex" in this comment it has more of a positive and discovering overtone to it. Anyway, this world was carried forward in my life after the Dead stopped touring until I could no hold on any longer. The bus stopped for me while I was back stage "Clinic" at my last Phish show in Mountain View Cali 2000, as I found myself disenchanted with my connection to Phish which extended beyond 175 + shows. It was not just Phish’s fault it was just the need for change and everyone who has followed similar foot steps can attest to this. The road is for gamblers and as good as we may be at surviving, the end has to come and you must turn the page. My bones needed some patching and books seemed the way to patch them and whenever I lifted my head from the books I jumped on an airplane to faraway places and then returned to the States and studied more. I have a compulsive personality so when I do something I get into it and there is no stopping me from finding the core. This too was influenced by the Dead because I always related the GD to intelligence and far away places and the Core. I remember reading Relex and there was a section called “We Are Everywhere,” and we are and there are reasons why we are everywhere.

These days I listen to a lot of Dead and Jazz. As there is a good Jazz club in town and it is actually the oldest Jazz club in China so it has a lot of history to it as well. Gangsters and the Shanghai underworld back in the 20s and 30’s. I recall the first time I went to a Jazz club. The decision to go to this club, knowing that I was way underage and there was no way that I could have anything other than a cup of coffee, was based on the fact that I wanted to get closer to the music of the Grateful Dead. To this very day the Grateful Dead influence me and I hope that my children embrace this experience as much as I had. So far so good!

All the stars are gone but one
Morning breaks here comes the sun
Cross the sky now sinking fast
Show me something built to last


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