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Are you the only All Blacks fan who wears a Dead shirt to every match? Are you having trouble finding people to trade with in Tonga? Find neighbors here!


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I'm a Deadhead tourist

I might go to Australia next year. I'm not even sure if Sidney or Melbourne since I have never been there. I was wondering if any Heads out there on the island can shack me up for a week, maybe in March.
My name is Joe. I am a US born male 58 years old.
Thank you.
My email is Mojocarma7@

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Melbourne Stuff

A couple of things...

Ramblin Roses, Dave Evans From The Band Who Knew Too Much with Luke Plumb from Shooglenifty and a few other choice players, playing Dead/Band Cosmic Country.......Check em out

Also the Racoon Club in Plenty Rd Preston, The owner Pricey always has tasty Dead on the House PA and theres a few DHs floating around the Bar, Tell em the Ice Creme Kid sent Ya!!!

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Anyone out there know lovely Liz Rutherford..?

I met Liz in Guatemala in 1989. We became fast friends, and she visited me several times in Los Angeles. But we lost touch after I moved from my old place. I am hoping someone on this forum might know how to reach this incredible woman. She sold Guatemalan bracelets at Dead shows for at least a decade, and was known by so many on the tour. I saw footage of her in a Dead documentary awhile back.

If anyone knows Lizzie, or how I might find her, please let me know. Her old friend Suzanne Ali in Los Angeles misses her!!


Suzanne Ali

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WInterland '69

Any aussie fans keen to sell their Winterland '69 box or Road Trip bonus discs?

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Hi Love and Peace

I'm here. I'm an Aussie who lived in the US for 21 years.Been back in Melbourne for a while now. I'm so thirsty for some good live jamband music. do let me know if you come across any. Feel free to PM me

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Aussie Deadhead FB group


Im wondering if this facebook group is still going on. Ive been in Melbourne for 12 years. Starving for live GD inspired music and am keen to connect. Peace

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Aussie FB group

Just got to Sydney about a week ago & came across this thread - sent a request to join the group. I'm living in Darlinghurst, a couple of blocks from Hyde Park - need to find some music & good vibes!

I'm from the US - already booked a ticket back there for Delfest this year - but would love insights on where to find good music & kind folks in the area.

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Sydney Heads?

Going on 4 years in Sydney now and I have met only a single head who has since returned stateside! This city needs a jam band, anybody want to help me fill the air?

Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart!


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Australian Deadheads on Facebook

given that almost no one bothers with email anymore and Facebook has a lot of heads online i have created a closed group for Australian and new zealand heads who want to have a natter and perhaps get together , so far there are 12 of us in a few days, we need to drag in more people , then we can possibly organise some gigs where a bunch of us attend . we are posting up pix and links to bands playing and hope to keep it ticking over daily.So far we have members in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane .
you will need to look up the Bobo Bolinski who lives in Nagasaki ( yeh right ) send him a friend request and your'e in .
BTW we have few rules if any , but no arguing about which Aussie rules teams are the best :-)

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Hello :) I'm in melbourne just wondering if there's any Aussie facebook groups or meet ups or ANYTHING? I wish there was a community here like over in the states.


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