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Joined: Jul 16 2015
adelaide deadheads

I've tried to post this here a few times but for some reason I was never allowed to set up an account, finally it seems to work.

I am the deadhead who accosted a guy at womad a few years back and declared there were five of us in adelaide. At one time there were about 10 of us and there have been more who have drifted in and out of the group over the years . There were a number of core panic and deadheads at the uni but they have all returned to the US .

Well now we are down to about 3 who meet regularly as one of us buggered off overseas -he was much younger than the rest of us ,now he in his 30s living in London running trebuchet magazine ,out of those of us who are left two are old poms who are bickershaw veterans , the other a native aussie of the same vintage .

there is another guy who we see occasionally who is in his 40s who was a tour head in the 90s , way cool guy -and another who isn't bothered about meeting up for some reason so he doesn't count.

there are several ozzie heads who live in brisbane, melbourne and sydney who are all on the mailing list . join that and you will get some vine action as well as flac downloads on occasions

if you are in adelaide get in touch and we can see if we can plug you into our listening and viewing sessions . although most of are old farts we have good beer and sound systems and we love the dead and much more music both old and new that moves our souls

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Joined: Jan 17 2015
Long time Dead Head/ West

Long time Dead Head/ West Coast Sound nut from Perth.

Joined: Jul 1 2009
Sydney Deadhead

Hi, ya'll.

27 years old and live in Camden. Any deadheads around here?

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
Been on the planet a lot of years still an aussie & still a dead

Hi to fellow aussie & yank etc deadheads,long time fan from melbourne.

Joined: Jul 22 2007
Deadheads in Oz

Hey Chilly,
I have been in Oz for 27 years (Sydney) Nice to know there are more of us out there.

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Joined: Nov 19 2010
Adelaide Deadheads?

Been down here in SA for nearly 4 years now. Where are the Other Ones? Would be nice to make some new friends.

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Joined: May 26 2007

what brings you there?

Joined: Jun 6 2007
Expanded Reach

Just to help prove that we are everywhere, I am now living in the Solomon Islands.

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Joined: Feb 11 2010
NZ Heads?

Hi there,
just managed to get my account working after a mere 2 years of trying. So - finally, I'm in.
I'm looking to connect with Heads in NZ....
hope there are some.
Let me know if you're interested.
Please send me a PM.


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Joined: Jan 19 2011
Melbourne Deadhead here.

Melbourne Deadhead here. Bless.


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Deadheads of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands