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Joined: Jul 20 2007

Blimey - Hawkwind covers band? Mebbe that should be our Melb Deadhead gathering. Can you gets us all drinks cards? :)

As regards the Rainbow, well I'm only free every other Monday coz of parental duty. Hell, since we aren't talking hordes here I may even cook up a pot of blackeyed peas and have every one around on a Sunday. We'll see ...

Nah, I avoid Hong Kong BBQ these days - had a few less than satisfactory experiences there and that's that. Plus, the joint is looking pretty shabby these days. For Chinese BBQ meats, I got to Racecourse Rd in Flemington, which is quite a nice cheap eat strip in its own right.

Around central Footiscray, there's a whole bunch of places Bennie and me goes to, depending on what we feel like. And right near the market, there's about three new places - fresher, crisper, menus not dog-eared and so on. I always find that when of those properties turn over to a new business the food and service is automatically higher for a good while coz they're trying real hard. And often they have dishes I haven't had before, or at the very least variations on the familiar.

Give us all a yooo hoo when you're back.

Happy Trails, buddy ....

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Joined: Jul 20 2007
mel heads

Hey now!!

Thanks Kenny W for the Rainbow suggestion....monday nights might be difficult for me though as I hit the volleyball court for some aggression release.
By the's about Hong Kong BBQ in Footscray? Veddy veddy nice. There's another joint by HK bbq that has superb pho...just can't remember the name.

Kenny, I will also say that Diana Kiss in it's prime was hot hot hot and they were probably closest to a "jam vibe" as Melbourne has fact, I just spun the Ross Hannaford Trio cd last week and what a great album too. I'm sure there are some bands around that jam a bit but I've yet to come across them. Actually, a band I booked recently at the Brunswick Hotel called Sonic Attack apparently do very good covers of Hawkwind!! We'll be booking them again later in the year.
I am leaving for Europe in about an hour so I'll be in touch when I get back in early Oct!

Look forward to meeting everyone when I get back....
think I'll put on Europe 72 now.......
theEstimated Prophet

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Dead In New Zealand

My name is Peter Bersani
I have lived outside of ChCh for nearly 18 years. last summer tour was in 1988, Maine, Massachusettes Saratoga. Buffalo. Have managed to share the love here a bit and have a few friends who "get it" regarding the music. I sit and watch and sometimes contribute here online from my earliest experience in 87 on DNC to active chat in the late 90's. Would love to meet/chat with any other kiwis who remember the good old, well good 78-88 old days. Saw shows from a base in Boulder including Tempe, Red Rocks, Alladin and the bowl,
Man I miss it...
Love to you all

Joined: Jul 20 2007

Reasons to lurve Melbourne No. 253: Today I scurried up Elizabeth St with a view to partaking of something spicy at one of my fave cheap eats - Bismi's Gold An Fork. But that groovy Indian cafe was jammed with a queue of 20 or so. So I kep on walking towards the market and eventually settled on a new Vietnamese place called Red Wall. I ordered my standard bowl of rare beed pho before I realised it was a hybrid Sino-Viet joint. Now don't get me wrong - I love the variety of food dound in such joints and Bennie and I haunt them in the west on a regular basis. But I've always found that unless a place specialises in pho, it's best not to order it Well blow me down and call me happy, but out it came - as fresh, fragrant, tasty and momentously delicious as any pho I've ever had, anywhere, anytime. The broth was rich and dark, the meat was tender, all was fresh. Sublime.

Pho - proof that God exists.

Joined: Aug 4 2007
long time a Melbourne deadhead

I was a round-eyed little Australian country boy on my first over-seas trip. I used to devour Time magazine in my high-school library to see what the hippies were doing next. I finally made it to San Francisco in December 1970. I was a little late for Haight Ashbury, but I was determined to see what this was all about anyway, so I took myself down to Winterland for New Year's Eve.

I was given a ticket by someone waiting outside who had a spare, I was given a big doober to smoke by another freak who thought anyone listening to the 'Dead had to be stoned, and it just got better from there. I have been a Deadhead ever since. I was given Dylan and the Dead for Christmas 34 years on.

The expression “ÿou’re a long time dead” can probably change to “you’re a long time a deadhead”.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Just kidding

Me and my left-ear tinnitus couldn't handle that sort of strife these days.

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
kennyw's alternative

M-O-T-O-R-H-E-A-D ??

Joined: Jul 21 2007
Kiwi deadheads - anyone out there?

Hey Folks:

Looking for deadheads in NZ for a catch up on old times. Also, I do a little bit of Dead-inspired music when I have spare time with two upcoming shows in Wellington and Masterton (have a look at

If you can't make it to a show thats cool, maybe we can meet for a coffee while I'm on the road...

see ya, R

Joined: Jul 20 2007
infinitely scrumptious

Here's a tip for my fellow Melbourne souls:

Vegetable pakoras, $5; Madhumoti, 95 Irving Street, Footscray.

Most often the pakoras I find in Melbourne - especially at the cheaper end of the spectrum that Bennie and I favour - are variously greasy, too spicy and tough as old boots.

Not these.


These are heavenly

For your five bucks you get four good-sized patties deep fried just right, non-greasy but crunchy and full of juicy veges, with sweet onion to the fore. Yummo!

I'm still finding my way through the longish menu for the other good hits at this newish, clean friendly, cheap eatery that is on the corner oppositie the Dancing Dog Cafe.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
an alternative:

Then again, maybe we could meet at: Motorhead @ The Forum, October 19.


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