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Joined: Sep 13 2007
My surname is O'Connor too.

My surname is O'Connor too. Wonder if we're distantly related... in a typical Dead-related synchronicity ;)


Joined: Aug 19 2007
another DeadHead in Melbourne

Hi there

good to know there are other people who appreciate the Dead's great music - it would be great to meet up sometime who people who don't say "are they some sort of heavy metal band?" or "huh?"

i have been listening to the band sice 1969/70 via some school friends (including Frank Gambale's brother, Nuncio) bringing in "Live Dead". The band helped me thru some scary moments. However i never got to see them live - which i've come to terms with now but really pissed me off for a few years.

I've got some acid trip soundtracks and interviews with Garcia and the Dead on video and audio amongst some music videos if anyone wants them.

Is there any band in melbourne that plays Dead or Garcia (?bluegrass even) music??

anyhow keep me in touch with any planned get together - i have a few email addresses eg and

cheers - Gerry O'Connor {8>{)}

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Hey Blue, stay tuned ....

Looks like we might get something happening in a few months time.

In the meantime, there's the Storm and the Victory to cheer for and the AFL to ignore!

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Joined: Sep 13 2007
25 year old Deadhead from

25 year old Deadhead from Melbourne. Would love to meet up with some fellow fans.


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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Get yer fix here

Being, sometimes, the last one on the list to receive them from a small GD orientated trading group that I am part of, I have a bunch of data DVDs piled up in my study looking for a new lease of life. All files are in either shn or flac format. I would be happy to pass these on to fellow deadheads of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Your only committment being to similarly pass them on once you've converted them into audio format. Please be assured - none of this material is officially available. PM me if interested.

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
Well it sure is great to

Well it sure is great to know there really are some deadheads in melbourne i'v e a dear friend who is also on the bus but u don't meet too many can't get my daughter enthused not yet!
but who knows,i love the dead because they took risks & hung around for so long
just like me!
I sure do miss a band that really jams.
Cheers Chas

Joined: Jun 4 2007
bear is a queenslander !

in the australian rolling stone issue 669 is the robert greenfield article/interview with bear.
not sure if it's the same lenght than the original article from the us rolling stone.

love the part that bear is now catching as many as 225 cane toads on a good night.

bear - all the best to you !!!

Joined: Jul 20 2007

Blimey - Hawkwind covers band? Mebbe that should be our Melb Deadhead gathering. Can you gets us all drinks cards? :)

As regards the Rainbow, well I'm only free every other Monday coz of parental duty. Hell, since we aren't talking hordes here I may even cook up a pot of blackeyed peas and have every one around on a Sunday. We'll see ...

Nah, I avoid Hong Kong BBQ these days - had a few less than satisfactory experiences there and that's that. Plus, the joint is looking pretty shabby these days. For Chinese BBQ meats, I got to Racecourse Rd in Flemington, which is quite a nice cheap eat strip in its own right.

Around central Footiscray, there's a whole bunch of places Bennie and me goes to, depending on what we feel like. And right near the market, there's about three new places - fresher, crisper, menus not dog-eared and so on. I always find that when of those properties turn over to a new business the food and service is automatically higher for a good while coz they're trying real hard. And often they have dishes I haven't had before, or at the very least variations on the familiar.

Give us all a yooo hoo when you're back.

Happy Trails, buddy ....

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Joined: Jul 20 2007
mel heads

Hey now!!

Thanks Kenny W for the Rainbow suggestion....monday nights might be difficult for me though as I hit the volleyball court for some aggression release.
By the's about Hong Kong BBQ in Footscray? Veddy veddy nice. There's another joint by HK bbq that has superb pho...just can't remember the name.

Kenny, I will also say that Diana Kiss in it's prime was hot hot hot and they were probably closest to a "jam vibe" as Melbourne has fact, I just spun the Ross Hannaford Trio cd last week and what a great album too. I'm sure there are some bands around that jam a bit but I've yet to come across them. Actually, a band I booked recently at the Brunswick Hotel called Sonic Attack apparently do very good covers of Hawkwind!! We'll be booking them again later in the year.
I am leaving for Europe in about an hour so I'll be in touch when I get back in early Oct!

Look forward to meeting everyone when I get back....
think I'll put on Europe 72 now.......
theEstimated Prophet

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Dead In New Zealand

My name is Peter Bersani
I have lived outside of ChCh for nearly 18 years. last summer tour was in 1988, Maine, Massachusettes Saratoga. Buffalo. Have managed to share the love here a bit and have a few friends who "get it" regarding the music. I sit and watch and sometimes contribute here online from my earliest experience in 87 on DNC to active chat in the late 90's. Would love to meet/chat with any other kiwis who remember the good old, well good 78-88 old days. Saw shows from a base in Boulder including Tempe, Red Rocks, Alladin and the bowl,
Man I miss it...
Love to you all


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