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Ontario Festivals

Hi crew!

I hope everyone's doing fine out there... we finally got our first smell of spring here in Peterborough. That gets me thinking about festival time! To all you who have asked about camping/jamming festivals, here's a little to get the conversation started:

Come Together Festival
May 20th - 22nd, 2011, Grey County (Durham/Markdale), ON
This fest is in its 12th year and seems to be a multi-genre camping and jamming fest of mostly Ontario-based acts. I've never been but friends Caution Jam, who are a Dead jamband out of TO have played as well as Days of You, so I'm thinking there is a Dead-related vibe there.

Lose Yer Shoes
August (2nd weekend?), Huntsville, ON
There is no website or official dates yet, but this fest has been going since 2006 and is definitely a Dead-friendly fest.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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Grateful Dead at Red Rocks Colliseum 8/11/1987
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So glad I made it

Hey now!

This is my first time on the site, though I've been a Deadhead for the past 25 years or so. Anyone out there want to clue me in on any Dead-bent festivals going on in our fair country (Ontario, preferably -- near Ottawa even better).

Many, many thanks in advance


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Any one know of any good festivals happening in ontario this summer? mainly some camp out party ones. ive heard of loose yer shoes, but dont know too much about it, or where or when it happens.


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bonjour les Deadheads canadiens Jamasutra new cd review

Jas obrecht review on newJamasutra cd featuring Barry the Fish Melton and Deadicace members

First, a quick background check: Barry “The Fish” Melton played lead guitar on the San Francisco scene’s first psychedelic record, and went on to play the Monterey and Woodstock festivals. His new “neo-psychedelic” release with Parisian guitarist/vocalist Stephan Missri and band is, in a word, extraordinary. It’s trippy, politically and socially conscious, and brilliantly played. Deadheads – Garcia freaks in particular – will love Melton and Missri’s flowing solos, epitomized by the Jerry-esque joyride of “Jamasutra Mantra.” Like the early Allman Brothers Band and Steve Hunter-Dick Wagner with Lou Reed, Melton and Missri create intriguing two-guitar interplay without venturing into overkill. They freak-out Hendrix-style on “Vert,” and Barry resurrects his wicked vibrato of yore for “Le Dernier Homme en Ville.” His sea shanty-cum-ecological call to arms “Shady Grove” recalls his Country Joe & The Fish era and then segues into one of the album’s best jams.

International feels abound. Algerian-born Missri sings mostly in French, with a smooth, smoky voice. Rhythms and melodies seamlessly embrace rock, blues, psychedelic, Middle Eastern, and African influences. “This was truly a trans-Atlantic effort for me,” says Melton, who’s worked as a public defender in northern California. “Much of my early music was influenced by Middle Eastern music, which becomes immediately apparent were you to see me with Country Joe in the 1967 movie Monterey Pop.” Danish bassist Charles Jannic and French drummer Christophe Rossi excel at everything – hats off to these guys, as well as to Melton and Missri for their fine, fine playing and producing. Order this Seafood Records release at and

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Chanceuse! Bien content pour toi. Richard

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Greetings, CanHeads!

Hey crew,

How are things? In Ontario, this has been a perfect January... back to the super dry cold temperatures we've been missing these last 5 years. It's invigourating and really fun to have lots of snow to play in. Been a great year for weather all around, I'd say.

Well, I gotta tell ya that the JamCruise is about the funnest time you might ever wanna have. I've never left our beautiful winter before, but I adapted to the southern sun pretty quick. And shiplife is fine when it's full of costumed, dancing friendly folk. You'd be amazed at how much New Orleans funk is on a "Jam" Cruise. And Bobby, Mickey and Billy were a blast. Bob was sounding pretty good, especially sitting in with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (with Fred Wesley!) and the Hendrix Tribute (Watchtower). Rhythm Devils delivered some strong sets and the Canadian contingent danced hard on that last night. Mickey's Rhythms of the Universe presentation was interesting, explaining the space sounds we heard on Dead Spring Tour '09, and Billy was having the time of his life chumming with his buddy George and drinking it all in, literally. =)

You should definitely consider getting "on the boat" as they say, if you want to not only brush with the stars, but eat, drink and hang with them too. The boat seems big but it's relatively small when you're rooming next to your heroes and chatting in line in the cafeteria. Getting to meet the JB horns was a huge high for me, and standing right next to Billy in the hallway I could hardly move from my spot. So there's your first JC9 report. Back to you, Playin... Poncho... Chris...

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Pleasure to have you aboard Bobby...

I like knowing stuff.

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I am the Concerned Canadian, sent here to set matters straight in mighty nations, near and far. Can't post content yet, so hang in there, and I will tell you great and hidden things you do not know.

Israel, Deaf Messenger, Servant of Rulers, The Unknown Soldier, King of the Road, The Concerned Canadian, Rider on the Red Horse.

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Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays,

Hi all,
Hope everyone is doing well. Kirsten, your JamCruise sounds fun, though I'm certain is out of my price range at this point (still transitioning into teaching....). I am hoping to get in an interesting show or two next spring/summer. Hope we can have another BIG jam session at one of these events!

Playing in the Tower with Eyes on Fire in El Paso with a Cat


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