Grateful Dead

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Gather here and tell us your stories! And thanks to TigerLilly for the suggestion!


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bara försöker att passa på

Hey now!

Im a US Expat living in Umeå, Sweden soon moving to Stockholm(Skarpnäck). The Dead are the most constant musical element throughout my soon to be 40 years upon the 3rd stone, I am Warf Rat and completely so, a recovered alcoholic but I dont judge and like to take an alcohol free ale.

Hit me up on the off chance you see this are in Stockholm/Norrland are kind want to share gd dates or even pass some flacs = l

Also into kraut, underground garagepsych, ambient, new age, stoner doom, post musics, cosmic synth, drone minimalism...


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Deadheads of Russia - Saint-Petersburg

Hello . l listen to the Dead for more then decade)
Also play bass

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Deadheads from Germany


first time poster here!

my question, sind hier deadheads aus deutschland? (are deadheads from germany here?

have a nice evening


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Non non je suis là ;)

Non non je suis là ;)

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re deadheads in Austria

Deadnik , there are some heads here in Austria , you will meet some at local summer festivals called " Lovely Days " in Eisenstadt and " ClamRock " at Brurg Clam. You will see some at concerts of Gov`t Mule , Warren Haynes ( as he is the only Dead related musician who plays most every year here in Austria ). Another fine scene is the " Arena " in Vienna.
Unfortunately there are no Gatherings here ---- Austrian Heads are the one to grow their collections at home and play them to their friends...
cheers , Erik

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A music lover with technical inclination

Hi I am a music lover and a hobbyist guitarist. I am always in search of music which I have not listened to. Being from a technical background I am always trying how I can mingle my technical knowledge of programming and music.
Looking forward to have a great time here.

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deadheads in Austria

Hey now,

I am an american head looking for others in Austria.
Are there any meetups or places for heads in Austria or Vienna?
Any Jam Bands or the like?



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Anyone in the south of

Anyone in the south of Bulgaria and fancies a visit drop me a line.

I live in the province of Varna and it's great in summer,


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Can you name the Grateful Dead songs by their lyrics?
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Radio Free Serbia

Given my own lack of innate musical talent, or sufficient discipline to acquire playing skills, I always admire - but don't often listen very long to - amateur cover bands. However, DHSerbia, having just completed your entire 6/12/16 set on utube, I'm tremendously impressed. Your collective musicianship, communication, and emotional conncetion with the music warrant a greater, or louder, audience than the 4 people who audibly applauded.

In particular, let me say that I kept waiting for familiar instrumental landmarks to "Cocaine", but got none. That intro is fantastic, but led me to believe that the setlist described below the video must be incorrect. Still, when the vocalist sang the all-too-familiar, "If you want go out...", I realized the band was putting it's own imprimatur on the classic by infusing it with a slower, bluesier feel across a broader instrumental palette. Well done! Were you stateside and local, I'd be a groupie. Perhaps when back in Holland later this year I can plan a trip to the (other) BBC!/peace, Katherine


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