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Joined: Nov 2 2010
Dave's Picks on iTunes?


Will Dave's Picks ever make it to iTunes for those of us that are strictly digital and don't use CD's?

Joined: Nov 11 2007
Out of print?

I agree that these releases should not go out of print and be made available as demand dictates. Check out King Crimson's site. They run out of stock of various live releases all the time and always indicate "more on the way" or something to that effect. Our tastes change...sometimes we're not looking for a particular Dead show but next month, next year, whenever, we may want it. I'd buy some of these Dave's Picks but I feel the same way. With the holidays approaching each November, I cannot buy myself a subscription for the following year and then not even know what is getting released. Some limited releases are understandable. But, in my opinion, the Dick's Picks, Road Trips and Dave's Picks should be available at any time in physical form. Then, we wouldn't see these selling on eBay for lots of $$$...

Joined: Oct 30 2009
music releases

Again it happens. I received an email sometime on thursday about daves picks vol 10. Of course I just logged on a little bit ago and saw this soooo in just over 24 hrs all remaining copies had sold out. Why are these releases being limited to what is obviously an insufficient number of copies. Also, if the subscription had already sold out how are there more available? I am not upset that there were probably like 4 copies more that were found for sale. I am very, very bothered that these are being treated like they are a commodity to be manipulated so many folks are left out in the cold. I have not been able to acquire a single daves picks release, never mind the even rarer bonus releases, but when dicks picks was the name of the game I was able to acquire every release but two. What is the moral of making these so difficult to obtain? Ebay is full of people, whom should be flogged imo, gouging the prices on these recordings that have far too few copies. Maybe when they sell out it could be wise to have another pressing, less if necessary but why are these being treated as if they were tickets to a Grateful Dead NYE show and the band was playing a 600 seat venue? Is Grateful Dead Merchandise printing 14000 copies only selling 10000 and bleeding the other 4000 on ebay for prices at multiples of the original price? Feels like insider trading on wall street. I understand not wanting to be forced to wharehouse tons of copies like dicks picks 9, I think the one with king kong on the cover but was the worst show in the dicks picks catalog, but must the shelves remain empty? I used to hate heads that would buy a dicks picks release and copy it for everyone but I now think that is the only way to go since these are being handed out like oxygen on the moon. I know Jerry is gone as is the band and not everyone who ever called themselves a head would buy a copy but there are more than 14000 fans left willing to shell out money ,we might not always have, in order to get a copy. Maybe subscriptions should go on sale a full year in advance of release so we might actually determine the actual number of copies desired. I've said it before but selling the subscription right around the holidays is financially painful to some of us. Try a lay away plan , I don't know but I would love to see all of these releases to enjoy a second release. Didn't Jerry once say something like once we're done playing it the music is the audiences. I have no problem paying a fair price and I don't have a clue what his or any of the band members views are regarding this music but I find it hard to believe that anyone can defend limiting the music to so few. Maybe Dead merchandising would still be operating 24-7Iif there were more copies to sell since that would mean more cash flow. And atleast this way of making money for the band and family doesn't require a grueling non-stop touring beast that if even indirectly it led to Jerry's demise with all of the pressure. Yeah stores don't sell CD'S like they once did but maybe with the right exposure and promotion some of our millions of heads and fans might actually buy more music, especially if everyone were to know that shows can be purchased. I personally know of at least a couple of folks that don't even know about much less Daves picks. Maybe that is good cause then I stand a better chance of getting at least one release but lightning striking seems more likely at this point.

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Betty Tapes

Relix on line has this article on the Betty Tapes. A great read.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Road Trips 1.4

This has got to be one of the most cobbled together releases ever but it smokes nonetheless. I'm thinking of getting it for my Dad. If I could only find another copy with the bonus disc for a little less than my left kidney...if I had the world to give... :-)

Joined: Sep 21 2011
DP 5

Never mind, Disc Doctor to the rescue!

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Dick's Picks 5: Is this my CD or a skip, it's been so long

Hey all. Recently listened to DP5 for the first time in a long while, and was wondering if the chop at the end of Alabama is there for everyone, or is it just a skip my CD has picked up?

It plays for the full 6:58, but then 'transition' to Promised Land has a chop in it.

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Joined: Jul 25 2011

Yeah man definitely Paris 5/4/72. Truly one of the greatest Dark Stars from this tour. Also, don't miss 4/11 for one of the best Other Ones.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Welcome your suggestions for Europe '72 shows

I have purchased several of the individual Europe '72 shows. I don't plan to get all of them, but I do want to make sure to get the best of the bunch. Are there any others that are not to be missed? Paris on 5/4 maybe? Thanks!

So far I have:
4/14 (a favorite)
5/7 (a favorite)
5/26 (a favorite)

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Terrapin Limited 3/15/90

Does anyone know the production run of this one ... I thought it had sold out(?), but is now available in store.


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