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Joined: Sep 10 2007
europe '72-Sunshine Daydream

I mentioned Hundred Year Hall in my 9/26/07 rant above, Bob. I was saying that the Dead should NOT officially release any more Europe '72 because that tour was so well-represented. And then I go and receive your Europe '72 Eurovine (see the Vines forum for those not in the know) as well as relisten to some of the official releases, and ... I don't know anymore. Yeah, it is a well-represented tour, and it deserves to be.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Europe 72

There is also "Hundred Year Hall"


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Road Trips Vol. 1 No. 1 Fall '79 Bonus Disc Song Dropout

Hey anybody else catch the drop outs in the China Cat and Rider on the Bonus Disc ?
Or is my copy defective.

And on the Night At The Family Dog DVD release,
In the All-Star Jam
Jerry, Jorma, Carlos - Lead Guitar
Paul, Bob - Rhythm,
Jack - Bass,
Michael S. - Drums
Michael C. - Percussion,
But who is the Third Drummer,
It's not Mickey or Bill or Spencer.
Who is this mystery drummer,
possibly a fourth act on the bill ?
Thanks for the time.
The Sky Was Yellow And The Sun Was Blue
People Stopping Strangers Just To Shake Their Hand.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
No Treats.....Just Tricks this Halloween........

Is it really over? Is this all that we get for releases?

It's been real folks.........

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Joined: May 26 2007
kid, zbinks...

I will pass your inquiries to the Store folks and see what I can find out. Thanks!

Joined: Aug 28 2007
Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966

Whatever happened to this release? I first saw it at Best Buy, and I know I'd seen it on the site prior to the transition, but since then it seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth. I can't even seem to track down a copy on eBay.

Joined: Jun 6 2007
Download Series

Does anyone know where the covers and trays for the Download series went??


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Joined: Sep 10 2007
Correct, Cosmicbadger,

Correct, Cosmicbadger, forgot about the '76 New Year's Eve show. Let me also add that Rockin' on the Rhein is another Europe '72. I actually listened to most of that show this weekend and it is a fine show.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
does anybody read this stuff

well Dstache, to fair them there was Cow Palace too.. I liked that m0stly, but it sounded a bit flat and sterile to my (admittedly way past their best) ears

Anyway since the Tapers Section has adopted such a new upbeat, music-focused peace and love type vibe where can an inveterate whiner like me hang out these days?

Really it is truly disappointing that the 'Official Announcements' forum here is such an empty, space right now, gathering dust over the past 3 months. This site (esp the request list forum) is full of good ideas. Has the organisation nothing to say to us? No feedback? Not even a teeny weeny thank you.............maybe just a little light....a tiny tease.....please...someone...



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Echoing Spacebrother's

Echoing Spacebrother's comments, I too have been disappointed in the dearth of official GD releases over the last 2 years. Since DP 36, which was released in 2005 I think, we have had only 2 releases, the Fillmore '69 boxed set and 3FTV. While the boxed set is GREAT, I don't quite understand while a second edition hasn't been made available, or even why it had to be a limited edition to begin with. As for 3FTV, quick run throughs of what would eventually become great tunes don't appeal to me.

What shows would I like to see? Wow, I don't know, just about anything from 1969 or 1972-1978, and any fine show from the Brent era. It is easier to say what shows I don't want. I know this is going to be extremely unpopular, but I think the Europe '72 shows are extremely OVERRATED. And even if the shows aren't overrated, what with the original Europe '72, Hundred Year Hall and Steppin' Out, isn't that tour already well represented? Of course, I would like to see more fall '72 shows, and we all know that tour has been well represented (9/17,21,27), so what do I know? I'm also not into the post-Brent releases.


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