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Joined: Jul 19 2007
new to the whole dead live experience, help anyone?

Hey everyone, brand new to the wonderful world of the dead over here, so please bear with me

I was wondering where to start, when it comes to live shows. I'm looking for early era recordings. Circa late 60s early 70s. What are some of the best shows for someone who never experienced them live? Thanks in advance.

I would love to get a hold of some recordings where they just jammed at the tests, are those available? Apologies for the dumb questions in advance.

I have over 200 blank CD-R and have no problem sending and paying for shipping and what not. My goal is to fill those with live DEAD.

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Joined: Jul 16 2007

my first dead show i found, Soilder Field, July 9th, 1995, the last show, something about it that gives me goosebumps when i listen to it!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
October 1989

I think the best show of the 80's is 26th October 1989 Miami

Bob W

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Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Tapes to reccomend...

Heres a few shows that come to mind -

Veneta 72
Hampton 89
DC 73 (sound check)
NY 71 (with ABB and Beach Boys)
San Jose 79 (Brent rehersals)
AK 80
NM 83
Berkeley 84
Irvine 87
Mtn View 91
Reno 74

There are more but these are gems I love

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
December '71

Yamadog - the 5th has been one of my "I can't believe this s..." shows for a long time. The 10th is, too. As are the .. ahh, heck, they oughta just box up the whole month and call it "Can you believe this s..?" Es verdad.

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Nyc Shows

The Felt Forum,In The Madison Square Garden Building,Held Some Awsome Shows. The Dead Run December 4,1971-December 7,1971 Is Must Listen. These Disc Are Part Of My Everyday Rotation

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Joined: Jun 9 2007

...shall we go, you and I while we can...

Leadbelly, You can download a pristine copy of this show if you teach yourself how to download torrent files! Trust me, it's not that hard.

Joined: Jun 4 2007

Hal R,
Totally agree with the 69 fillmore west run in late feb early mar. I was lucky enough to get the box set with all the shows. Blew my mind. The Dead were insane psychedelic monsters at that time.
I like the '80's suggestions from Hunter and JohnnyG. Awsome! I've been listening on the archive.
JohnnyG, I agree with you on '91 being a killer year. Wish Bruce had stayed on full-time.
Submitted for your approval:
6/17/91 Giant's Stadium -- Eyes of the World, Walkin' Blues, Brown Eyed Women, Masterpiece, Loose Lucy, Cassidy, Might As Well, Saint of Circumstance> Ship of Fools-> Truckin'> New Speedway> Uncle John's Band-> Drums> Jam> China Doll> Playin' reprise> Sugar Mag, E: The Weight
Note: Dark Star theme throughout show. Opened with Eyes!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
...Best of the 1980's

Another great show from the 1980's that comes to mind is 10/12/84, Augusta ME.
I seem to have misplaced my copy. Can anyone out there help me out?

"The bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean."

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Formerly the Warlocks

Both nights at the Hampton Coliseum were great, but 10/9/89 stands proudly in the pantheon of all time best Dead shows (in my humble opinion). "Dark Star -> Drumz -> Death Don't", is earth shattering. The first "Attics" in over 17 years is magic! Certainly a must have tape.
Rock on.

"The bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean."


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