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Cassette Tapes

I am in the process of transferring 3000 cassette tapes to CD. As they are transferred, I no longer need the tapes. But I just cannot dump them in the trash. Right now I have about 1000 tapes in 2 large boxes in the garage. They are free for the taking. I live in San Rafael, CA. Send me a note if you are interested.

Best regards, Mark

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Grate Box of Rain
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80s quest

3/20/1986 -- songlist nothing eye-popping however the show WAS ELECTRIC -- Every note with maximum energy -- BOBBY BOBBY BOBBY. Seek a high-quality audience tape of this show -- they are out there and will help complete your 80s quest

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Fillmore East 1970 February 13 - Third Set, electric


I don't have noncommercial recordings to trade. I can offer four blank CDs, two of which a friendly taper could keep, and the other two could be used to record the final set of the 13th. The recorded pair could then be mailed back in a stamped, self-addressed bubble envelope. I'm particularly interested in the 3rd set, the electric one with Dark Star/The Other One/Turn On Your Love Light.

I wish I had more to offer. If anyone is interested please contact me.

Mr. K. in Denton

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previous response unpublished

sorry, but trading for commercial releases is not allowed here. Even if they're out of print.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Timmay! Timmay? Timmay! TIMMAY!!!

Hey now Timmay!

I know what you mean about the man coming between you and the music. No love for Rhino/Edgeboss here.

I have a friend who walking down the street in Greenville, SC recently, wearing his funky old SYF cap, and a guy stopped him and asked him if he wanted his GD collection: 1257 hours of LIVE DEAD on CD.

My friend ain't a deadhead. If you want it, let me know (PM me)

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1969 filmore west boxed set

I missed out I wasnt born til 72 But hey all i want to do is listen to the music play
Pleas some one help me out I bought the three cd best of compilation and it left me wanting more I got a real resentment against the company heads for making it so hard to get to the music it is a shame and i am disgusted with them
Please someone help
I got a deep yurning to hear this music
8144 west 78 street
Overland Park Kansas
(913) 375-5623

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Essential shows

The rest of this tour)

Forever Grateful, Forever Dead,

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agreement with hunter

the first time i heard the recording of that oct 9- 89 show just a couple weeks after the show from a friend back east shipped it to me here in nor cali, it gave me chills. even to this day like wharfrat does in the closeing of winterland.

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I was hoping to get watkins

I was hoping to get watkins glen from '73 and maybe some others. I have lots to trade email me at also looking for 3-25-72 w/ Bo Diddley. Please help me out. Thanx.


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