Grateful Dead

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Life saving and still the best

I miss the Burrito Bus. really helped me get it together on those crazy lot nights when I did not have tickets for the show but was a part of the circus

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the funny thing is...

this particular one has been at it off and on since we launched. It's almost nostalgic to see him. Not so nostalgic, however, that his posts and account are not being nuked as they so richly deserve. Onward...

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Great Another Spammer!

What the many leeches do we get in a week?
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

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Some of you know me already as

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Thsts great man!

Makes you wonder how many boys in blue are deadheads?

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House Special

We did part of a tour with an oldschooler named Spaghetti Freddie...of course...his specialty was......spaghetti. Well....we were at a show down at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia, I think it was 93'. Well Freddy was ACTUALLY known for the "spices" he used in his sauce. So, one night...he made a sauce that was EXTRA special. And it so happens that Po-po was on the prowl and trying to bust anyone for anything, and they decided to mess with Freddie a little bit and scare him...but...being Freddie...he was to suave to get his goat taken....and he actually got the two cops to have a of his special spaghetti. Obviously...we never saw those two boys in blue again...but I'll bet they pulled some extra duty at the dead show that night! La la la!

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What DIDN'T we sell!?!

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Cooking with the Dead

Just Keeping the music alive Was cleaning out a few boxes, when I found a neat lil book. Recipes and Stories from Fans on the Road. " Cooking with the Dead". Book is written by Elizabeth Zipern.. Some neat stories and recipies. If there is anyone out there who was quoted and put their recipe in the book, I will send you my copy of this book. This way you can share your life on tour with your friends and relatives. Also might be a hoot if you have the book to take on tour this year. Remember to share what you have. Peace to all...

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organic whole wheat pizza and spaghetti

peace through music
We made food on tour from 1984-1990s. We started out with cookies and brownies and then we got a silver bus that we bought in Oregon for $1,000, all fixed up like a camper! It had a great kitchen stove. We started making organic whole wheat pizza and organic spaghetti at the Henry Kaiser and everything was $1.00 a slice or plate. Pregnant women and kids ate free. We'd cook all day and go into the shows and come out and cook again til the wee hours. Sometimes, like at Stanford University we'd cook breakfast, organic pancakes with real maple syrup. Why all this healthy food? We were not doing it just for the money, we wanted to provide a service of food that made everyone feel good. I remember up in Maine making lobster pizza at the Oxford Speedway. Really delicious! And then there was that special mushroom pizza, not available to pregnant women or kids!!! Philly and Chicago were the biggest pizza cities for us.


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