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i would be

deeply upset if i witnessed anything but kindness within this family,but maybe i am just naive of course people will disagree that is healthy we have our own veiws etc Its really important for us euro deadheads to connect with our stateside brothers and sisters that is where it all statrted and this is the only way we can be part of it and really feel like family.For those who are moaning complaining being negative about the chat its simple just dont go there.

peace and love to you all including the moaners.

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the problem with the chat is technical rite?? compared to oither chats deadnet is wonderful.! never seen so many come together and spread such joy :) seen the ppl who didnt exactly get along at least kept trying to.and johnman u NEVER can sound mean! MWA! ~dont it always seem to go u dont know what u got till its gone~

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Here's My Take on the Chatroom

Gagalive went Kapoooey with no warning....alot of us that called this place home really miss it, and it was really a great way to meet friends. There was ALOT of drama no two ways about it there, some people just can't stand attention grabbing is my idea. But at the same time ALOT of good kind people with great conversations were there too.

That being said, ChiBear and I were talking about this over the weekend, I also think that alot of the he said/she said, name calling, whining, I'll show you, I'm writing admin must have been something really hard for our Marye. To get those childish emails, while working hard to keep this site going, must have been tough.

Basically, it is a wonderful tool for connecting and sharing with friends. A few were using as a way to lash out, and get attention. I personally miss it alot, but looking @ it from the point of view of the site operators, I think I'd be hesitant to bring it back too.

Anyway, just my 2 cents...carry on.


Joined: Aug 17 2010
when there was

a chatroom it was there, it was an option if you dont like it dont click it alot of good folks miss that place and much love to ya all hopes ya get it back soon.

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chit chat

I liked the opportunity to converse with other like minded folks. Too bad a few bad apples ruined the the conversation. Catch you all on the flipside.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...none but ourselves can free our minds"

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well dave..

Alot of us called the chatroom home, and it's the same as any place else...if ya don't like it, ya stay away. Everything else that deadnet has to offer is still here, with or without the chatroom...and please understand, I'm not trying to be an ass, so I hope my comments are not being taken that way..

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personally glad the chat is down hope it stays that way.

All the Hate and Fighting is and was a joke. Need to move a bit Further in life.(PUN INTENDED)
I find it much better using the Dead net with so much to offer besides .
School yard games. And Clicks we are all one till it comes to being different than your not cool,
Like us. Get over it.

Do For Other's you Will Feel Better!!! Guaranteed

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chatroom's down friend

maybe for a while, maybe for good? I guess only Jerry knows the answer to that.
By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
Mark Twain

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What's wrong with Chat ??

I've been trying to get into the chatroom for days.What's going on ????


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As I Was Saying in the Chat Room