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Joined: May 26 2007
what a GREAT story!!!

thanks for posting it!

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In Chicago

So, a friend and I roll out to Chicago back in July for the Umphrey's McGee/STS9 show at the Charter1 Pavilion. We pulled up in front of our hotel, and my friend ran in to register the room for the valet parking. While she is doing this, I pull my six-string out of the back seat and sit on the hood of the car... I start strumming through a "Bertha" when a cop rolls up next to me.

He looks over and says "Whatchya playin?"...

I looked over and said "Ahh, just some Dead."

"Yeah? Gimme some Scarlet!" he smiles.

So I did, and just as I'm about to get to the first verse, he flips on his lights...

"The wind and the willow played tea for two!" he sung out... And proceeded to finish the verse with me. Then he tells me that he's seen the Dead 37 times, and Jerry another dozen times with various projects. And then, the line that made my day....

"Thanks for keeping rock and roll alive" he said... He turned off his lights, and drove off. That was by far one of the best moments of my short life, to date.

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Joined: Apr 13 2008
I've met many.....but these two were special

My first California shows (lived in DC from 83-89) was the 4 Henry J. Kaiser News Years run Dec 27-28, 30-31, 1986. My ex wife (I"ll call her K) and I went out with our friends Doug & Beth (where are you Doug Kane & Beth Dyer...we called em' ' Bug & Deth') : )

K took lots of pictures from the shows, and we have a pic of the couple (blonde haired woman & elf-looking guy selling the "original" Jerry (cabbage patch) dolls. They're sitting in front of the Kaiser dressed warm and have a pile of dolls. We had stopped at one point and looked at them but didn't buy one. But K snapped their pic, and it went into our 'tour photo album.'

1987 came and was prosperous for us (21 shows that year) and we lucked out and scored Red Rocks tickets. Landed at Denver International (back then) and we were waiting for our rental car. and I noticed a couple looking kind of frustrated sitting on top of an army style bag. The guy was holding a Jerry doll and I realized it was the same couple we had in our photo album from 8 months ago. So, we went up and told them so.

They introduced themselves (Barbara (forgot her last name, my bad) & Barney Waterbury), and explained that they had a mix up with their rental car, and would have to wait for quite some time to get one. We asked them where they were staying and the address was of their hotel was an ONE even number away from ours! So, we were staying right next door to each other in different hotels, and we offered them a ride.

That sprung a friendship, and we hung out together for all 3 shows, and they booked back to Florida (Tampa), as we headed into Colorado for more adventure. We kept in touch, met them at New Years in Oakland a few months later for New Years 87-88. They came up and we did the Hampton Shows together in March of 88, and on my 30th birthday at Buckeye Lake on 6/25/88, we knew they were going to be there, and waited by the gate for an hour to no avail. During Bruce Hornsby's set I patted K on the shoulder and said, "look over there," and sure enough, in a crowd of 30,000 people, there they were with Jerry Dolls in tow.

The last I saw of them was in Tampa October 88, I flew down and stayed with them for the two shows at Bayfront Center. They loved to sail and Barney had a NICE sail boat,which they would take into the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, etc.

I talked to Barney about 10 year ago, and he and Barb had broken up. I wonder if she's still making the Dolls? She was supposedly in contract negotiations with the Dead, and her company was called, appropriately, "Steal Your Heart." Those were very cute Jerry Dolls. And no it wasn't mine, it was my ex-wifes doll! ; ) Me, I liked GI Joes thank you.

End of story.....BARNEY, BARB, where are YOU? Barney is probably findable, probably still in his house on the water.

Miss you guy's and love ya! Amazing that a picture in your scrapbook can turn into your friends.

~Tom ( "takes the dark out of the nighttime, paints the daytime black")

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The Other One......

Hi Gr8fulTed-did you mean foogies or foggies?..........was in SF in 1968-out here in the fog..... so can't answer your Ohio question......Gypsy Cowgirls....

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
The Other One

" the bus came by and I got on..."

Any of you old foggies remember the free show in Athens, OH in Novvember 1968?

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
well, well, well

is well WHAT???? who are you & why are you following me?" haha
in case you didn't know-that's a turn around from the quote or maybe it was a bumper sticker that said: "who are the Grateful Dead & why are they following me?"
Gypsy Cowgirl

Joined: Nov 21 2007
nothing to say

the advertising is well .......

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
in an off beat kinda way #2

met my current of the last 14 yrs through the Good Ole Grateful Dead @ Winterland some 30 years ago......but of course........ pix of my granddaughter

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
in an off beat kinda way...

met my ex in North Beach, SF, CA. Sept 1969 through a Hells Angel we both knew.....but of course......& then we went to hear the Good Ole Grateful Dead........

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Morman Jay in Palo Alto

I went to my first Dead show with a guy named Jay that was from Utah but who moved to Palo Alto to be with his dad after the shows in 95. He was fifteen then and has a tatoo on his ankle that speaks to his "dislike" of the morman faith. I've been looking for him ever since. Sending him my way if you know who I'm talking about....

Looking for Jay!! Blond Hair, Blue Eyes!!! Looking for Jay!!!



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