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Ship Of Fools

Can we really blame this whole fiasco on freshman tea-party members, gerrymandered redistricting, and stupid Senate rules that require a super-majority?

I don't think so. Everybody knows the tea-party is a creation of the super-rich. Deficits have dropped by half under Obama. There is no reason to believe that deficits are going to sink our country. They haven't in the past and most probably won't in the future, if the right measures are taken. And good luck with that in the next 90 days!

Politicians are being called out for their stupidity and greed and self-contentedness. The Congressional Gym stayed open during the shutdown? One can imagine them in the steam room discussing how to cut health care for their staffers. With their new districts and a 90% re-election rate, they only thing they fear is a challenge in the primaries.

If Obama had been able to get 2/3rds of his agenda passed we'd have some needed new taxes and more human needs programs funded and infrastructure being worked on by Americans bringing home middle-class paychecks. It's not the Congress stopping this (except for the Tea Partyers), they're not cruel and heartless enough. It's their super-rich handlers and bank-rollers like the Koch Brothers.

I believe the real reason we have this mess is that the WASPS who sit on interlocking Corporate Boards of Directors (with very few women) are still choking that they couldn't buy the last election. They are choking that a black man is president. They want no residue of him left after 8 years. No clue that he existed. They want the White House fumigated after the Obama's move out.

But most of all? They want the Fed. to continue with Quantitative Easing (printing 85 Billion Dollars a month). That money is in corporate hands and the stock market keeps hitting new highs, awash with inflated money spent only on sure things.

Look for your benefits like health care, social security and medicare to get cut while the dollars you saved for retirement to shrink due to inflation (unless you have a massive 401k). Most of all, don't look for anything meaningful to happen for the rest of the Obama presidency, never mind the next 90 days.

Ship Of Fools.

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January 2014

I don't think we'll see Shutdown, Pt. 2 come January. The men and women who shut down the federal government in order to defund the Affordable Care Act (I refuse to call it Obama Care) did the exact opposite of what they were planning: they made it more appealing to the public. They've backed down, and now the Republican party needs to curl up in a hole and lick its wounds. There's a good chance that the 16 days our gov't was closed for business cost them yet another presidency, but I think we'll all have to sit back and wait to see how long it takes them to spin all this in their favor.

And, y'know, for the American people to forget it ever happened in the first place....

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Flashback to 1967

I don't remember much about that fabled year of 1967. I was only 9 years old. What I do remember was the hippies my mother and father hated and the protests against the Vietnam War (which they also hated).

What I remembered most of all was the world series that year: Boston Red Sox vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. I lived in Boston and was a Cards fan. Still am.

46 years later the same match-up.

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Thanks PonchoBill

Marye has said elsewhere she doesn't know anything about it (but she'll update us) but I hope you're right. I love Dead acoustic from that era.

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Spoiler Alert

Rhino to release "lost show" from the Family Dog at the Great Highway on November 29.
Vinyl lovers will enjoy a double LP of an acoustic set from 4/18/70. will release a cd version on the same day.
This show was apparently billed as "Mickey Hart and the Heartbeats and Bobby Ace and His Cards from the Bottom of the Deck" Track listing as follows...

I Know You Rider
Don't Ease Me In

Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Friend of the Devil
Deep Elem Blues
Wake Up Little Suzie
Cumberland Blues
New Speedway Boogie
Me and My Uncle
Mama Tried
Katie Mae
The Rub
Bring Me My Shotgun
Mighty Flood
Black Snake

I didn't know where to post. This thread seemed as good as any.

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A Slow But Steady Path

'Russia's official policy and attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people has fallen down a slippery slope. This is a compilation by 24 left-field techno producers to raise money, awareness and show our support to the Russian LGBT people.'

My gratitude to own personal favourites - Perc, Scanner, Truss and Leyland James Kirby.

A compassionate display of sincerity, understanding and love for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can be viewed here -

Only ignorance and fear among the uneducated leads to intolerance, hatred, torture and violence.

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the new economy: why the 1/4 pounder is now $500...

In the local news, a Milwaukee man, who owned 3 McDonald's restaurants, was arrested and indicted for drug trafficking and using his businesses to launder the "proceeds". The "drug trafficking" was nothing more than pot shipments from Cali. (Thanks, Cali.:) While I may be in the minority of only seeing this as nothing more than good 'ol innovative, entrepreneurial spirit,(and the money stayed in the US as well) let's face some facts, the real crime here was the proliferation of fast-food by owning 3 McDonalds!

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Vacation time!

After 16 days of furlough, my wife drove off to work this morning at 6:30 am. She won't stay long, as she has vacation planned! Already wondering what the end of this continuing resolution will bring come mid-January?

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Deal Reached, Damage Done

Ho Hum. It's like watching a pack of wolverines rip themselves apart. It cost the US Government approximately 20 Billion Dollars to fight the partisan fight over ObamaCare and the National Debt/Government Shutdown. The Chinese saw for themselves how bad we govern ourselves. Fitch had to threaten to downgrade our Triple A Credit rating (might still do it).

And we get to do this all over again next January....

GTed, I hope your wife retires soon so you can go on all the camping trips you want, worry-free.

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Dude, I've got Banksy stamps for $500 a Bun!

Meanwhile, on the "Art" scene.

Banksy, the subversive British street artist, is two weeks into his month-long residency in New York. Every day this month, he has unveiled a new work around the city — a series of murals, videos, and two roaming trucks. Each new piece has attracted hordes of tourists and news crews.

On his website on Sunday, the artist announced that he had set up a stall along Central Park on Saturday — selling “100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.” That’s right: Banksy, whose works sell for millions at auction, sold canvases for $60 on the streets of New York. And the most unbelievable part? Almost no one bought them.

It also calls into question the extent to which the art market has come to commodify the artist's work. More power to Banksy. May he continue to reveal the snobbatorium that is the NYC art scene.


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