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GD Songs that changed my life.

Three Dead songs really touched and changed my life. Box of Rain, Standing on the Moon and China Doll,{I am a doll collector} so it really makes me happy to hear that song.

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Post Card to the Grateful Dead

"There is a road, no simple highway,
Between the dawn and the dark of night,
And if you go no one may follow,
That path is for your steps alone."

Hello friends!
I am new to the website, and this might be out of line but I am looking for your help.
I am studying architecture, and my recent assignment was designing a post card that would describe home... This touched me at a profoundly emotional level, since I feel that I am very much "in between places": I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but I haven't been there in about 7 years; I lived in Maryland with my husband for about 5 years, and we moved together to New England 2 years ago. We separated 6 months after the move, and I now have a roomate situation, while pursuing my degree...
The past couple of years have been tumoltuous, and therefore I feel that I do not have a home... except for the music of the Grateful Dead. I was not born in a time or place that allowed me to ever see a true Grateful Dead show, but the spirit, the acceptance and the love I feel while listening to their music has trully given me the support of a family.
Going to festivals and shows, meeting beautiful people and most of all beeing touched by the music have been life changing events.I regain direction and hope in life and mankind. So when it came to designing a post card describing home, I though of the Grateful Dead.
This is where I need your help. If you were to write a post card to the GD, what would you say?
Thank you for taking the time of reading my lenghty post, and I am looking forward to hear what you would say.


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Comes A Time

From day to day, just lettin' it ride
You get so far away from how it feels inside.
You can't let go, 'cuz you're afraid to fall
But the day may come when you can't feel at all.

Comes a time, when the blind man
Takes your hand, and says, Don't you see?
Gotta make it somehow on the dreams you still believe.
Don't give it up - you've got an empty cup
Only love can fill.
Only love can fill.

Gets me every time I hear it.

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"Once in a while you get

"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."

"Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand."

"She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes, And I knew without asking she was into the blues, She wore scarlet begonias, tucked into her curls, I knew right away she was not like other girls"

pretty much all of scarlet begonias

lamagonzo (not verified)
Black Peter

See here how everything
Lead up to this day
And it's just like
Any other day
That's ever been

Sun goin' up
Then the sun goinin' down
Shine through my window
And my friends,
They come around

Truly an epiphany when one is emerging from the smoking crater.

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More Songs

"If mercy's in business I wish it for you, More than just ashes when your dreams come true"

"Out on a mountain it will drive you insane..listening to the winds howl...unbroken chain of sorrow and pearls.. unbroken chain of sky and sea...unbroken chain of the western wind, unbroken chain of you and me"

"Standing on the moon, but I'd rather be with you... "

"Show me something build to last"

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All of them are so beautiful its hard to say... Just A Little Light is a great one to me! "You're as mighty as a flower that will grow the stones away"... China Doll "Stranger ones have come by here before they flew away"......And I like China Cat Sunflower because it reminds me of my friend Leonardo. Thank You!

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"One of these days I'm gonna pull myself together Soon as I finish tearing myself apart." These lyrics sort of represent how I have been feeling lately. A unique nugget from the shows that I saw and the first of only two. Rock on!

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"Small wheel turning by the fire and rod, big wheel turning by the grace of God.
Everytime that wheel turns round,
you're bound to cover just a little more ground, you're bound to cover just a little more ground."

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just so many

But the ones that got me first - 32 teeth in a jawbone-opened my first show, I saw the light and all else after made sense and related to everything I did had experienced etc up to that point and time in my life. Then Chinadol same show really put me in the wind.

once in awhile you can get show the light. in the stragest places if you look at it right.


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